Only in libtard land can Democrats force millions out of work by shutting down their States...

Only in libtard land can Democrats force millions out of work by shutting down their States, then reopen them to allow people to go back to work and claim they created 7.9 million jobs.

Only in libtard land...

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Not quaranting from the pandemic has done so well in other countries.

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Politicians are all scum... republicans even more so

>800,000 people, mostly suffering with 2 or comorbilities, dead in 2yrs.

Shut everything down!
Put 250m+ people in financial ruin Highest suicide rates on record
Highest domestic abuse on record
Drug addiction increases

All for 800,000 people in 2 yrs. Man, we dodged that bullet. COVID almost wiped out the human race.

My income isn't keeping up with inflation and I no longer can afford a home in my area of employment. Fuck this old deluded faggot so hard the ice cream comes back out of his eyeballs.

Taking credit for everything good and passing the blame onto someone else for everything bad. That's a sign of a bad president. He's even worse than Trump


Ikr, totally irrational of us not to take precautions going into something we're completely unfamiliar with or its long term ramifications. fucking stupid am i right? lets not interrupt our fucking bread and circus here, might hurt our stock markets fee fees. jc fucking illiterate mouth breathers

Remainder: the Orange Retard botched the pandemic response AND was the first president to leave office with less jobs than whe got in. 6 millions less

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Florida man will save us all from the trannies.

fuck off to /pol/ ivan

orange man bad
Florida man good
trannies die sad

why bro?

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Automatic autistic response triggered in less than 4 minutes

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Took all the precautions and still had the Highest deaths.

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More people died under Biden and he had the vaccine

nigger, that was over literally two full years ago

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>Failed to do precautions and had twice the deaths of Germany

Numbers inflated?

Me thinks so...

Car accident = COVID death

Remember me what party was no vax and took horse dewormer instead?

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Except half of you fucking morons didn't actually follow the advice, leading to our numba wun position

Who let two new variants into the county?

If everything was shut down, what were they doing?

Yead. DeadSantis did such a good job, uh?

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Not the point, retard.

nah man, we didn't "take all the precautions". thats our shit healthcare system compounded by our "fuck you i do what i want" society. again, we didn't know what we were getting in to going in to this. what if this had legit been a foreign weapon? fucking idiocy all around. honestly wished it had killed more to eliminate more dumbasses

maybe if you'd put on a god-damn mask we wouldn't have had to shut shit down?

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Actually, the state with the strictest rules had the highest deaths.

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* elect replacement for orange man
* more dumbasses die from preventable illness
* orange man good, its replacements fault

Don't forget when they killed full time workers because of the affordable care act.

All job increases and wage gains are erased by inflation. People are worse off now than they were a few years ago. But they will keep voting Democrat expecting different results.

"let it in" like its some fucking gated turnstyle you fucking morlock? hows that working out for shanghai right now genius?

Big ‘ol oof.
>is not taking precautions going into something we’re totally unfamiliar with
That’s precisely why I didn’t take the vaccine. Yet they were peddling it like crazy. And before you tell me “we have some idea about covid vaccines and their safety” then you should be able to use a similar argument for having an idea about covid in the first place.

>can’t greentext
Holy shit. Is it summer already??

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Apparently it works that way for Trump

what is the point then genius? blue man bad orange man good?

Remember when Herman Cain died because he went to trump's plague rally?

sTaTe WiTh HiGhEsT pOpUlAtIoN dEnSiTy HaD mOrE dEaThS tHeReFoRe PrEcAuTiOnS bAd

>Countrywide shutdown
>Still 800,000 dead

Gee, I wonder if doing nothing would have led to significantly more deaths?

“If it doesn’t effect me, I don’t care” is truly the republican ethos.

> : (

None of those deaths would have happened if they only wore the mask they were forced to wear.

lol you dumb bitch. go make a chart of s&p500 vs gold. this shit hasn't changed in 50yr. money printer goes brrrrrrrr

Florida stayed open, California shut down

"took all the precautions"
never said anything about the vax, just about being wary of wtf we were going into and staying close to home till shit panned out. meanwhile MaSkS aRe TyRaNnY

Read the OP you fucking idiot. Pretending to be responsible for "creating jobs" when those jobs were just on hold because of a pandemic is fucking retarded. That's the point. Are you dumb?

I somewhat agree with you but this was in response to the "strict rules = highest deaths" comment. I do think a lot of unnecessary deaths occurrred due to "fuck you do what i want" behaviour. but thats what humans do

riiight, i'm sure the data we're looking at are totally legit

Keep wearing them so that when shit hits the fan I'll know who to shoot 1st.

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trying to pass off the Trumpandemic to someone else I see. Figures The traitor has always been too small of a man to take responsibility for anything

Trump tried to close borders to people coming in from the fucking source of the pandemic. Democrats called him racist for doing so and encouraged people to go on parades. But yeah, sure, it's always Trump's fault.

ImMa GoNnA aSho0t pPl wEaRiNg dA mAsK

You ill rape and drown.....

riiiiight lol, the border was totally the floodgates of rona. if only or those pesky dems

nah dude, you're going to chimp out on some helpless single mom and get pin cushioned by local pd while wearing "back the blue" attire. meanwhile no one will give af while its aired on local news


Did you even look at what you linked?

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again, per capita / density coupled with bs florida reporting. not just total numbers

>again, per capita / density

You idiots blame Florida while ignoring that all the States have pretty much same per capita. So lock downs did absolutely shit but destroy the economy

>all the States have pretty much same per capita
"all the States have pretty much same per capita" loool

>eCoNomY hAs cReaTeD jObs
uh, in english please you fucking brain dead autisic fucking normie faggot. our govornment is funding projects that require labor you fucking nigger shove your gay society up ur fucking rectum faggot fuck your country

fucking socialist niggers eat shit you fucking 2 digit iq

I want civil war so badly. There is no way we can live with eachother anymore. This will never end until it's stopped with force.