What is the most fucked up thing you have ever fapped to?

What is the most fucked up thing you have ever fapped to?

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>What is the most fucked up thing you have ever fapped to?
the concept of nutting so hard i have a heart attack and die

I came so many time in front of little girls on random cam websites.

Will tell stories if asked.

That's pretty awesome man, I didn't know someone could cum to the thought of that

any of them into it?


it just popped into my head when i was about to bust a nut and it ended up being the biggest and messiest one ive ever had

Recall a time, greentext

newspaper articles about sexual assault

I was a teenager in a remote area with no porn or internet, stealing newspapers from the trash was all I had.

>Just earlier
>3 kids on a trampoline gay boy about 8, girl about 8 and other girl about 7.
>they are play fighting
>I sort of smile and play with them
>tell I will show my underwear
>Show underwear whit huge hard on
>they laugh stare.
>older girl makes a thumbs up
>ask them if they wanna see, they say yeah
>I jerk to completion with all three staring in awe.

The trick is being genuinely attractive, charming and having a big dick.

Fake and gay

100% real, you wish it was false lol

I don't believe you

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Still doesnt change the fact I busted a nut in front of 3 kids todya.

voluntary whiteboi disposal

White women fuck black men and sign their husbands/boyfriends/sons up to be killed

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Discovery channel I love the whole world but it's full of shock videos and war crimes

I have a Cock Shrinking fetish. It's hard to find non-furry related content for this kink (No offense to furries, just not my cup of tea)

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This is some next level beta male shit right here.

There have been a couple times I was flaming in anger and the only thing that could calm me down was fapping to decapitated anime girls being creampied. Or cocks being shoved inside their severed head. I'm usually a really calm and patient person who hates confrontation and knows how to emotionally shut myself off, but every once in a while I get extremely angry and deranged porn is the only thing that can calm my ass down. I've gone through a lot in my life. My mind isn't fully there anymore. I felt pretty guilty about it the first time, but I don't have any urges to hurt anyone so whatever I guess...

Tell a story user. btw, which cam websites did u use?

dumped a load in my friend little sisters panties while thinkin bout rapin her

Habeeb it!

fascinating. How times have changed eh. What was that like the 80s

Twinkie house!

Dog fucking a desperate woman. Haven't gone looking for that shit since about 2010, though.

>Inb4 "post vid" or "too vanilla, was expecting some real/recent shit".

Have some Yea Forums variety trash.

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Articles+images of women prisoners being sexually humiliated, like having to get naked in front of everyone and spread their pussy lips open

Bestiality turns me on like crazy. Had always quickly scrolled away when I was browsing hentai. Then one day I was curious and gave it a watch. My dick got so hard it was unbelievable. I was practically leaking out of my dick and had the biggest cumshot of my entire life. Ever since then ive been hooked. Probably my biggest kink now...

Calm the fuck down Edmund Kemper


Lol its all fake shit anyway and i have no interest in hurting actual people that arent drawings so i dont worry over it. I expected some backlash for my comment.

You need therapy

Alright you got dubs I got a kinda messed up one. So I was with this girl for a few months and this might be why she left. But one time we where drinking and I was hitting it from the back. I slipped out and when I went to go back in I went into the wrong hole and she went forward and so did I. I only got to do it for a second but I sometimes fap to the idea of just grabbing her by the hair and railing her.

No shit sherlock. Already getting it.

trump losing the election

Nice dubs as well my friend, but trust me that's pretty vanilla

TFW you get dubs twice in the span of 2 mins

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The dubs continue. Yeah I'm not a fucking degenerate like some.

That NTR Smartphone doujin.

It's more fascinating than kinky to me. How does a dog learn to fuck a human woman, whose anatomy is normally completely different? Does the woman use dog pheromones in a bottle to make the dog wanna fuck? Or does the dog smell human pheromones and wanna tap it that way?

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Descriptions of young guys having to do embarrassing or sexually degrading things, like line up naked close enough that each guy's package would be smushed up against the butt of the guy in front of him. Or lying naked on their bellies behind one another with each guy's face in between the butt cheeks of the guy in front of him

I saw a video of a dog fucking a duck to death.
Dogs will fuck literally anything with a hole that they can get their dicks into, it's not rocket science.

Your mom.

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I couldn't help myself

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Bob Barker is the savior of mankind.

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Probably some of the super-realistic loli dollies that FrozenLover has posted in doll threads before on both allthefallen and Yea Forums. Not my proudest faps. Some of DollGuy's stuff, too. F2M twinks come close, but nothing can top super-realistic loli dollies.

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So you're a chomo? You could of saved a lot of words

Anyone else got some templates?

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Dogs hump blankets. A human on all fours is dog shaped enough for them to pounce

If I get strangled, I want that done to me after

This image makes me uncomfortable

The (fantasy, none of this is happening, unfortunately) thought of a married man who's sleeping with my mom knocking me up at 16 at a music festival in the late 60s

I love this shit. Got any good sites, discords or just more in general?

No, never have and never will. It's mostly just a coping mechanism due to having been robbed of sexual experiences at a younger age due to a very religious upbringing.

Look at the bright side, it's rubber.

Everytime I fapped to traps and trannies I always felt gross about it afterwards.

Some really fucked up animal stuff

No reason to hold it against the world man. I suggest some soul searching.

Wowza checked spiritual lad

>I love this shit. Got any good sites, discords or just more in general?

The two many places I've managed to find this type of kink is on imagefap and Manyvids. It's kind of a hard fetish to come by for content.

Lucy Spades has a few MWD vids (Pic releated)

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One time I fapped to two consenting adults having sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

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Probably blowfly girl

You sick fuck

Such as?

Check yourself

Wtf user I'm reporting this to the mods and also the cyber police. You won't get away with this

>I busted a nut in front of 3 kids todya.
And you're proud of it you pathetic brainless depraved american retard ?

discord full stop gg/fR3t8sJBq8

I fapped to this