Hunger Games thread HG

Hunger Games thread HG
>Post a pic and a name to enter
>First 24 are in
>Please no samefagging until requested
>Game starts when we're full!
We're getting spoopy~
>Haunted House

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King Floch

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Donald Trump

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Roxy Glamcock

Wuv you ~


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Powering down Emmy

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Roxy and Loony Glamcock

Wrong pic.

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Carl Brutananadilewski

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Unknown Horrors

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Nutella Girl

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I wuv you too Sweetie~


>wonder how this got picked....?

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Im not saying im a old fag for HG. I just lurked then cause i use to be in waifu


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Hello. Is this the local Undertale appreciation thread?

anime kirby

(as it's now the 28th this brings an end to kirby's 30th anniversary! and an end to the kirby ava marathon!)

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No. We're over here.

Late reply just to say, I fucking love you~

Haunted Pepe

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Doc Ock

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It was fun while it lasted. And more years to come.

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thank whatever god this soyboy celebration is over

Who was your waifu?


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Oh shit someone just a minute ago became thread slut kek

Not opening that can of worms. They still bring up shit from 2015 in the threads. And a lot of doxxing happened.

Stop deflecting Floch

>Floch, your lover


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Stef why are you a nigger

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This isn’t me. Though it would be kinda funny if you counted this as a tribute.

Don't post pics yet.

Alana Haim

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Don't Post that shit it nearly gave me a heart attack. You stupid stupid, annoying, evil, cunnilingus and probably tiny bitch.

this is me. Though it would be kinda funny if you counted this as a tribute.

Stop trying floch

that's the point of haunted houses

2 sames after please!



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You want a trib? I'll bring it to ya!

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hey you know that one time I boiled peanuts?

But its not a scary one right?

Go die in a fire I said what needed to be said. Don’t worry. Tomorrow you guys will let me into the games like as if nothing happened

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>frisk samefag. swappable

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Bejitabro btw

Man, I’m getting really popular as of late.


It's a mystery :3

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who's talking to you, would you let us talk?
have you heard of the high elves?

Let's get spooky

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Please notice me NG


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yes we’re ready to be... no, aaaaaaaaaaaa

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Ready for Roxy and sexiest host~

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Things you can do; A) Stop responding to user. B) Stop being a cunt.

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You are valid, and people care about you, "No" poster

I’d smoke a pack with em.

Which one are you?

>don’t make a habit of this

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I thought that was Sans lol
I fucking love you~

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I’ve already pissed myself.

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Uh this just got too scary, I um... I need a lawyer?
Probably a minute too, to um. uh....

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Skeletons are meant to be scary and fit haunted houses
For once it's not a bloodbath death

I am pronbably not going to be awake the whole game so thanks for hosting

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>dont make a habit
you and i both know how this is gonna work out

I am apalled, I am friggin shaking and crying right now

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I'm biting my fuck nails over here.

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Could we get away?~

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I want out, how do I get out?

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Rigs is kill
Richard is here but supposedly gave up HG for lent
Kenny shows himself but could be a fake
Skills is supposedly in rehab for his alcoholism but could be fake
don’t take advantage of the kindness that was extended please. and note the video.

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divide by zero

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>rigs is kill
he doesn't know...
it's quite obvious if you think about it lol

I'll take none of these things are true for 500, Alex.

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AAAAA Everything is awesome~

Oui :3

Bad habit :3

Death usually

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anyone got a tissue?
>a clean one ffs

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But what if I don't die, then what?

Rather kill myself.

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Kirby not having a good day

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Good thing Spoopsus no longer has an o-ring.

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>both kirby shitters dead

Of all the ways to die…IN A HAUNTED HOUSE!
>Sidenote: All my slides were with Doc so that’s pretty neat

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>Both Kirbys dead in one event

Nah, it's just me giggling knowing what I'm planning to do to the host later~

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I'm not Superman
Then you're stuck listening to CreepyPasta narrations forever
You might say his day is retarded
The wonders of death :3
You didn't even feel the injection >:3

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Okay Richard

The one man I interacted with dies next slide…
Roxy dies next, doesn’t she?

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Goro you idiot

I ripped ass

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I'm sorry, GlamOck. I wanted to do something but I couldn't take my hands off my Loo~

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Nintendo soyboys just can’t compete

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this feels right. Thanks for host gn everyone

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I's for warmth, yeah?

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