What is your crappy fast food experience?

What is your crappy fast food experience?

>go to Wendys for a burger
>just the burger. no fries no drink (too expensive)
>employee is confused as most customers order a complete combo
>specifically ask for no ketchup and no mayo
>get my food
>take a bite
>literally double ketchup double mayo

I have fucking had it. I just want better control of my food and I don't want to rely on a fast food chain for a meal. It was fun and carefree to buy a fast food sandwich for lunch when I'm at work but lately they're just having trouble understanding my order. I feel like such a fuckin idiot for eating fast food in the first place and I'm determined to make sandwiches at home from now on.

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The real goddam menace here is how fucking expensive fast food has gotten.

Like what the fuck? No “meal” should cost more than 5 fucking bucks.

If I make sandwiches at home from decent materials, and the sandwiches cost $7 each, it's still cheaper (and healthier) than any fast food joint.

IMO the real issue is the sloppy assembly of fast food, and inconsistent use of sauces and of course not understanding what the customer wants and giving them dogshit when they just want food.

fast food employees are trained on the numbered meals and the steps to prepare them.

i just order a number howver it comes and throw away everything i dont want.

I dont eat fast food. Last time I did, I had food poisoning for 10 days.

They're probably all going to be replaced with machines soon anyway. Hopefully the computer ai running the restaurant will do a better job of understanding my order and making the food properly.

Also seeing as its 25% pink slime and 25% cardboard. Literally.

were you going poop a lot

I guess but it doesn't change the fact that the ingredients are overpriced dogshit.

Just cook a piece of fish. 8 ounces of salmon and a couple of eggs is like 5 bucks. Takes 5 minutes to make.

fish is extremely expensive

I was sgitting inside a contractor bag that was filled with cat litter that was inside my igloo cooler. All. The. Way. Home.

I just got a pound of wild caught salmon for 6 dollars.

You sound like my Mom, she's always trying to get me to eat salmon and eggs. I can't stomach eggs and I need a fatty protein when I'm at work. Lean proteins don't cut it, that why I was buying burgers.

eggs are a waste of time, you're correct. Steak and burger is all you need

Then buy a ribeye, you cheap fuck? Jesus. It'll still be 1000% better for you at the same price. Chuck steak if youre broke.

I like mustard on my fries. Whenever I ask for this at McDonald's, it causes mass hysteria. There's usually some kind of big meeting where the cashier, manager, assistant managers, and kitchen staff have some kind of big huddle and animated argument. They always end up putting mustard in a little cup and handing it to me rather than putting it directly on the fries, which apparently violates some kind of sacred taboo.

Burger is a scam and 80% are full of fillers, even at the store, unless you buy the 7.99 a lb grass fed beef. Its not supposed to be light pink. Deep red only.

I actually really like eggs but I can't keep them down! I can eat maybe one egg a day, so I like to buy a sausage egg muffin and McD's. That's about the only fast food item I want, until I discipline myself to just make them at home. Then, once I reach that point the only fast food item I will be buying is coffee.

i prefer cute college girls fucking up my food. the worst though is when places stick someone who doesnt know english at the front register for god knows why

the beef I buy is deep red....................................................................................................

So, 99% if the time they are all high off their ass on some drug.

No don't do that! The normies' brains will break!
Just pick a combo and tell them the number. That way they can process your order with thinking more than necessary.

The egg in the biscuit is "egg like product", which is soy and other retarded shit.

>traveled cross country for interview
>long day, need a meal so head to mcdickles
>go inside, only 2 people inn line
>wait 20 minutes until they can take my order
>waiting another 20 minutes for order to be completed
>while waiting, mother of small child comes to the counter stating that her child's cheesburger has no cheese
>she removes the buns to expose cheesless burger
>employee looks at it like she was asked to solve a path integral
>another employee comes by and says he is sorry, will fix it
>15 minutes later the replacement cheesburger is ready
>1 minute after recieving it, mother is back and says now there is not only non cheese but no burger
>she opens buns showing nothing inside
>retard employee stares at it having no clue what is going on despite handing it to the customer, looked like its minimal brain was melting trying to comprehend its own stupidity
>my order finally comes up and i immediately leave and toss it in the trash on my way out as I head to the next nearest restaurant

McDonalds drive thru...

