How have trans people affected you directly?

How have trans people affected you directly?

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In nothing, they're just gross and creepy.

The city of palm springs wasted $200,000 in taxpayer on an insane unconstitutional study for universal income ONLY for trans people

Convinced my sister to chop off her gargantuan melons.

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I ince had sex with a girl who had both a vagina and a penis. Both were kinda small it actually bled when I used her vagina.

I dated one for a couple years and had some of the best sex of my life. Now and then my room mate asks about opinions on an outfit. Not really a big deal, as it goes? Met a couple of them who were liberal shitheads; no amount of other identity fixes being a lib.

They endlessly come here to post agitprop.

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She was intersex. Born with both

today i accidentally misgendered one who is just a crossdressing girl
thankfully nobody was having that psycho's bs tho

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it did happen tard
during play practice the troon was lying on the floor pretending to be dead when i referred to them in the 3rd person as she and they went off
their family goes to my church and it's hella sad bc the bitch doesn't go bc her mind is fucked up bc of lgbt grooming. breaks the mom's heart but she is too nice ig
so yeah user, there's a more specific story

Positively, many of my closest friends are trans

Captcha: GAYYK

I work with one. It's incredibly awkward since it's just a man in high heels with fake tits and long hair but I'm also worried about saying something completely innocuous and driving it into a troonrage then getting fired.

>it actually bled when I used her vagina.
I bet you felt like a savage beast afterwards

Palm Springs is technically the gayest city in the nation by percentage so no surprise there

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A tranny raped a man's daughter in her hs bathroom. He then showed up to the school board meeting to voice his concern but was tackled to the ground and arrested. Merrick Garland used this event to justify classifying all parents who object ar school board meetings as domestic terrorists, advancing authoritarianism because of trannys. Turns our the tranny did rape the girl and another one at another school that the district moved it to, to try to cover it up. And yet we are still left with this authoritarian policy.

>I stand with globohomo!

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please explain.
please don't be a larp

If you're referring to my post, happened in Louden County, Va

shit forgot to reply. i was talking about this post

One of them started this thread.

Fucking hell

groomed my cousin into their disgusting cult and convinced her to lob her tits off


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Chuds love Ukraine tho because they nazi.

decanel has a penis

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By existing

im addicted to trans porn

What did he mean by this?

They never stfu about telling people about whatever gender they feel like being that day. The troons need mental health or a bullet to the head

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No such thing as gender only sex

If ukraine really wanted peace they would lay down their weapons and let russia take control. putin has been in power long enough for people to realize that nothing is going to stop stop him and he is personally prepared to die for the cause, that means he is willing to use nukes if he is left with no other options.
for the sake of the world, ukraine needs to surrender and other countries need to stop sending arms which is just prolonging the conflict. let russia have the lands for now and sort it out diplomatically when putin is no longer in power.

Kind of in a fourth party way.

Not their fault, but I've seen seemingly sane people go into rants on Twitter lately worried about the definition of is a man or woman capable of giving birth.

Crazy to me to see tma topic that doesn't affect them at all, trigger them.

Trans people trigger some people simply for existing and it's weird to watch

live free or die

this 100%

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>subservience is the path to peace

Oh BTW that incident helped youngkin win VA bc ppl see through now. If that's being publicly owned I'll take you fucking child

it is better to live on your feet than to die on your knees, but you're a faggot and a coward so you wouldn't understand anything about that

>unfunny graph memes and old youtube screenshots as a "gotcha"

regular people are getting real tired of you freaks, can't wait for the pogroms.

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trannies act like hall monitors because they get a false sense of authority hiding behind the system

what does this have to do with trannies, nobody has cared about ben shapiro in years

>mooooom op is being a fag again

when was the last time you interacted with a tranny in real life you weird faggot

They haven't, but I better not get fucked for calling a male a man.

trannies rarely exist out of the internet, so never

Using retarded facebook quotes and calling me a faggot?
So I guess you think the best course of action when getting mugged at gunpoint or arrested is to put up a fight. Lets see what the outcome is on that one. I'd rather live with brains than die a retard.

since you asked faggot
>be me
>senior year
>best friend since first grade gets gf
>she claims to be a bisexual feminist
>her best friend shows interest in me
>double dates and everything
>girls start getting more and more feminazi instead of f*minist due to tumblr
>best friend becomes gradually a bigger cuck by the day
>all 3 of them start shaming me for my jokes and lifestyle
>both of us get punched and bitten by them
>gf dumps me
>best friend ghosts me
>he gets dumped as well for not being cuck enough
>hear from mutual friends that he hates my guts
>2 fuckin years of seeing each other in university almost daily he doesn't speak a word to me
>peak depression hours
>grandma goes into the hospital for a minor surgery
>he asks mutual friend to ask me how she is
>month later he wants to go out
>friendship restored but permanently damaged
>get high drunk and high
>"they're now lesbians and in a relationship with one another, they claim we've been beating them up and rape them daily"
>mutual girl friend says they've broken and hate each other
>the BiSeXuAl is now a pansexual ftm with an eyebrow like mustache
>my ex is now over 100 kg
>thanks for the callout retard, pic related

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You're looking for /d/.

>it is better to live on your feet than to die on your knees
don't you mean
it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees?

both work in their own way
>"I'd rather live as a slave than fight for my freedom"

>affected me
Have two trans friends. Don't really bother me at all, just normal people. I'm sure everyone here would debate that, but really they just prefer being called they. I don't really give a shit.

>it's time
UwU UwU UwU the train goes
carrying troons to transchvitz

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Gave me the confidence to get the pants I like and to put patches on my jacket

Dubs of truth

wooooaaaaah Xe're halfway there
UwUuuUuuUUu living on a prayeeeeeer

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Is hiv good for you?

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