Why are Democrats so perverse?

Why are Democrats so perverse?

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Ok Troll.

Go back to pol.

>Ok Troll.
>Go back to pol.

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user's post at least rhymed you weird queer

Nice projection, Matt Gaetz.

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>heterosexual bad

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>heterosexual bad

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Republican women are so sexually repressed, getting held on the stomach has her feeling all sorts of funny things

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We do logg SLIDDINGs! Ready to meet Andy and his world famous shitter? 40% off of your 1st throat clogging with promo code #burnt_toast_creamy

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Can't even tell who the fuck that is. lol

Because they're led by one.
Captcha: JRAGS

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Johnny Depp dumbfuck

Did your parents have a lot of lead in your drinking water when you were a kid?

The girl has since stated that was a nipple pinch. Overt pedophilia.

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i hate libs as much as the next retard, but remind me which side is trying to legalize child marriages?


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OP is a retarded boomer posting dog shit from Facebook

Face it, the Republitards and Democraps are pedophilic elites that sold your futures over 40 years ago.

I was at Yea Forums when you were still in diapers, faggot.

but not yours. kys fence sitter.

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no you kys for thinking im a fucking Centard.

Why do you parrot alt right cringewords OP?


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Who says I "parrot" anything?

A centrist would probably be a Democrat, you’re a lolbertarian

Because there’s no fucking way you think for yourself.

Why do republicans project their own failures so often?

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way to prove my point. Go eat lead paint chips you mongrel

so cruel and spiteful.

You're a presumptuous clown. Go back to putting beard oil in your pseudo lumberjack beard.

This meme has no source.

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Taste of your own medicine republipuke

It doesn't "prove" anything, you drooling short bus sperg.

I'm glad you're against sexual predators.
Now seethe on this:

all me

Truth hurts doesn’t it Trumper

Why should we “seethe” over you posting your fap folder pedo

Citation, plz

You mean some shitty blog you’ve never heard of isn’t a good source?

i'm a dem. we want to kill troons too. don't act normal people are your allies.

proves you're a worthless halfwit who thinks just being around is a merit. Sorry, you're not successful just cus you bought a house before your dogshit generation ruined the world.

there are sexual deviants in all political spectrums, what the fuck is wrong with all of you?

No you’re not Trumper

Assuming I voted for Trump. Like I said: "presumptuous". One thing about your kind.....you're all predictable as fuck. lol

What are you predicting now Trumper

i voted biden. can't stand trump. dems want you dead too seethe

My dogshit generation "ruined the world".

Did your atheist commie university professors teach you that, oh young and impressionable one? lol

yeah but repubs desperately try to weaponize literally anything and its pitiful how much they project.

I'm probably a paranoid schizo but I honestly believe a large number of them have been fed propaganda to the point they believe they are on the front lines of fighting Jim Crow, Nazis, women's oppression, etc. Millenials and zoomers born to liberal parents only consume one side of the story and like a cult they are indoctrinated to believe any other view is evil.

line ripped straight from facebook. you ever think anything for yourself?

Except Biden and the Democrats are champions of transgender rights. I don’t think you thought your cunning plan through very well Boris

I agree. It is bizarre, but a solid tactic.

you have a 41% of neck belt.

Or maybe bullshit like trump really is evil you paranoid schizo

if you think thats anything more than lipservice akin to a company trying to sell you something, well i got this bridge for sale.

I see, since you’re losing you’re now going to segue into transphobic cringe.
good job you closeted faggot

Eh, that is some made up shit.


yeah voting because of one reason. kys ivan.

Not like the Left hasn't "weaponized" the living fuck out of everything on this planet, huh? lol

Just saying you kind of belong to the wrong club. Trump and his manchildren kicked transgenders out of the military, Biden put them back in by the way.

losing what heshe?

if its weaponized against democrats and republicans, its probably just true.

Example A: user believes I must be a Trump supporter.
I'm Icelandic

I haven't had a Facebook or Twitter account since they booted me off of there back in 2012 for habitual user violations.

Fuck, you faggots are predictable.

Being Ivan would make me a Trumper, Russians are not pro Biden.
I don’t think you’re paying attention to the things you’re posting user. Did your mom tell you to do something, is that why you’re mad?

Marriage at an early age works very well most of the time. I think I read numbers up in the high 80's percent. Marriage is a GOOD thing in society, we want more of it to strengthen our nation.

Lowering the age for premarital sex = bad
Lowering the age for a marriage = good.

The earlier we can get loli's locked into a lifelong, happy relationship, the less the chances of her riding the last train to Dicksville.

So we’re gonna start calling people tranny’s now aren’t we you stupid faggot


oh shit, it's the guy that literally uses literally too much because he's literally an imbecile.

How do you stand living there? They’re if they’re actually tolerant about transgenders.

says the boomer who says shit like "athiest commie professors". cmon man if you're gonna accuse people of being predictable, dont say the most predictable conservacuck line imaginable.

Should everyone just use "unironically" instead, and sound like the rest of you idiots?

Marriage is stupid outdated bullshit you cringe worthy white nationalist

not all ivans are pro trump. try keeping up ivan.

damn you guys really are pedos. Stop trying to rape kids.

Why don't these people like being called troons I thought that there was nothing wrong with transgender people and that they were perfectly mentally stable.


Takes a Russian to know that

What am I crying about? I’m not the one triggered by people who don’t look like white Nazis.

they trash

cry more

Marriage and children are the most important reasons you were blessed with life. Unfortunately, you will have neither, nor will you ever be a real woman.

not all russians know that. come on ivan.

>Why don't these people like being called (obvious insult) instead of (what people prefer to be called).
why do conservatives always try these half assed logic traps when most of you couldn't finesse your way out of a paper bag. Stick to texting barely coherentessages to your estranged children.

Crying about what? Winning?

Would you like to suck my dick Christ fag

Post cock

you things are the most hostile things around. breed bigot chud.

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winning what?

pre cock

Not a tranny Trumper
And I know I got a bigger cock than you

I think he is trying to get kids to fuck other kids. Why do you people always try to attack points that nobody made. It's almost like you aren't arguing in good faith.