Lol at guys who think being cut is fine, and that they’re not missing out on anything

Lol at guys who think being cut is fine, and that they’re not missing out on anything

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I never asked to be born at all so... Having a dick is good anyway i love mine

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Missing out on girth for a start. Stupid jew cunts

if thats what you have to tell yourself to feel better about looking like picrel

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am cut. am sad.

They should pass a law or something

Cutting leaves them so fucked up

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If that 1 millimeter of girth is helping you then your problems are worse than circumcision.

for real. it's nonsense

Lol it’s not about girth, it’s about the way it moves inside a pussy. Doesn’t get dried out, don’t need lube.

“It’s just a snip, it’ll look better”

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my parents are afraid to look at penises but they were ok with removing skin from mine. what gives.

it should be against the law its genital mutilation

lol why would you expect your parents to look at penises

Because if your going to cut my cock you better at least look at the cock
dumb ass people

did your parents change your diaper like this?

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Really think the biggest part is its not like they had a choice.

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Millions of men have been abused
this way

Women burgers are THE biggest hypocrites when it comes to circumcision. At the same time, most don't even know the difference when it's erect.

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cool it with the antisemitism

“Ahh my child! What is it that you don’t like about us Jews? The cutting or the sucking?”

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KYS enjoy you white woman privilege

KYS first, enjoy your dry, mutilated dick

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enjoy never getting married and the stds

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Y u so triggered Yea Forumsro?

why you even care ?
how are you gonna fix it?
Why even respond?

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Only a woman would act this mental

You know circumcision videos are okay to upload to YouTube? Filipino people do it all the time under videos titled "operation tuli". YouTube defends the videos being uploaded, even this one channel this creepy old guy circumcises kids young as 10 out in the woods. But if it was a female being circumcised? OH MY GOD, the feds would be alerted.

agreed double standards here for sure

Lol and only a newfag would white knight a meme about circumcision

Just reported 2 Utube accounts keke easy meat

Thefuck? For real?

fuck you and the white knight bullshit
fag you pedo asshole KYS
leave the kids alone

Yes, leave the kids penises alone, whole point of the topic, glad you’re on my side Sir Whiteknight the Faggy.

yep, the kids are even crying and they just laugh at the kids if they cry because it means they are a "faggot" in their culture if you cry. some boys rvrn get held down and forced in public. saw one like 5 women held down a boy because he was resisting.

Humans are absolute abominations.

well, at least the filipino and jews are

Kool story bro you victim

Yep, worst part was that the whole idea of circumcision was brought to the Philippines by Americans during and after WWII, same thing in South Korea.

Victim of what? Having a great uncut monster cock?

first post on this godforsaken site
thought this was a pic of my dick
dicktwins minus the head scars
my condolences

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Every day this anti-cut topic is posted on the various boards.

Activists are using Yea Forums to push agendas. This topic is one of them.

They don't want your opinion if it's an opposing view. They will only mock what you say and you personally.

Ignore it, don't reply, and it will go away

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If you like cut cocks fuck cut cocks.
If you like uncut cocks fuck uncut cocks.
If you're unhappy with your foreskin get circumcised.
If you're unhappy with your circumcision restore your foreskin.
If you value your child's choice, don't circumcise him.
If you think you're doing your child a favor with the benefits vs risks, get him circumcised.
If you're mad at your parents' decision either way, go take it up with your family.
Otherwise, shut the fuck up. No whining neckbeard online is going to convince anyone either way.

John g?

I'm circumcised and you are coping. Circumcision is mutilation through and through. It's absolutely astounding that people haven't rioted over this topic, but the truth is many people are brainwashed and genuinely don't want to look at the truth of circumcision.

It's never truly just the parents fault, it's society and people circumcise their kids so they will be accepted. The overall view on this topic has to be brought to light. The way we plaster abortion or lung cancer on the sides of trucks, we ought to do that with circumcision.

Not even gay, but id most definitely pop that into my fucking mouth.

>caring about penises this much

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Found another circumcised guy

Circumcision permanently alters the brain and resembles brain patterns of war victims who have PTSD.

Thank fuck my parents for provided me with an awesome looking cock and not an ugly anteater down there. Thanks mom and pop!

About 220 newborns die annually in the US alone due to circumcision.

I'm laughing at both sides.
You're all a bunch of fags.

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found cheese dick over here

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Cope harder

around millions of uncut guys have gross looking anteater cheese dicks in the US alone.

>mfw Id rather be dead.

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Jesus, just look at that. How can this practice be legal?

Imagine being so jealous of intact guys that you have to make posts pretending how happy you are to be mutilated. You just prove that you're not alright if you have to come out of the bushes and justify your mutilation to strangers online.

>OP is uncut, calling out cut guys

can you read, retard? pic related: it's you right now

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The insecurities get out of hand on both sides, as long as your intact shit isn't a rare malfunctioning case or your cut isn't a botch job you're probably okay

The real shit is just stop forcing it on infants, it's not necessary and guaranteed the vast majority will not choose to get cut later in life. There's no ethical argument for removing that bodily autonomy from infant boys

EXACTLY, it's no secret why only guys who were already force circumcised defend the practice. I wonder why uncut guys don't go get circumcised? We already know why the cut guys don't go get uncircumcised, because they CAN'T. Uncut guys don't go get cut cause they DON'T WANT TO.

I think he meant the guys coming in here to argue OP

Uncut here

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fucking retards. so braindead. so jewed

Now that I have your pic. You should post another pic of S 727 that I’ve been asking for.

Being cut is unironically shit. I couldn’t even cum from sex until my 4th girlfriend. Not to mention I can’t even feel anything even if my dick is directly underneath a shower head. I also think it leads to more degenerate behaviour because the feeling of sex alone isn’t enough to turn you on, when you see a hot girl and you know fucking her will feel no different than your hand, if not worse, then I think you start looking for more taboo things to get you off. A hot girl just isn’t enough. I left my sons intact and broke the cycle, fuck mutilation. Wish I knew what sex was supposed to feel like.

Every health organization in the world advocates against routine infant circumcision. Insurance doesn't even cover it anymore in the US.

You numb dick is from the psych meds you're on, not from being cut dumbass.

Circumcised here, sex with my ex wasn't as good as my hand and it's the most frustrating thing.