Is weed for normies now? Everybody smokes or eats it. It feels like its more normal to smoke weed than it is to drink...

Is weed for normies now? Everybody smokes or eats it. It feels like its more normal to smoke weed than it is to drink. What happened?

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I noticed at least ten years ago that it was more common to smell weed smoke in cars and public parks than tobacco. So I guess it is sort of normal now but many people still face drug testing for jobs and anti-weed employment discrimination must end. In answer to OPs question I still think drinking is more popular especially with older people. Many people dont like the effects of THC but most people like alcohol.

Here in NY they can't drug test you for weed anymore. Now everybody smokes, vapes, or eats it. I can't tell you how many people I've met who regularly get baked yet still remain employed in well paying jobs. Even I don't get drug tested anymore ever since getting my first office job. Weird how I needed to be tested to be a cashier in college but a software developer? Nah. No need to test at all!

I thought all software guys were pretty much pot heads?

Well if you're stable enough to do a good job at software developing, who gives a shit if you smoke weed on your off time? You've clearly managed to limit your intake to a level where you are functional.
I'd argue the same if you could maintain a cashier job, but then again I've seen a bunch of potheads screw up at doing retail work because they had no sense of delayed gratification.

Can confirm. Been smoking ever since they legalized it in NY and I make six figures at a professional job. Can’t believe I didn’t smoke earlier honestly.

Continue to alter your thinking faculties goy!
Don't actually evaluate your reality!


It's almost like the war on pot was useless. Sure keep the other drugs illegal please but pot? Nah everyone over 18 should be allowed to have it. Pot use does not make bad workers

That weed is too leafy

its like cigarettes now

Nice trips

Definitely similar but I don't think I see used in public as much and it's legal in my country.

It's legal in a lot of states now or at least decriminalized

Absolutely hate that bullshit. It makes people retarded. Saw it with my own eyes. It seriously fucks with their cognitive abilities and impacts, what is essentialy, IQ. (aka they can't really grasp concepts at all or fast enough anymore). Ok, maybe they weren't genuises in the first place... But being seriously dumb is bad.
TL;DR: We're not. I will never smoke that shit.
t. software engineer

Oregon is a trip $60 top shelf ounce or 100mg edible $18.

Why does this bother you so much as those in software are regarded as intelligent? Does it matter if they also have the label of being potheads too?

Weed is low iq bs.
I drink beer and white claw.
I get drug tested for my job and also weed doesn't get me laid and with that I mean I only lower my standards to a level where my looks and the looks of the woman are equivalent when I'm drunk.

>Here in NY they can't drug test you for weed anymore
stop right there you new yahk piece of shit i will walk up in your bitch ass hood and pop yo tires nigger

It used to be good in the 90s until the government fucked it all up.

Yes people do. It has to be a safety sensitive job. You sit at a desk like a faggot all day.

anyone else here loves sativa hyperstimulation

Its basically meth now.

yeah its almost as if people got tired of getting hangovers. alcohol is for brainlets, weed is patrician

Where I live it seems most people were already doing it but only started to admit it when it was legalized.

Because they aren't. I work in IT, quite obviously, duh. Long story short, nobody in our small office smokes it. Also, it obviously depends on the amount, the stage of the addiction, and so on. If one is just smoking it every now and again and in low quantities, like whatever. One could barely even notice the stench. But people never stop at casual hits in the parking lot once a week or a month. It is a downhill spiral, because, breaking news, it is a fucking drug. And once people start going down that pass, it is not pretty. I've seen it before.
TL;DR: They ruin their lives. They are not

You sound like a fucking try hard, busy body.

Shut the fuck up you fucking Dunning-Kruger ass faggot.

WTF you talking about? It's weed. How many times did you get stuffed in a locker in high school? You're probably still getting picked on as a fast food worker.

tryhard or not, my life doesn't revolve around smoking weed. Am capable of conversing with other people for hours without ever mentioning drugs, let alone weed. Have you seen a pothead? Weed is all they know anymore. Fuck those animals, seriously. Sincerely.

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you don't even know what it means, you illiterate imbecile. Thanks for proving my point for me btw, dumb pothead.

The answer is yes. Even my gf's extremely right wing dad doesn't give a fuck we do it so long as it's not in his face, and it's not even legal here lmao

Bro, sativa gets me spun the fuck up. Its way stronger than 20 years ago.

Well the number of tobacco smokers has declined over the years. Even people who smoke tobacco smoke less.

Ive seen many pot heads. Are you a narcissist or something? Let people enjoy things. Lmao.

I make more in one month than you do in 9 guaranteed lmao

Nice argument there, user. Plenty of facts. I don't even know how to respond to such a great amount of useful information.

