I just caught a lizard, what should I do with it Yea Forums

I just caught a lizard, what should I do with it Yea Forums

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Eat him

keep it as a pet. Learn it’s lizard ways

Let him go

Throw him outside

Drop test him with a wire around his neck

get him high as fuck

but from a toy helicopter


let it go & think of something better to post

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train him to fight

put it inside your anus

putt him in a little terrarium and let him hafve fun

new lizard because I lost the other one. Will do whatever dubs says

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eat it

do that i just said

teach him to code in python

put in in your ass would be an option



streaming it live with the lizard in this discord

discord gg /mmPNZuCBQS

currently lizard is in box

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study the way of the lizard.
>introduce to a female lizard
>wait for family to materialize
>study infants life cycle
>infants shed skin when they reach adult stage
>make finger puppets out of their shed skin

for science, OP.

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just shook the fuck out of it in vc these thing dead as hell on jamarcus

No cancel this


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jesus fucking christ op get some clothes on

jeezus christ user, STAHP PLEASE

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RIP lizard

Lizard is still alive somehow

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it’s tail is cut off but it’s still alive

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He's raping it op is a rapi9

Lizard has lost tail after being shaken viciously in box for 3 minutes straight (with quarter inside

Might be less grainy if you turn light on

how the fuck

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be an adult and let him go.

It drops its tail as a distraction it can grow it back

water boarding it with hand sanitizer

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light it on fire

You sick fuck

how can i be a sick fuck if i’m sanitizing it bro

Makings of a serial killer. Torturing small animals is how it always starts. Once the lizard is dead, you'll now have no predators for cockroaches.

Given the fact that OP already caught 2 of them I'd say there's no shortage of lizards in his area

you're going to hell, OP.

nigger ape silly boy

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Three words …. Pee Hole Insert

in gg/circus

the lizard is struggling

fuck you talking about it’s dead bro he cut its head off and inflated it’s body with canned air

MODS! For the sake of this niggers safety, delete the thread! Dude, you're torturing animals on the wrong fucking board.

cope and seethe lard tard

lizard is officially dead

thread dead

thank you for the memes boys

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Tuck its tail up its own butthole and see how far you can push it in before he makes a sound

You're obviously new here, kid.

Autism Edgelord

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OoOOoOh i’m shaking in boots fgt

RIP should have made lizard cuts like this

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This. Op fag is an idiot, Posting his discord contact while streaming animal torture. Won't be hard to find out more about him.

he lives as 4404 trumbull dive bakersfield CA

These kids don't realize how fast they can be found. It took not even a day for a faggot to found and arrested a couple of months ago for torturing some guinea pigs. They think discord is anonymous, hahaha !

OP is behind 7 proxies nigger. Good luck

this is him

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A lady once tortured a little kitten and bragged about it on Yea Forums. Anons found her address just by looking at the trees outside her window and doxxed her. Lady got killed a week later and to this day nobody found the "murderer". So there's that

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Hope you were using a decent VPN, lol.

join the discord and say that to my face fgt .gg/circus i’m pauzol