Socials cont’d

Socials cont’d

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More OP

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Any girls with braces on and with big tits?

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Sharing french girls on disc : TemporaryAnonR#9811

Wwyd and to who?

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Who you want?

Anyone like short-haired tomboy sluts?

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That dark, tall girl

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Was my English teacher in highschool. She was young and married but had a divorce because some guys in my grade fucked her at prom, apparently a video of it was circulating through the town but I never was able to find it. Wish I was the home wrecker instead of them. Accidentally groped her one day. Best moment of the year.

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I remember this bitch, lol

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Adorable. Love those freckles. Keep going.

Shit she's beautiful

She looks like she would fuck 10th graders

needs one cumshot for every freckle on her body

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She lost her job, left the state, and started new. Found her new social and added her. Regrets of never being able to fuck.

I was a senior when it happened

Goddamn i can certainly provide that

might take a while

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Damn, if only she were at my high school, and during the 2016 spring semester because I had digital graphics, and in that class we had an assignment were we had to pics of our favorite teachers for an PowerPoint presentation

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More of her

I’ve got all the time in the world and plenty of cum to conjure for her

Her class was actually cool too.

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then she'll be happy to make it a weekend

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She’s got me rock hard already

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I'm speechless

virgin church girl is excited for a weekend of sex education

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Anyone know chay?

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Ohh reallly? A church girl? This just got even more interesting

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she may be a little sexually repressed

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She had massive tits too, I’d intentionally call her over to ask her bullshit questions so she would hover over my desk. She’d get close as fuck during tests lmao.

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10/10, holy Jesus

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user.... you wouldn't happen to have any more pics of her in bikini wouldn't you?

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Let me see if I can find any

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Man fuck you wanna take this conversation to Kik or discord? I’m so Fucking turned on and she hits the spot

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She's probably very pent up

she deserves to be cum on in public

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Aww, she's cute. But I know you got something hotter, please post

Feet of her? Please, I beg

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Best I could find

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Fair enough

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maybe cum on her outside after church

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She's hiding something busty underneat that jacket. Gotta see more.

Good enough

Goddamn those tits

I would, she deserves it.

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she might bring a church friend to lick up all the cum for the weekend

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Love her freckles

beautiful little mouth 10/10


needs to show off her naked body covered in freckles and cum

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fuck yes

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Sexy af

They can both have it. I'd need to doggy her first though, she's probably begging for it.

I would cover her

their faces dripping and mouths overflowing with cum

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