Loli thread shädman edition

Loli thread sh├Ądman edition

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>I found my fame here through the power of ritualposting and autism on Yea Forums lel but heya don't let it get to your head!
Kek it won't but I do enjoy having a ego for sure it's nice but I won't go crazy... unfortunately haha
>That is the best news I've heard! how close to completion are you anyways?
It's coming along really well I got new art for the final boss and I'm going to get sprites for the main 4 girls. It will be done tomorrow but over all good but unfortunately I have got radio silence by uzuki user but I'm hoping he responds back.

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list of wrong things shadman did:
stopped drawing loli
taking heroin

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People only hate Shadman because his art turns them on

shame me for what i am, stick chan

loli thread be like.

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>9x3 pixels
>still fucking censors it

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jap moment

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hanging on baraag has wrecked me when it comes to japanese censorship, i just cant tolerate it any more

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blame americans for writing censorship into the japanese constitution so now they can't touch it, specially without committing political suicide

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>Foul tarnished! give me the blue cunny that of my mistress!
No problem. Take responsibility, then! And relinquish your current Hatoba-chan!

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you thought it was going to be a hot stickgirl, but it was me!

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>specially without committing political suicide
this can't possibly be true in X number of years when everybody not growing up with internet is dead.
the hentai industry would not survive nor be as perverse as it is if not almost everybody want hentai and i don't think anybody prefers censored if there are uncensored versions. so everybody lowkey wants change. japs aren't fooling anybody.

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>Testing. >Testing. >One. >Two. >Three.

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I cant believe this, I leave you all alone for a few days and this is how you repay me?

I thought that you'd all realize I was right by now and take the initiative to off yourself for the good of the world. But it looks like I was wrong to expect any kind of progress from mentally ill beings such as yourselves.

Don't worry though, it'll be all over soon. Once I remove you all from the face of the earth the world will be perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

You know, one doesnt usually consider fun when balancing the world, but this does bring a smile to my face.

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It's been so difficult to find the real thing since tumblr got purged

i've never played her game and i never will but damn it if i don't know her

same with that french game.. uh, whatever it was called. something on c i think

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politicians and their boomer supporters still think they're above it all anyway and acknowledging it at all is considered dishonorabu

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don't add tits on her, how do you even make saggy loli tits...

damn who turned up the brightness?

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I think it's a decent game. A little easy going, but the aesthetics are nice and the voice acting is funny.

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Still looking for friends for b-baka stuff

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yes, they need to die or at least age out of politics.
maybe the flip would have happened already if there were more young voters than old ones.


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Goddammit, we were promised a Shadman thread, where is it?

i remember now, i was thinking c as in carol, the game name is onirism

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Damn, if that's the protag I might need to do some research

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I don't know. At least these are some pretty sexy cartoon girls.

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just realized there's not that much porn of her so i guess the game didn't take off

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there's always one retard posting nagatoro

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Say no more...

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Who's gonna clean up this mess?

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Got me excited then broke my heart just as fast

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I always thought that character was a boy. When I found out it was a girl she was already ruined for me.

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