Drove up to the window the moment something wet and sticky hit my arm coming out of the window. See the guy wiping his nose...

Few weeks later he becomes the manager


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I also have received a McD's cheeseburger with no cheese and no burger. Seems a little sloppy on their part

one after another people in here attempting to 1-up each other with their food conspiracies. the internet as a whole is just an attempt to 1-up one another over and over and over and over. Never any genuine discussion

>. Never any genuine discussion
That's because (you) are supposed to bring genuine comments to the thread

Burger King ex-employee here.
That, user, is actually a strategy used to passively deter low tier customers (i.e. black and latino populations) from entering.
The high prices are usually calculated as borderline as possible, meaning that they are low enough to still be an option for most people but high enough to keep the really "wild" kind away for the most part.
For example, instead of having them every single of their pay days, you will only have them around once in a while, like you will only see them every two months or so after they've saved enough to treat themselves and their offspring on special occasions.
So yeah, the prices are too high, but they are like that for a reason. They are restrictive but not prohibitive unless you are literally the lowest of the lowest kind of customer.

what impressed me the most was how there appeared to be nothing malicious going on based on how confused the workers looked. They literally spent 40 minutes failing to make a premade cheeseburger two times.

I dunno, it seems to me plenty of fast food chains have items specifically for the low-tier customers

yet everytime i stop at the jack in the mox there is a hobo bathing in the sink, having stolen all the hand soap.

There's a Wendy's near me that has actual literal retards working there. Oddly enough that's the Wendy's that always gets your order correct the first time

based retards

>be at Subway in subrurbs of London once
>order standard crappy roasted chicken footlong
>tell what vegetables and sauces i want
>pay for meal
>sit at table with friends and take a bite
>horrible taste of mustardy corn overwhelms everything
>open sandwich
>covered in browinish sauce with corn
>never asked for this, never even knew it existed
>through sandwich in trash
>go to pub and get fish and chips

I hate corn. What the hell is the point of eating corn anyway? It just comes out whole in your shit. Your body can't even digest it unless it's roasted and ground up

>its late been on the roads
>fuck it im starving and all i can ghink about is a spicey chicken sandwich
>pull into Wendys dont eat here a lot, but the billboards on the way in were killing me
>go inside to order becuase they usually do a better job if they think they're being watched.
>always abunch of white girls at wendys
>one nigress
>order a peach mellow yellow and soicy sandwich
>hands me cup, with unfastened lid
>cups goes all over counter
>now i look fucking stupid
>nigress walks off back to line
>clean shit up with napkins
>same nigress bags my sandwich, replaces my drink
>get back off exit
>cruise control and reach for burger
>buns and the driest chicken patty youve ever seen
>staring into traffic pissed off fucking ears getting hit
>fucking goddammit
>cant turn around
>starving so just chew on this fucking dry sandwich and french fries for them next 60 miles like a tool

All i could fucking so was just sit there and take it, i was still mad about it the next day, for like 3 days i spiraled into some dark mindset thinking of unimaginable horrific scenarios in wich to torture and kill this bitch.

Weird huh.

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I don't mind corn, but unanticipated and covered in diarrhea sauce was not what anyone would ever want.

Yeah, and they're actually the fastest to prepare, serve and eat (desserts, nuggets, fries, very basic burgers, onion rings, etc.)
However those specific items and their prices are usually thought so they can be sold very quickly and cheap to students and commuters for example, they are not really thought to be a full "hearthy" meal that can satisfy anyone, thus the portions are quite snall, they are thought more like snacks. Think of "I'll just have some nuggets before getting home".
If you wanted to get full with nuggets you would need far more nuggets and fries and maybe a basic burger and a drink and then instead of like 5 bucks you'd end up paying 25, which is quite expensive.
That's most likely a local management issue, plus I have no idea how that chain actually works or their policies.

