Should totally share Erika edition

should totally share Erika edition

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Fuck erika this slut is better

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this thread is moderately disgusting

op here id anyone wants more

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Full body!

poor erika. she had her whole life ahead of her.

Why thread is kill

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Didn't Biden pinch this little girls tit?

Dark shower tits, nice.



Any interest?

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Yes please

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moar of her soles


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Don't stop! Let's see her ass

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Love that tiny ass, how tall is she?

Gf? Is she latina?

Like 160 or something?
Friend of mine. Cape Malay

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Fuck I would lift her and fuck her easily

Your favorite pic?

She's been wanting my dick since I first met her. She's still virgin, cause conservative Muslim household.
Hard to pick. But I like this one a lot.

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She needs some bwc, brown bitches love it

Let's see more of that tiny body

She loves making me cum so she'll be more than happy to take it. Only reason it hasn't happened yet is distance. We do video call a lot though

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More like this user

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Fuck I love that View, keep posting full body pics we know you have more

Of course I do. The filenames have a reason

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She looks so tight. I'll bet she can't handle 8 inches

Those lips are so perfect. Any closer look at those? Or better yet. Sucking on something?


Keep posting her for the enjoyment of bwc

You got kik? We're planning on meeting up soon so there's gonna be plenty opportunity to record something
She's never had a dick, I'm about the same size so we will find out

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And for the others: my kik is timetoshare9 send me your fav pic of her and I'll look for more

Forgot the pic

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Don't stop posting

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Love her face. Anything more slutty?

How does it feel to be a cuck?

Not my gf, so I don't care.

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This one make me cum

More tiny tits

You saving?

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That ass is so perfect. I need to slapped

Fuck yes. Don't stop

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The new queen. Good job user

Very good

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More like this

Add my kik further up in the thread for videos.

I'm cumming

So how for how long did you know her?

You need to post her first blowjob

Very good
I'll answer questions on kik. Funny story, actually. It's timetoshare9
These videos need sound. Will definitely share it though.

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She's such a tease

Jerking off to your girl. Best thing of the day

More nudes dude. I don't have kik

Dose she shave?

Any more in sexy panties?

Trained her myself
Send me your fav pic on kik if you wanna see some videos
I gotta leave for now. Duty calls. I'll be back eventually, or you make a kik.

Cheers guys

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So are you two in the same county?

Don't go :(

Not even remotely close
Remember me as TTS, cause I share other girls occasionally as well.

Also, I am at work