You know he has dementia, right user?

You know he has dementia, right user?

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So does Trump and Reagan.

That's why I voted for him

He gets bossed around by the Easter Bunny.

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He tries to shake hands with the empty air

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Obama completely ignores him in public

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He felt up an 8-year-old in public

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She's finally talking

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The walls are closing in

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Nah it's just a stutter. The lady on TV said so.

Still better than Trump, who is actually retarded AND has dementia.

Seems to me, all these folks got dementia. None of them remember shit when you go to asking them questions under oath.

Trump destroyed him all over national television during the debates. Biden is lost and illegitimate.

He has had a stutter his entire life. Which has been very public the entire time because he has such a long career.

Still speaks better than Trump.

no shit

Citation needed.

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It was a turkey shoot.

>he believes the stutter lie

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Seething and coping as far as the eye can see

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what do you mean you knoebhe has dementia that's a red flag it's like in the medical domain that any gross neglect of duties are not imputable to bystanders

>You know he has dementia, right user?
You do know he is an usurper installed through a rigged election and he also has dementia, right user? Why deny it? The whole world watch it happen.

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I hope a good amount of dumb hipsters and college kids who voted blue to be trendy are now living with their parents due to the inflation and all

You get what you fuckin deserve losers

>voting blue causes inflation
>I don't understand how literally anything works
oh how fascinating

>women make baseless accusations against men for attention

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Ok poorfag

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Baseless?! Did you not see the fucking video????

Here's how inflation works.

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Lol. Imagine shilling for Joe Biden. Imagine going to bat for a feckless gargoyle with no vision, charm, or coherent policy. Can you fucking imagine defending the guy that wrote the patriot act?

God damn, Based Joe does it again. This alpha chad just takes whatever he wants, and fuck the cameras and anyone watching. What an absolute boss. It's this type of can-do attitude that proves to me that, like this young lady's nipple, the United States of America is in good hands.

>You know he has dementia, right user?
nah, he has the thing. You know... the thing c'mon man.

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like what's that called again

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I honestly can't comprehend the kind of person who does damage control for Joe Biden online and manages to maintain their self worth. What went so horribly wrong, that you're writing shitposts about how great an obviously shitty economy is, and how every foreign policy decision hasn't been a total disaster?

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The saddest part of this is he has forieng and domestic handlers yelling things at him. He just does what people are yelling at him about. At some point he knew and didn't care it was wrong and now people with less morals than a man without a moral compass are constantly barking orders at him. He desperately turns around to plead to his handlers in any direction he can. West? East? Does it matter if they're paying? It doesn't matter just sign it Joe.

I would rather have a person who has a tough time saying something intelligent, than someone who has no trouble saying something fucking stupid.
>pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

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Still better then trump.

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>iFunny watermark
Why are Alt-Reich memes so cringe? Is it because of mental illness?

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Is this a bot glitching out? Or a fantastic Biden parody quote?

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Trump embarrassed himself and then lost a debate with himself a few nights later.
sad part is he's not nearly as far gone as biden, he's just retarded.

Meanwhile, Trump needs 2 hands to lift a single glass of water.

Wow you mean a guy in a crowded environment prioritizes talking with someone he's had considerably less life experience with and they captured it on camera?

Even birds know what he is.

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Trump destroyed him.
>reps opt out of next election’s debates.

Dunning Krueger in action right here

Who does their money laundering books? 10% is not looking like enough now.

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Doubtful, retard.

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"Can't hold water"

Trump is in his 70's and the media literally covered hit piece after hit piece, yes, you're going to have a weakened gripped at 70+ years old.

That's a stark to contrast who can't go a single day without having a major gaffe due to his neurological issues.

God a miss Trump and that awesome economy we had then

Imagine what people don't know, because of the fake news psyop-media and corrupt journalists.

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I don’t recall.

Honestly? Based.

"B-b-b-but Biden is better"

The left haphazardly voted for a politican that they knew was going to rape them economically.

These retards don't learn, they are the pawns of the establishment while thinking they are "the resistance"

When Starbucks are oreos is on your side, pretty sure you're not the resistance.

>Joe Biden's not demented! Trump definitely is though!
How do you people manage to breathe?

Chocolate chocolate chip

Doesnt matter to Demoncrats. The second Trump anounces a third run, they will all vote for that shit head. Just because orange man bad.

>the left
leftists didn't vote for biden, billy bob. facebook is that way

Leftist didn't vote for the corrupt politican?

I guess that's true, democrat left doesn't exist anymore, just radical liberials who want to spread their mental disorders.

The left is comprised of 12 year olds, mentally I mean.

Wake me up when he tries to tilt the country into martial law on the day he officially loses his job.

kys traitor republicans

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This is the most scintillant meme I've ever seen of this old hack yet.

are you a foreigner in a computer sweatshop or just a jew loving republican?