So you get your GMO daily dose.

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>It just comes out whole in your shit
Yeah, you're supposed to chew your food in order to digest it, not swallow it whole like a fucking bird.

>That's most likely a local management issue, plus I have no idea how that chain actually works or their policies
The location i usually go to is in middle of fucking nowhere and only people that ever stop there are depressed locals or travelers off the interstate. I stopped going there and go to the mcdickles across the street as they seem to be less gross and homeless

No, cows are supposed to eat corn and people are supposed to eat cows. How did things get so fucked up?

>in middle of fucking nowhere
The that is the issue, user. That is the issue.

>cows are supposed to eat corn and people are supposed to eat cows
Well, beef tacos are delicious, so you can actually eat both and be happy.

for the hobos yes, but my mcdickles story was from a rich busy area with no excuses for being so retarded. There are competing restaurants more than every .25 mile there

How indeed.

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Cows eat grass. They die after 3 months of eating corn. Plus they shit out H1N1 ecoli all over the feed lots they get caked with ecoli poop.

I was eating at McDonald's high as fuck once with my best teenage bud, we both got about 3/4 of the way thru our burgers and all of a sudden my bud is like "WHAT THE FUCK?!".... nigga had a fake nail in his quarter pounder. I'll never forget how disgusted he was and I was as well watching him pull that disgusting nigger nail out of his mouth

See, that's what I'm saying. They're not reliable.

last 3 times I had KFC i had a bone in the sandwich, got sick from whatever, and then had plastic in the food.
loved that place last century, but never going there again.

no actually we digest the kernels of the corn, we just shit out the "shells" of them. the outer layer of the kernels present on everything corn related

>Be me
>Drunk at like 3 am
>take my bicycle through the 24 hour Jack In The Box drive thru
>they serve me, fuck yeah!
>try to bicycle home with one hand on my bike and one hand holding a big ass bag of jack in the box
>lose control of bike and crash in the middle of the road
>spill food all over the street
>Just sit in the middle of the street eating fries and pieces of burgers off the ground

it was the most disgusting thing I've ever witnessed tbh but in mickey d's defense both our meals were refunded and we each got a $50 dollar arch card. I went to a different McDonald's and ate it the next day lmfao

i was once the most wasted i'd ever been, having earlier incited a riot but went to taco bell, where i'd previously been violently sick every time i ate there. vauge memory of standing in line, and next memory was waking up in bed wearing the same clothes from the night before.

My best taco bell experience as that was the only time out of 4 i didn't get violently sick. The fact i didnt and was drunker than ever before was impressive.

I am very concerned that when reading the comments here, many have had horrible experiences with fast food establishments and yesterday there was a thread about the cleanliness in a McDonald's, The problem is that personally I have never had that kind of problem and I am surprised how common it is reading the comments

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as some user said, its highly dependant on the management at each place. In my town there is by far the worst mcdickles ive ever encountered and also by far the best one.

Yeah if your local fast food joint is good count yourself lucky. They really vary from location to location.

Wendys near me is full of homeless niggers and heroin junkies, I work at Dunkin right down the way and we have bathrooms with a buzzer, so I dont let anyone that looks like a junkie or homeless in there. I hate food service.

But shit, here all but the majority have had movie experiences in fast food establishments and one thing is that they serve you badly, that could be normal, but upstairs a nigger said that his friend ate a nail, sometimes they don't even give me sauce and they gave this fagot a surprise in his food

They make me feel pretty lucky, should I make a wish?

Haha, I worked in a Dunkin the same and we had a bathroom with a bell too, but he said it was bad unless it was someone more decent than me, I wasn't going to clean urine with AIDS from a homeless man, what a fucking disgust

Not exactly a bad experience (to me) but, has it happened to you guys that after a meal of KFC your farts get particularly smelly?
Personally I really like it, so much I usually have up to 6 or 8 chicken pieces (half secret recipe and half the crunchy ones), a family size salad and an order of fries.
I can't describe it but my farts then get so particularly smelly yet pleasant to me.