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nah not really~ ;P

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Attached: 1651087478.fumiko_fullcolour_sketch_krey_fa.png (1087x1280, 1.88M)


Attached: 1649526808101.jpg (1000x1611, 1.04M)


Attached: FQAttBMXwAA1bz_.jpg (1934x2723, 399.27K)

got ya

Attached: 1645007708726.jpg (1000x800, 375K)

im in here now

Attached: 1586878537415.jpg (1021x1280, 178.85K)

Hi Nuu! How's you?

Attached: d73fd9ad3eaa53930cdbf90c6eb9b423.jpg (2000x1428, 658.42K)

am doing good
playing escape from scav-cov
how u

Attached: 1586880977825.jpg (1065x1280, 84.33K)

hi nuu

Attached: 1630173465903.jpg (3000x2200, 344.53K)

That mean pre wipe events are going on?
How is marx going to cope with losing his inventory soon
I'm good, yuken is trying to repair a laptop and I'm just kinda doing whatever right now

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Attached: FP69coNaQAAsmBR.jpg (930x1199, 115K)

gay porn

Attached: ok294.jpg (900x1200, 693.28K)

Attached: 1552528509.pig_3_s.png (1111x1135, 1.3M)

1/2 of that part is a sin

heddo borbo
marx is sitting pretty he stockpiled a lotta shit into his stash so hes basically like nothing happened to him >_>
but it looks like scav timer is down to like 5 mins
but yeah 0 traders except fence and no flea
were back to the bad ol days!
also go nuzzle yuk while he tries to fix!

Attached: 1554319341788.png (927x1280, 589.42K)

yip! ;P

Attached: 92827748539bd45de58071fd00aa9619.jpg (850x1275, 131.43K)

heya nuu!!
how are you cutie?

Attached: b2bb9db00d560c35f2c2693cdc0a212e.png (1280x1073, 1.43M)

Attached: FROCH44XoAE78FF.png (755x752, 942.27K)


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how is you
am doing good
and gae
and lewd!
so the usual!
hoi cm
gay chirps

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birbs are straight

Attached: 0aaccf923fd03a526bbe5f5273195dbb.png (1437x1875, 1.3M)


cute and hot~
I am doing good finally trying to be social again!~
Gonna start gaming with y'all again if you want~
I am also gae and lewd like normal

Attached: ZigjmWqgPZA1iyyN04l6Lc0XA0VgRvI5yRuYM9r0YS0.png (960x720, 333.4K)

chirp, nice ass and balls

Attached: 1645815180979.jpg (1280x946, 126.94K)

not u
oohhh more gae-ming
sounds goods
also social is good its important to hang with the bois

Attached: 1553643168116.jpg (863x857, 56.85K)

Yes they are
And u are gay

Attached: 1651095184248.jpg (3184x4552, 1.66M)


Attached: 5623e560c1508c0b052d7e7ea3754098.jpg (1196x1725, 1.41M)

thanks come claim

I want to start joining the chat more often whenever I can
and yes gayming is needed
game with plugs in yes?

Attached: 1636068472462.jpg (2400x1563, 1.55M)

would do if you live closer

Attached: 1650128700536.jpg (850x687, 100.6K)

sad it won't come true then

Attached: 1642150600618.jpg (850x1045, 138.3K)

I'm so sorry hun

Attached: indeks.jpg (300x168, 5.67K)

Attached: 625c6950e348a1a6279119b2d40ef835.jpg (532x800, 52.21K)

no sorry its fine
just means I will post butt when drunk again

Attached: 68c8f7cf1ce8159113912de6395c321d.jpg (850x887, 96.15K)

owooow so cute T_T

go on

Attached: 0cbdbd55ac76108b6d4f4f4c91476f0b.jpg (905x1280, 135.73K)

Attached: FRYJ9-dWUAApujf.jpg (1616x3072, 328.11K)

and im constantly working on my butt to get it looking better.

Attached: 1627674984137.png (1220x911, 1.6M)

just remember to shave it

Attached: 1636560548567.jpg (1562x2050, 1.4M)

I don't like having body hair in general so

Attached: 1636412679807.jpg (1280x905, 185.98K)

Attached: FRFYtwNWQAccwZX.jpg (1600x914, 171.5K)

hot, I'm going for a run with doggo

Attached: 1649523250302.png (1400x912, 951.57K)

have fun its snowing here agian so no run for me

Attached: 1627675060046.jpg (804x993, 117.17K)


Attached: FPNMa3qWQAAbshr.jpg (1078x1072, 143.87K)

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ush its v important to talks and hang out no lonlies!
hmmm what kinda plug XD

Attached: 1550700356138.jpg (871x1280, 139.6K)

totally not a lewd plug!
and yea I want to get back on and play games with y'all again whenever time is available

Attached: 45c651b42fe386727e69a22969b7f61d.jpg (850x1275, 133.53K)

Attached: 1575334866.png (1280x732, 599.95K)

Attached: bb56f66fad298b2ec4e0cb6dcb698da2.jpg (850x657, 119.51K)

Attached: FPWHbjZXoAUCpcw.jpg (2000x2000, 167.39K)

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Attached: 1628096991214.jpg (1440x1680, 1.02M)

me toos

Attached: E05doMfUUAEhWWI.jpg (1200x1250, 122.27K)

I have to bed soon but starting tomorrow im gonna start cracking down on drawing again.

Attached: 1630674529414.jpg (640x452, 40.81K)

sames i gotta sleeebs soon
i really wanna draw something but i don't have the effort in me to do it

Attached: 1556928505732.jpg (1280x798, 115.7K)

we should work together
me being a shitty artists vs you a decent artist
we both get a topic and take a day to draw
I'm honestly just spit balling right now

Attached: 2b348427bcfafea0a1faca456c4cbff7.jpg (800x578, 111.58K)

Attached: 1629842979018.png (1150x890, 808.4K)

all done worko very sleeby

Attached: 1642470672311.png (667x930, 1.25M)

time for snugs?

Attached: 1629154140918.jpg (1280x886, 116.02K)

i would love nibi snuggs rn. i just took antibiotics they making me nauseated

Attached: 1637714954060.png (1600x1500, 1.32M)

I am sorry, I hopes you and nibi can grab each other and snuggle soon!

Attached: 1630644307060.jpg (850x520, 107.14K)

thanks foxy

Attached: 1629344179703.jpg (765x900, 112.56K)