BabeHorse 18

BabeHorse 18

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When there's no caption and just a priceless expression, those are best.


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Full frontal nude?

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where are you getting these from?

Please do this one

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Could you do her please?

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I really want to try it for real


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Sex with horses poses huge danger to a woman. Injury or death. Beware!

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When I was like 10 I saw a video of a horse cumming in a woman and it overflowing with cum. One of the many reasons I have a cum fetish.

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Why is women being dripping wet sluts for animals so hot?

Makes it even hotter. I want one to tear me up.

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Its what they meant to be. The exciting danger of an oversized horsecock fucking them possibly damaging their insides is hypnotising

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Best I’ve got

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Every year women die in the porn industry from horse fucking.

Broken neck/back
Internal injuries

Prove it. I'd believe one per decade.

The Russian porn industry takes pretty girls from poor villages and destroys them, user

God thats hot as fuck. Knowing they gave their lives to what they love

.... waiting

can you do more with celebs and smelly horsecocks? I loved this one you made!

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God that made me almost cum

Billie's met outfit.



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"Just one time" they think when they go to the production company. It never works out like that.

You're teasing him user

It's true. Back home the parents worry about where Tatia is, and they never hear from her again.

Go big or go home!

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Nice hehe

Oh GOD thats so fucking hot.!!! Im jerkimg it already to the idea

Let's see that butthole

I met a girl who sucked one off. She said it swallowed a lot of cum and end up covered in horse cum.

Where is this ?

>Broken neck/back
>Internal injuries
Which one of these three do you guys think is the hottest?

I'm definitely feeling broken neck/back closely tied with internal injuries, with suffocation way at the back

God a wanna do that!!

Broken neck is the quickest. The other two are gonna be horrible for the girl

Suffocation and internal

More hoes

Agree broken back. Would love to see a scene with an injury.

Suffocation sounds least likely.

Thats why thats the best and most arousing

Can you make one for Ayse & Megan?

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Omg I was hard as fuck. She was out abd in the right place, got encouraged with a little money and said it was crazy fun. Had to also drive back with friends smelling like horse cum

Was total king willing for me to film/photo her doing it but finding the right owners was much harder

Horse collapses on a girl, it can happen. There was one scene where they gave the girl and the horse LSD and it ended like that.

Wish i could see and partake

she's a perfect horseslut.

Haven’t got

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>Agree broken back. Would love to see a scene with an injury.
Like the horse fucked her too hard, broke her spine, and then just kept fucking her.

And you're right, there's basically zero vids with any kind of injury in them, sucks.