Wholesome Yea Forums thread. begin

wholesome Yea Forums thread. begin.

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Some random medieval peasant


Tough question. My first decision would be if it would be a loved one or someone famous or notable. For a loved one, maybe my grandpa who passed on awhile ago. But it would literally break my heart after that hour was done and I had to say goodbye again, ngl.

As for someone famous, maybe a famous comedian long past: John Ritter comes to mind, it would be a great time

But a personal hero or mentor, sadly no one comes to mind that would be worthy enough and good enough of a fit for me that they could help me in some profound way with my life.

Someone dead


Richard Feynman likely

the gentle giant

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My grandmother. I would like to know what would she think about the things I acomplished in life.
I miss her deeply. And I have so much to tell her...

Carl Jung

Charles Manson

based, although not sure what more you'd get other than listening to his interviews and lectures... he'd probably wax philosophical at how he lost his love at such a young age.

My father

My daughter. She passed away two years tomorrow.

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One of my king ancestors borgia right now and show him a poutine

Thomas Jefferson.
I want to see just how passed off he'd be with what burge4s have let their country become.

He'd be organizing a militia on /k/ before the hour was up

A wholesome Christian girl named Marina Hantzis

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bra, I was not expecting a response to make me cry, yet here we are, so sorry

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I also would choose this guys daughter.

unironically Hitler. I wanna find out the truth


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1. I would talk to myself. That sounds arrogant but it would probably be a really weird experience.



rando mohawk indian 3000bc

Going to trigger the shit out of /b but probably one of hiro, musk or motzart (if time traveling).

>I would talk to myself
Doesn't sound arrogant. I think if anything its humbling. One could learn a lot about oneself by being able to do something like that and could improve because of it.

Bas Rutten

Assuming there's no language barrier, Franz Schubert, no question.

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The person who made pic. Ask them why it was made in China. No where near any known large population centers in China's history.

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Tomorrow is the birthday of the love of my life.
She died in 2013.

I wish I could talk to her one more time. I want to hear what she thinks about my decisions until now. I want to tell her I love her forever. I want to tell her how much I miss her.

Donald Trump. Dead.

but you don't speak german and you are not allowed to have an interpreter. I can't imagine that going well, and he'd probably tell you to fuck off in German.

Your mom, faggot.

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My dead self so i can know my future and go easy mode

Some things are better left unknown user.

Unironically, Adolf Hitler.

I'd like to hear his side of the story which I suspect is far different than is taught in history books.


I'm sorry for your loss, user.
Came here to say this.
We would probably drink beer and exchange bad jokes.

whoever created this goddamn hell so i can shit straight in his fucking mouth.

If i'll die drowning in a cum pool i'll do whatever is necessary to avoid it


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This. I still have a lot of questions. It was too sudden.

Fuck people, I want an hour with all my childhood pets.
I need them to know how much I miss them.

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Nelson Mandela

You need to realize that the death you avoid, may lead to one that's worse. Avoid drowning in cum, but fall in a pit of nigger shit and choke to death.

You're right
But what if i simply shoot myself 20 minutes before the first nigger starts shitting in the pit?
I can also win some bets and get rich


fuck, that's the most wholesome reply ever.

Bruce Lee

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I had gerbils and hedgehogs and a dog and two cats (between the age of 8 and 18)

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Sam kinnison because at least I'd be laughing my ass off

The nigger shit pit is already full. You don't know it's there and fall into it after tripping on a dildo some reddit tranny lost after it fell out of "her" pocket while walking down the street. Seriously, some real Final Destination shit.

>I had gerbils
Until they died in your colon after being "sexually curious" after a child and wondering what else could be done with those little plastic tube maze things

So there is no way out
Either a cum pool or a nignog poo pit
Now i want to live my life more, to know how i'll go from neet to meme drown corpse
I'll wait for the liveleak logo behind me

my gf

Sorry for your loss, user.

My great great grandfather. I love to hear his stories about coming to America

Betty White

No one. I rather just sit there and take in the beauty of what around me.

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