Yes i do and you act exactly like a typical Dunning-Kruger fag.
Fyi i stopped smoking weed last year so here goes your ad hominem you stupid sheltered retard.
You’re not as smart as you think you are so stick your head out of your ass and stop acting like a narcissistic and pretentious know it all you dumb fuck.

So did I. Do you know who else I saw? Cocaine addicts, tobacco addicts, alcoholics. They're not really that different in regards to their animalistic drug addict behaviors.

You make 85k a month? Nice.

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>Fyi i stopped smoking weed last year

Ok. Lets stop right there. A cokehead is way worse than a pot head. Are you even trying to troll anymore?

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Employees are super concerned about workplace accidents, stealing, and loss of productivity.

The trouble is your normal pee test does not test if you are high, just if you have been getting high.

I'm not saying one is better than the other. I'm saying, that whatever substance is starting to take control over the life of a human being, it is bad. And it sucks.

I smoked a bowl and failed a piss test for 7 days. SEVEN days.

>They're not really that different in regards to their animalistic drug addict behaviors.

Yes, you did. All of these are not like the other.

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After having smoked for over 14 years(over an Oz/week) i started getting tired of it. Would sap my energy and it damaged my teeth and it turned out to be a huge waste of money to keep up the habit. I’d rather do acid once a week.

It had its charm for a while and i’ve overdone it to the point where i just got tired of it basically.

Be a rebel, stick it up your ass.

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>weed is patrician

They're exactly the same as far as the addiction goes. People have all the same bullshit excuses like:
>but I like doing it
>I can quit anytime and never do x again
And so on.

No, they aren't. Do you know anything about substance abuse, like anything at all?

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Yes, I know, that you
>can quit it at anytime you want
But you never do. Gee, I wonder why.

Just stop giving him attention. Guy is obviously a fucking retard or a bad troll.
You can’t be that “intelligent” and making the stupid illogical claims he is pulling out of his ass. Dumbass sounds like D.A.R.E soccer mom.

>ew user
>you DRINK?!

>I noticed at least ten years ago that it was more common to smell weed smoke in cars and public parks than tobacco
cuz tobacco has been demonized by the govt for a while now.
yeah its bad for you, but the greedy fucks raising taxes on it to the point that it's $60 for a pack of cigs.
its no wonder people are switching to weed when a typical "one hitter before bed" kind of smoker can make an ounce of dank last 1~3 months

with alcohol the same shit's happening which is why so many people are switching to homebrew.
i remember in the mid-00s homebrew was still a new and obscure hobby
now everyone fucking does it cuz same thing.
its easier and cheaper to just buy a $9 can of Cooper's ale mix that makes 6 gallons of beer instead of paying $30 for a 15pack of shitty cans

Yeah, I'm not the biggest indica fan. A good Sativa or a strong Hybrid is my go to. I've been smoking for 48 years. I got into the PA medical marijuana program 3 years ago. This shit they sell is killer weed compared to the shit I smoked in the late 70's early 80's. Not to mention the containers they sell it in are great to start your your own plants.

yep, thats why places have been giving up on testing
US military, CIA etc have been trying to get more IT guys to help them with cyberpolice shit and cyberwarfare shit for decades now but no-one wants the job because the people who are usually skilled in IT/hacking shit are usually stoners

I smoke like two hits off my bat, and I go work out. Best pre workout on the planet.

>over an Oz/week
>fucking $1500/month habit (based on my local prices)
i dont get how people can waste weed this much
shit's fucking expensive, even if you get a good deal on it or have a friend hooking you up.
and even if you grew it yourself, you'd need a shitload of plants to maintain a habit like that

Because you can smoke unlimited amounts of weed and never get any disease from it. It will only be good for you. But alcohol drinking leads to things like liver failure and other bad health benefits. So why would people still wanna drink alcohol when they can smoke weed and have 10x more fun being high than drunk

Lol only faggot boomers really cared about it. You can buy legal edibles at cbd shops in every state except a handful of the gay ones too if the thc was derived from hemp. It has made it much more mainstream lately

read this

I live in Canada my man, we have online MoMs that has top knotch weed with the stupidest prices(i’m talking about 69-99$/oz for the cheapest/on sale shit) so it’s easy to go overboard when you can get your hands on it.
I never had the means to grow and i never really minded buying given the prices that i’d pay for.

I live in Georgia, and I can get 4 ounces of dank for 600. Maybe everyone just hates you.

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>Everybody smokes or eats it.
are you retarded or just an american?
there are literally billions of people who have never done weed or ever will or give a shit about it.

Its more main stream, but you can still get fired gor failing tue drug test of a legal product. Thats pretty fucked up.

I doubt it. Even if you take the THC out of the picture, smoking anything is not good for your lungs.

Moderation, tolerance breaks, and edibles are the way to go.