Shinji come lay with me on the beach!

>Shinji come lay with me on the beach!

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Misato is best girl. Reifags and Asukafags can suck my shit.

>imagine not liking best girl

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Rei is a retard bitch. Misato is 100% woman and an alcoholic like me.

>Misato: Used goods
>Rei: Brand new pussy every day

OK but you get to NTR Kaji every day. Also you get drunken sex with a fully functional adult.


I'm not worried about that. I can fuck way better than Kaji.
Isn't Rei technically a MILF?


>Isn't Rei technically a MILF?
in a way, yes. That's why she's best girl.

Be there in 20, just gotta cum on this unconscious girl first

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I argue to thee: That Shinji's fat head is much more voluminous than Kaji's cock.

She's technically Yui's daughter and twin sister.

Alright: I admit it: I like mech action and roastie pussy. I just think Misato is the hottest, and I have not gone deep into Evangelion.

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fuck yeah

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Misato is a whore. Asuka is the perfect girl given rape correction.

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yeah but if I'm Shinji, I'd fuck the shit out of Misato. Asuka is a fucking cunt and she cannot even buy me alcohol.

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asuka was a cunt because she wasnt being dominated.

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You're wasting your time, shinji is in the bathroom with kaoru, searching the soap.

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Asuka best girl

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Eva fans are some of the cringiest faggots to ever exist.
Such a shame too because the anime itself is fantastic.