Why do /pol/cels think that petty contrarianism makes them seem smart?

Why do /pol/cels think that petty contrarianism makes them seem smart?

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It's just mob mentality turned upside down

because they were raped as children


no :^)

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Go back and ask them

Its usually teenagers who are habitual contrarians. Some of that is due to teenagers begining to question what's around them but an awful lot of it is due to insecurities. "I'm not the idiot. THEY are the idiot. Stupid sheep"

Good goy. Keep reminding your fellow goyim of Jewish power and superiority. Such a good goy. Doing our work for us.

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Trump is gone
Please shut up bout him
Biden is president now

>"jews love being exposed!"
LMAO, seething

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>Still doing our work for free.
Such a good little goy slave.

Israel thrives on anti-Semitism. You are the useful idiot of the Zionists.

Islam will rule israel

>"if you defeat your enemies, they win!"

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>Trump is gone
Until he runs again, and then you will, again, pretend he's not a Zionist stooge and shill for him.

I'm a mossad agent fucking up westerners mind
no bullets almost 200 kills
oh the goyin jimmies so sweet

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Muslims can't even rule their own countries.
Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?

>t. Seething goy
You might as well kill yourself, goy, it's over for you. We won. We will always win. We are God's chosen. You will always lose, just like Hitler did. Seethe goytranny.

thank you for culling the weak

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The same reason your dog comes running when ever you call it's name. It's all about that dopamine

Contrarian are proven right just often enough to keep coming back for more, forever chasing the sensation of having believed something before somebody else

It's simply attention seeking behaviour that is occasionally rewarded and therefore it is repeated.

That why you're getting minimum wage shilling on the armpit of the internet?

And most people on Yea Forums are edgy teens..
When I was a teenager liberals were more counter mainstream and counter culture and into all the conspiracies, and Yea Forums was way more liberal.
Teenagers run the dialogue here, and trolls exploit it. There are definitely interests here and money spent trying really hard to hardline them too.
Way less.likely someone will change sides and stop listening to conspiracies if they spent their defining developmental years being told "well, everyone knows if you think minimum wage should have kept pace with inflation, you're a raging tranny"

LOL This goy keeps spreading the message of Jewish power and superiority, FOR FREE. Just as we want. HAHAHAHAH

Islam is the future

Prove it, goytranny. You can't, and you will never be a woman.

I'm Jewish

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>Prove it
You literally said you were Jewish LMAOOOOOOOO

>Sandniggers who've been killing each other for thousands of years is the future!
Cope harder. The only ones who've dominated the middle east are Jews. We always win. Seethe, mudslime.

Fake meme, goy boy. Cope harder. Imagine being beaten down so badly by Jews that you claim to be Jewish HAHAHAHAH it's over just end it like hitler did

Jew here spreading my Jewish propaganda. Jews love to be exposed like this.

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I am, and you are a man. Kill yourself, tranny.

They're like almost never proven right.
Winning at the casino because I bet it all on black didn't mean it was a wise decision or that there is a 70% chance of hitting black because I said so.
It's just something *affirming* comes out. It's a called chaotic reinforcement or something? I can't remember it's along those lines.
Where stupid thinking can be affirmed and smart thinking can be discouraged due alone to the random nature of the universe. It doesn't mean they're correct it means they had a stupid idea and something happened that WOULD happen if they were right. That's not proving right.

>thread seething about /pol/
>its full of self admitted jews

doing a big think................

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Poor little goy has to do this because he knows he lost. It's so pathetic. Just end your life, goy. Cope posting on some shitty forum isn't going to do anything. We will always rule over you. LOL


might is right even for israelites

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More Jew-pills you say?
Ok, you're the boss :^)

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> Dominated
You exist because we arrived in your dirty shithole and snatched you from the jaws of some other lesser animal

Like children playing you proclaim yourself King of the sand box

Here is your order of Jew-pills, sir!

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>Still reminding everyone that Jews rule your nation

>*ding* *ding*

Order up!

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hot and fresh!

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Did somebody order a serving of Jew-pills?

