Where is her remake Game Freak?

Where is her remake Game Freak?

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They're waiting to add fart physics to Pokemon

After ScarVi

I love the contrast

they're very carefully and methodically trying to remove all the fun and problematic parts of the game to make room for pokestar studios 2.0 which will be a good half of the game and mandatory

You mean Rosa's remake?

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Eww that art disgusting

Why does Pokemon need remakes? All games play the same.

I love pear shaped girls.

Gross. She's all naked and shit.

Is that an actual plug-in, If so give me the link to it pwease.

ask /g/, and mention windows in your post to get the most helpful replies

that's the dirty BBC poster, don't mix him with us cunnyseurs, what he posted is in no way shape or form loli

Post plug-in I want to fap

then why is the BBC poster using the ATF script

you're both faggots

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>ATF script
what the fuck has atf to do with this

not him but

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>what does the script that links to ATFbooru has to do with ATF

You're both annoying.

I don't get it

why don't you call it the gelbooruyanderesankakur34danboorulolibooruatfbooru script, then?

Off model trash


nice argument there, bud

>more embedded nigger shit

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for what, that you like large nigger dick?

because the remakes are like printing free money

an argument for why you call something a name that doesn't represent it in a pathetic attempt to flag the opposition and le evil pedos even though op is embedding on catbox, furthering your position into the retarded side of the argument.

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I could have posted any female and you would have said the same thing so your reply means less than nothing

I'm a little LOST on this pic user?

Funny argument

>make a script for cunny
>gets hijacked by BBC
>defends the BBC instead of gatekeeping for cunny
you deserve the nigger dick, cunnyfags

I know nothing of coding and I don't understand what OP is doing, is that like his history or something?

literally doesn't matter, the most successful threads are cunny threads, 90% of the content posted is loli, bbcfags need to coordinate through disc*rd while we cunnychads are everywhere ready to agglomerate at a moments notice, when you least expect us

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Even if you get one, she'll have longer shorts and smaller tits.

But she has no tits...

>Remake her game
I'm afraid of them changing the perfect FemTrainer design though.

I like CSRB but I do think this pic is a rare L for him.
What add on is that?


Rosa is better with abstractions and simple coloring.
Not this gross cellulite simulation.

look at the spoilered image retard

what a pleb. what you really want to ask is "where the fuck is the 3rd game with the original dragon form(e)? oh, never mind, because today's gamefreak and the pokemon company would make it utter shit yet would still sell millions. count me out"

Thanks user.

that shit will flop.

Unfathomably based.

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>third game
>not Pokemon Legends: Dragonfire

I liked this character more when she was drawn as a boy.

no it won't -- unless you want to be proven wrong. these games are utter fucking garbage now, yes, but they will sell. people take your really bad opinions and then they sling it on everyone else

I want to get dommed by a Rosa that big

Tits too small

>is retarded
niggerposters are the enemy, so treat them as such

Why did she shoot herself? :(

more upboats

she didnt

Not your personal army

She did.
They were cousins and guilt can make you do impulsive shit.

I love Serena!

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im so glad i installed this fucking addon, now i can be spammed by obnoxious Shitted posters who are afraid of the jannies

They are absolutely fucking desperate to try and make it part of board culture lol

>wanting the character designs to be worse
>wanting it to look like the D/P remakes
>wanting it to have missing features

Just let some things stay in the past untarnished.

There is no blacked itt, what are talking about?

I want N to have sex with me so bad

There are no pedos on Yea Forums

good morning sir

So let me get this straight, the script can only be used to embed links in images right? Not actual images? If only people with the script can see it, I have to wonder why the fuck this should be a problem for anyone who doesn't want to see it. Just don't have the script.

>lets allow the browser to arbitrarily loading hidden links posted on Yea Forums
Say hi to the FBI for me.

script was meant for apples but instead people use it for oranges

Because they're seething porn addicts that want shit in their favor.

It'll be another legends type game but instead of ancient japan it's the old west since unova is meant to be america.

So you're gonna choose to seethe about them too by making the conscious decision to see what they're embedding?
Sure, whatever, do what you will.

>install coom shit
>see coom shit
>get triggered
people sure are retarded

Sounds based ngl


Just an observation, kind strange.

coom threads shouldn't be here period

*cooms at u*

why doesn't my plugin find this?

>install for specific degeneracy
>people use it for other kind of degeneracy
>shitflinging ensues
and no matter how many filters I put in, niggers are going to nig


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Posting best girl

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Sexy with Rosa and Hilda and Iris and Skyla and Hilda's mom

>baaaw i same some porn
dont you have to go to church or go to play bingo grandpa?

Mods and jannies love coomer threads because they keep everyone distracted from what leftists are doing to vidya and everything else they touch

>>install for specific degeneracy
You installed for the wrong reason.

Hilda is good but I prefer hex

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Is this the Robutts threads?

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mods delete third eye cp thread

the fuck am I looking at? is this the power of autism at work

Why yes i do participate in my neighborhoods community, of which i own a house in, with my wife and children.

How about you?

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Hilda best pokegirl
B&w best gen
All other answers are cope and seethe

>wanting a remake after orass and bdsm

Pedos in denial as usual.

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>Hilda best pokegirl
Hahahah no
Not even best in her own region

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What's the difference?


>ironic pedophile

>install for specific degeneracy
>don't contribute
>in turn, people that share your degeneracy don't contribute
>people post degeneracy you don't like
>other people that are into that degeneracy you don't like post more degeneracy you don't like
you brought it upon yourself, either post more or shut up

based bleacher

It's the only reason to install it.

Where's the cp?

That enbed shit is killing this board.

>defends BBC
you are part of the problem, hypocrite

i'm not defending it, i'm calling you out on not defending your own preferences and complaining the world doesn't cater to you

Insanie how people will accept all sorts of monsters and beasts fucking the fictional whore, but a dark skin male(not even african) fucking her makes them seethe relentlessly.

>complaining the world doesn't cater to you
it's ok, I understand you like nigger dick

How would the remake work since it's the only gen with actual sequels? Do they just retcon/forsake everything BW2?

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Cope, blacked is Yea Forums culture

yes and?
Or are you trying to argue they are above monsters and beasts? lmao

It is a burgerchode meme, only their mutt braincells care about it.

Those are the original images.

If they're no different, why care?

they're below

I take no real issue with interracial shit
its "blacked" thats annoying and unappealing. Anything that leans real hard into the interracial aspect is just so unappealing in every way. It plays so hard into stereotypes and photoshopping shitty tattoos onto people its awful.
If it just happens to be interracial shit, I couldn't care less. Blacked is fucking lowest tier garbage.


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I dont see it

I hate Raceplay shit, too. But anons even sperg out over dark skin faceless males in hentai/doujins. Which is weird, because I don't think a good majority of the people here are white to begin with.

because i go full kkk mode when im horny

This, why can't they just call it interracial porn?


it's our time

Because it already is, and its nothing special. Thats actually whats so hilarious to me about it. To everyone else its normal, except when the mix is black with anything

couldn't have anything to do with WE'RE ON A FUCKING VIDEO GAME BOARD

Yeah? Complain about that to the porn spammers, not me.

>owning a house
bitch i own 5, not to mention 3 bussines i have,
wife? bitch please, i been married for 15 years

Lol post blacked