Hunger Games thread HG

Hunger Games thread HG
>Post a pic and a name to enter
>First 24 are in
>Please no samefagging until requested
>Game starts when we're full!
We're going back to our roots with

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Roxy and Loony Glamcock

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Carl Brutananadilewski

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King Floch
>Never played some good ol’ vanilla with others before. This oughta be fun.

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>Going AFK, swap if you want.

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>I will likely pass out half way through. Skip if ya want.

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Donald Trump

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angy zelda

(since we're going back to our roots and my kirby ava marathon is over)

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Nutella Girl
>mostly afk, going to the store

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Classic Sonic

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Alien Queen

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The Chairman
>JC, Obviously skip if you want. I'm going to bed and phoneposting like a bitch.

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Smelly Pirate Hooker

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MaoMao is good, thank you JC lol :3


Hand Banana

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Vanellope von Schweetz

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Are we ready kids??

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A very tired Dubs

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please swap vanellope or myself for

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Aye aye, captain.

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aye aye

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you know it

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Aye Aye Ready for Roxy and sexiest wife~

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Oh, will do! :3

Dibs on the Nintendie!

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DONE! :3

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Please no.

rigged. abandon thread

Could we get away?~

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Anything > undertale

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>gets to the house, but get hungry and leaves
Are you sure this is default?

I told it to reset, hold on


Something don't seem right here.

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Damnit! Alteast kirbyfag died

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Are you blind? both are alive

Really? My bad. Been a while since I played default

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What was the last code with the house event?

Let's goooo!

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Could we get away?~

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I guess I blinked too fast to see what happened. Atleast I have enough rings to stay alive

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Patty move.

Why's it take you so long to post when everyone else can do it in less than 3 minutes? Curious.

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Pepe fears the Nut!

Haunted House was loaded from last game, sorry about that :3
Yush! :3
You're the best~

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Why am I partnered with the rape dog

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What is even the complaint here?
Are you paying attention?

Sure. Answer the question. Love you too.

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Destroy a robot, make a garden automatically. Shitty Sonic logic.

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Thanks Megu, very cool.

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Really don't know. I actually post fast, I have noticed Loo takes time with it too. We're from different countries.

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cmon kirby. have mercy on an inferior vidya character

JC's mad cuz he died lol

What question?
I had issues, you saw the issues I was having.
I posted as quickly as I could

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Just like this

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We've had this problem before. Stop fucking rigging games. It's fucking sad.

See above.

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Floch is quiet. Wonder why

Been hangin in groups this whole time. Smart move.

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So yeah, That Moses girl, huh...

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The game is going to stop for a moment now

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JC, seriously? I actually just post fast! What is wrong with you?

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Mean, bully!

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Rox, it takes less that 3 minutes to crop.

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Sorry it had to be this way queen of whatever planet. Mobius doesn’t need anymore enemies

Take your time. But no longer than 10 minutes or I’ll make you lose a life

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I posted here
It took two minutes for me to note an error here
Then less than three minutes to post
Then I noticed the issue with the code
Then I figured out how to correct it here
What's the complaint? It took me less than 3 minutes

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Is this about that time? JC we already talked it was because of Melina changing her pic, and that monkey tribute who forgot their name. I wasn't really experienced at the time.

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>hey guys im going to bed
>lmao just kidding im gonna call the game rigged get fucked

You both have taken forever to post. Indicating rigging. I don't see your point. Stop fucking rigging.

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You got this Loony! You can do anything!

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Go to bed, JC, I'll still love you in the morning

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>Don’t got an accurate pic for this

JC, please.... We would never do that...

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Catra, you dirty skank. You will pay in blood.

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When you tell me how many times you resimmed.

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Stop being a dick. Banter or not

Nut kills JC's other tribute so he can go to bed
Once, after I realized I was still running Haunted House.

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i wouldn’t piss on trump if he was on fire

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More like pork

I had plenty of water before Catra fucked it all up.

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She was just running the wrong code, that's all. Please...

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hosts take a while to post slides

Sweet release.

>Thanks for hosting

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Asking the impossible

12 fucking minutes. Pfft.
13 if you count this.

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It only takes a couple seconds

Cats don't like water
Nor should you
Thanks for playing :3
It's okay, Roxy~

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Dipshit “forgot” how to screenshot again.

JC is drunk again

maybe rigs was right about JC all along