Drawthread: Stockholm Syndrome Edition

Drawthread: Stockholm Syndrome Edition

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First ;)

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Pepsi is better

Requesting a tech guy repairing Wacom-chan

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It begins

Requesting Giselle (the blonde) riding Cece's (the femboy shota) cock while she jerks off Tara (the ginger) and tells her how cute her little girldick is

SFW / comfy stuff is fine too. Pajamas and pizza for movie night for example

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Take a hint already

Requesting Coomer Condorito

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are there any good requests out there?

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debil cucking bb


pass: orange

current board:


Requesting you draw a scene from dune or bladerunner. up to you

draw lees incubus thats it

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>reposted pic
fake bb

Draw Alisa

Requesting a dakimakura pillow, with this version of sparkle cadet (Craig of the creek) parodying Zoe's digivolution from Digimon season 4



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So you're too stupid to take a hint? That's sad

Requesting Coca Cola man.

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Seconding, but make him a nerd obsessed with sales and no muscles being bullied by Pepsiman.

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If yelling at retarded requestfags worked, youd think that all of the oldfags here would do it. They dont do it because it doesnt work

What works?

I’m ok with this.

Resuming live feed from gay baby jail

WL informs that they are still taking requests

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Idk it's kinda funny when magik or someone tells him to fuck off and he spergs out

Requesting SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward shaking their butts at the viewer (SpongeBob and Patrick should be in their underwear).

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holy shit i love him


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Sisters of Battle skateboarding!

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>gets told no and the reasons why he's hated
>that's not true!
>f-fuck you suck my dick!


Requesting a curvy anthro dog girl wearing one of these leashes

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Cordelia the shopkeeper-witch from dead estate offering a lick on her sweaty armpit for $500

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Ignoring them mostly. Also constantly spamming hate at requestfags is just as annoying as being a requestfag imo
That i can give a half pass to because majik has clout and most importantly: says shit off of user. If you want to shit on someone, do it properly and do it off of user otherwise it doesnt really mean much. Hence why magik got him to sperg compared to how he now "mostly" ignores anons

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the fuck?

Requesting this girl with a Goth aesthetic, thanks

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Draw Knuckles, he is cool.

one simple request

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Requesting a simple doodle of this Hello Kitty smoking catnip.

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>majik is jealous
The fuck he meant by that


Pichu or Pikachu fucking Raichu

when there were more drawfags than requestfags and repeat cancer shills they did yell at them and it did work

Juan Carlos Bodoque as a classic noir detective

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all your accomplishing by being an annoyance is driving away what little bit of drawfags that still feel nostalgic about this place. essentially shooting your own self in the foot and bleeding on everyone else for the sake of it

I can’t stay up any more. Sweet dreams, daddies

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wat I never said magik was jealous what the fuck would she be jealous of??????

G'night gooey


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You did, you called her a jealous bitch

Requesting i

G'nite cumdump!


Well thanks for the tea my friend, i appreciate it

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reinforcing what i said when it comes to saying shit off of user. pissing and shitting yourself under user doesnt do anything

>tumordick driving away ena.png

That shit stain doesn’t listen to us user. It only listens to drawfags that come out of user which is the only way you will get a major response by them. Like them shitting themselves when ehg or majik called them out for being a problematic retard.

>every requestfag ever.png*

Requesting your apples

No just tumordick, some even give back to the community like Dante and Poke

What's with his face in the middle? He looks like he had a freight train rammed up his urethra.

/r/ the boi in the left pic doing the pose in the right pic.

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this would be way better if Gisella is making fun of Tara's "pathetic" little girldick.

Yes he shit his pants when ehg and majik called him out but what else? He is still here and obviously doesn't care what drawfags think

Queen La playing with her leoparmen.

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Thats literally his regular face

/r/ lewds of this little boy pls

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this is the cycle of drawthreads in one comic thirsty selfish anons sucking all the fun out of threads because they can't have their way. and you wonder why most of the drawfags left here for other platforms? i know i surte dont

that's how the original puppet looks like. I think there is a story behind it (some ex-girlfriend's fault or something).

This is the difference between old and new fags.
Newfags praise some requestfags.
What isnt pictured is people talking to each other out of thread. People arent driven away, you just ignore em

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You don't have to thank me for that.
So, what brings out out this far into the wilderness?

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>literally dante

>I mean.. technically I ain't thrown it in 'er yet.
Odd, perhaps she needs remedial tutoring then.
Glad you dug the text, user.
>Yes it's me.
I'm Digust, Awful's mother.
I like this character, but I think I'm going to pull back on requests now.
>I love how you do hair man. Teach me your ways pls
I love how you do robots and jawlines. I just followed a million Deviant Art tutorials in my youth, draw pieces in big blocks and then add lines for detail.
>you're right we need more goth lee
Beautiful. Absolutely correct.

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its literally vorefag

>you praise people that give back regardless if they are requestfags or drawfags
Why yes I do have a brain

you're overplaying your hand dante

I like Disgust, she is sexy.

Great job there, Awful. Thank for taking my request, love the nut joke.

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Broadcasting hours are almost over


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The only bad requestfags left are fernando and tumordick and if had to keep one alive it would be fernando

>People arent driven away, you just ignore em
but they are there are more drawfags still very active off thread but are dead here and its because of the bs they had to deal with here.it's easier and much more full filling to go elsewhere and not have some autist under user ruin your day because they want cooom.jpg #649 of their preferred waifu or crappy OC

I love that version of Slappy so much...

>Beautiful. Absolutely correct.
See, we do have some common ground

Dante isn't even here

Thank you for choosing me, WL.
Have fun.

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> I'm Digust, Awful's mother.

Sure you are.

yeah because he’s a leech that cares for nothing about the consequences about his actions and points the finger to someone else and the newfag drawfags that gives him a reason to stay here

Abusefag is also still around. Don't forget him.

Requesting Alisa fucked by Asriel Dreemurr

Quit spamming the thread with your faggot seething. Say it off user or nobody cares.

Prepare to shit ur pants.

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Gooey, Tai and Eggs didn't draw for him in a while if anyone draws for him is someone completely new or too old and coming back after years and they didn't knew better but wait isn't Eggs an oldfag?

Cobra mind doing this?

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Abusefag doesn't spam his shit 24/7 like cece and tumordick so I give him a pass
Hot stuff

Abusefag is a drawthread icon and should stay x3

>fml i posted the wrong one

Im merely a wanderer passing though. I might retire for the night soon though. How about yourself? Not many humans make their way out here.
Bro pls im undeserving of such praise, I really appreciate it though.
>deviantart tutorials
Ah yes, the old tomes of knowledge. I might ask some friends on discord for tips.
For now i shall merely observe your technique and try to emulate it
I miss when fernando would get mad in broken english
Eggs is a fool, but we love them anyway. Also did they die again while i was gone

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>Abusefag doesn't spam his shit 24/7 like cece and tumordick so I give him a pass
Proof requestniggers will say literally anything to try to put down their competition

I don't see his shit at the top every single thread like cece or fernando's

Cobra draw Queen of the Shadowkhan Jade Chan

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eggs is an old attention whore that loves gaslighting others for pity or bringing up topics about others for attention


Top of thread of the quarantine zone