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Who's diapered this evening? I'm currently in a dirty dinorawr I wore to work today.

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Not today, but mommy made me cum in one on Monday, so that's my fun for the week

Need to change it but think I may mess it first.

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Hey same here my mommy woke up early and played with my peepee in my diaper was really nice.

From this morning

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is the despair stronger for (You)?

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Got some megamaxes arriving in the next few days. Im very excited to try them


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I'm not a trans girl, I just need my diapers

Fucked a trans girl in a diaper before. Apparently a lot are in to diapers.

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when you've actually gone through with the "mutilating your body" fetish, diapers are a drop in the bucket beside that

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How to wear 24/7? I don't seem to be able to wear for more than a few hours at a time. Thoughts?

i figure that similar kinds of people tend to get into diapers, want to be women and take japanese cartoons way too seriously.
maybe it's an autismo thing.

what's preventing you from keeping them on longer?

>want to be women
I dont but I love dressing like a little girl

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>mutilating your body
this meme needs to stop

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omg imagine wearing these

it is mutilation, its perfectly healthy tissue and organs damaged ENTIRELY for cosmetic purposes, its no different than body modders.

would you like to magically be a little girl during a sexual fantasy (not to be confused with wanting to be female 4 life), or is the thought of being merely dressed like one enough?

>shitting on the USA every time you pad up
yeah, imagine

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Lack of self control. I'm a coomer...

Little kings is the closest thing

in that case you change and put a new one on after jerking even if you lost interest.
if not, 24/7 isn't for you.
that's fine too.

>the thought of being merely dressed like one enough?

this. It's about the process of infantilization, of me as an adult.

>Being triggered by symbolism
Yeah imagine

I was supposed to go wear today, but I had a sore stomach when I woke up and had to poop before I could leave, so I had to push it off till tomorrow :(

I want to become the loli and mess my diaper

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I ended up wearing to work today wasn't going to but I said fuck it and grabbed a fresh diaper and left in my night diaper lol.

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Gotta pick up a jar of hash them I can shower and get in my night diaper. Wish this guy would hurry up lol

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Please leave.

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Checked and they're both because of autism

LOL glad I'm just a diaper boy and not a tranny

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You might be more socially acceptable, but at the end of the day, autism is still autism. Now get back to infodumping about trains

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I'm the only autist I know who's successful so I don't mind I've done well for myself thanks to my autism

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Is it bad I want to?

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Who is she?

No clue someone posted it the other day and I can't resist a saggy goodnite

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Neither can I :3

No, they're pretty cute. It's only natural a big baby would want that

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My wife will wear them sometimes but she pisses so much she leaks them every time.

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