Why is King Biden giving Ukraine $400 billions dollars per day while forcing Americans to pay $4000 per gallon for gas?

Why is King Biden giving Ukraine $400 billions dollars per day while forcing Americans to pay $4000 per gallon for gas?

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inflated fuel prices were caused by Putin

Thanks, putin.

Theyve been going up way before russias war, but you knew that. Any excuse to defend your demented king.

>Theyve been going up way before russias war
Indeed, they were already going up before the last presidential election.

America isn't 'giving' Ukraine anything. America is buying products from American corporations and after taking away the taxes, profits, wages, transport, etc. etc. then Ukraine gets the rest.

Gas companies set gas prices OP.
No kings in the US, billionaires will get theirs.
He's giving money to Ukraine to stop your Russian bosses OP.

he aint, oh and incase you forgot Trump lost lol!

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Putin could end this travesty by surrendering to Ukraine but he keeps the war going despite losing so badly

They were at record lows before the election. Are you done exposing yourself as a shill or have you not hit your quota yet?

And how is the government paying for that?

>They were at record lows before the election
And then they started going up before the election. Stay mad, Vlad.

What exactly are they trying to stop? Do you even know or do you just go along with cnns opinion on the matter?

because he thought it was israel

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Yeah, that money should be going to Israel!

why do countries have hard ons for 'oh my gerdd immigrints, populace please open your pockets and your doors, homeless... stay homeless on the cold streets. these poor anus.

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>implying ukraine isnt the new israel

Sure, in the US we believe in sovereign nations, especially white Christian ones. They get to rule themselves, iron age dictators aren't appreciated when they roll in and kill people for shits n' giggles.

>record lows

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Oh is that it? Yet we gladly do business with countries like china and saudi arabia, while making nuclear deals with iran. Those arent part of the leftist narrartive though so people like you ignore it.

You need to be 18 to post here

Lol russia

Lol your life

In that case, we'll see you when you're old enough.

Monarchs are not elected.

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>No u
Mommy wants her phone back by the way. She needs it to contact Tyrone tonight.

Yeah leftists are against that lol

I'd shoot that guy on sight. I'm white
he was screaming, and had a knife ok good night.
I'll be home before its dark.

My ass theyre against it. If anything the left loves China and Arabs who hate America

Why did Obersturmführer Trump cut his own taxes and the taxes of billionaires and leave you to make up the difference?

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>the left
Do you know even the first fucking thing abouit people you so proudly hate?

God if stupid was money the Republican party would be run by billionaires.

When did that happen? During one of your weekly gang bangs in the basement of your favorite bath house?

Yes, i know your team loves china and anyone who openly hates america. Your people dont even bother to hide it anymore. If it were up to the left America would turn into China overnight

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Dumb fag

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Money laundering and payoffs

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Not an argument

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They're ALL crooks. Don't let yourself be fooled by the false dichotomy.

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>$400 billions dollars per day

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Who cares? Fuck shitskins

Biden shouldn't have canceled the pipeline he knew this was coming. Him, his crackhead son and his oil executive friends and laughing at us right now.

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China invaded Tibet..there are genocides going on all around the world...you're a retard..go watch some more news

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>King Biden
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Ukraine is New Israel.
Old Israel no longer Israel once Netanyahu fired.

Why is princess Putin giving Ukraine more bodies to enrich the earth with? Does he hate Russian crops? Is he really that sad of a bitch about the Moskva?

Protip. We don't give a fuck about your land, as long as you stay the shit out of others.

You got baited by the shittiest bait I've ever seen, do you know how idiotic you sound?

>We don't give a fuck about your land, as long as you stay the shit out of others.
I bet youre too dumb to see the irony of this sentence

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