Hunger Games

Hunger Games
First 24
No sames until OK
Hold swaps til roster check


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Mao and Mao

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Max Payne

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Sweet C

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Diego Brando

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Archmage Ingrid

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Doc Ock

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anime meta knight

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Tom Brady

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Loony Glamcock

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Richard Rawlings

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I love this. It's so exactly right.


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Donald Trump

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Sword Kirby

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Nutella Girl

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Lv. 5 Myrmidon

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Roxy Glamcock

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Yujiro joins the battle

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Remove me, I don't want to play without Roxy



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the fuck are the purpose of this spam

>enters his own games

not me g



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Gonna assume "stefan" was the same.

we good? swaps?

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Sorry I just wanted to make sure Stefan got in



Looks good to me.

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Let's fuck some shit up with my Roxy!

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you can swap me for one of the new ip’s that came after, not sure who was what though

May the worst win!

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>dubs and I skip the whore
lol lmao

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Loony wanted to leave, replace him with Stefan

If you look closely at district 12, you can see me.
Take your time for it is very cryptic to see.

Containment Thread.

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Uh goo goo

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What sort of homosexual faggotry cause too assumable grown men role play as ugly alt furrys

let us begin. *Spanish guitar sting*

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>two you silly cunt

peace was never an option

As soon as I've memorised Bowgentle's Fleeting Journey.

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Roxy is here though


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for the KING! Fuck the queen.

theme -

not swapping you for a mute. don't care how many games you win
that wasn't you
hey Floch.

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Running away from u actually

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I didn't want to play anyway

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Let's do this!
>not you
What sort of homosexual faggotry causes an ESL to get mad at two tributes as user?

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Never have I seen a more pathetic team in my life.

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oh wasn’t re the win count, will probably need to wash some dishes etc soon. but thanks :-)

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the king apparently "needs" this golden cup

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As if I didn't have enough reasons to hunt down and kill Trump

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Yeah, you really hold us all back.

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Don't even reply to me you human trash, go scub some of that dick cheese off you have been save for a year and a half. You rotten invalid

Roxy really beat the shit of me there, luck was on my side this time though.

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Ready for Roxy and Loony.
We can talk about this later, hon~
Look I know you're just projecting for the sake of attention as the absolute manchild you are but holy shit geuinely fucking kys miserable waste of oxygen

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If you're gonna hound on someone like that at least fucking spell correctly.

Go suck ur dads cock

Let his shining visage be an inspiration to you, MK.

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Haha yeah..."severely injured"'ll get your money later, Richard.
Diego is the Lio-Lizard King.
uohhh broken event
Max is just...too suave.
NG isn't in it for England. Just Teto.
Carl is a valued member of Cunny Clan.

You're not worthy of skipping. Heretic.
no, it's a different one
Other team is at half strength already you're looking good for slide 3
disgusting. Get out of my sight
He's the comedic relief, let him live another slide

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Whatever you want, Sweetie~

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I should be the one killing the elephants I do that all the time. This is retarded.

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I had a paper cut so Richard blew my head off with a shotgun. Average Stefan game.

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>in it for England
i will gouge your eyeballs out

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