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>Administration for presidency is mostly Jewish
>Still reminding everyone that Jews rule your nation and of Jewish power and superiority

Don't disagree with a word you said. The world is filled with habitual gamblers addicted to their next win, however small. Twisting the minor ups into grandiose wins to hide the mounting losses

but is it "contrarianism" user? or just another slander to put people on a wrong foot?

>he's still doing reverse-psychology like were in 3rd grade

sad tbh fam

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>sad tbh fam
A literal nigger going around telling everyone how Jews rule their nations and unironically and unintentionally spreading a message of Jewish power and superiority. A nigger with slave mentality.
Imagine my shock.

For quite awhile Arabia was a cultural, educational and scientific epicenter of the world. The Ottoman Empire fell in like the 20th century, dude.
The Muslims at their height embraced classical ideals and had a very scientific interpretation of scripture (god leaving secrets for us to discover = use scientific method).
They were the only ones who could take the untakeable city of Constantinople, which is now Istanbul, and they did it through wealth and technological superiority.

The middle East and Islam as you know it today started following the first world war. The Sauds were some insignificant hyper fundamentalist tribe who found oil.
Imagine the Westboro Baptist Church ended up rich and and running america. That's what happened.

Like learn a thing before posting. I promise you history is fascinating and life is more interesting when you learn what's going on instead of just assuming you know everything.

The question is, why do you form the exact opposite opinion that the other people around you form, in lockstep, instead of making up your own dissenting opinion that might only partially overlap?

You can disagree with one mob without agreeing with another, by forming your own more nuanced opinions on how far something actually goes.

because in general if you have any self awareness and critical thinking skills, you realize hey there are massive media companies who have such a heavy influence that they can craft the world we perceive

and if you have been paying attention for the last 15 years you realize how much you have been lied to about practically everything. so chances are that if you go against the mainstream narrative, you are actually embracing the truth.

Jews will always rule over you. Don't like i then kill yourself, goytranny

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>doubling down on reverse-psychology

very cringe

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it's not gay to drink your own cum, is it?

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You've already lost and been exposed as a literal nigger. You will always lose, niggergoy.

>tripling down on reverse-psychology


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only the stronger goyin will survive
more and more trannies kill themselves every month

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>Infinitely downing on da jooz whilst having nigger-tier intellect not understanding the consequence
Just end yourself LOL

LMAO you are MAD!!!!!

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You spastic,almost every country on the planet deports criminals after they have served their punishment

The only ones that dont are the ones that just execute them

Is it though?
Say you have a mainstream opinion. If you form your opinions based solely on the opposite of that and/or what a few pundits you agree with tell you, that's not much of a fully formed opinion.

It's YOUR interpretation of what the mainstream opinion is, and YOUR interpretation of what that opposite is. Other people will disagree with you on some things, even on your side of the debate.

There could be multiple variations on the mainstream opinion, just with some overlap. Oh, and not to mention, that if the opinion you have is held by enough people then it becomes a mainstream opinion of its own by definition.

For example. The opinion of BBC is different to the opinion of CNN, and while you might disagree with the MSM, what do you AGREE with/ And if you agree with Russia Today because you dislike the MSM, RT's still mainstream media in Russia.

Assuming it's wrong because it's mainstream is fallacious, and assuming it's wrong because it's left is the same. And forgets that shit like FOX is mainstream. There are people on the left trying to convince you they're anti establishment for money, like Russell Brand. You can get it on the right too.

Because in a democracy, the establishment always shifts.

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Why can't kike rats stop seething?

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Of course they did, half of Isis was fucking Syrian rebels who got shit off when the interest in their squabbles died off

>He still does it for free
Enjoy crying yourself to sleep later, rent free, goy boy. You lose.

>shifts from reverse-psychology to frantic damage control

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we whites are the master race, fuck non-whites

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This exactly

>"w-we l-love to be e-exposed as d-demons"

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>If you have any critical thinking skills
You literally don't. Critical thinking means rejecting everything until you've evaluates the sourced and your own biases on the matter and arrived at the best answer.

Ironically saying "if you go against the mainstream media you're probably right" is as far from critical thinking as you can get. That's a huge bias and logical fallacy in fact.

You're basically saying if I don't accept this one truth (arbitrarily might I add) then whichever of the millions of other truths i like best is likely correct.

Learn what a non sequitor is. That isnt a rhetorical insult. I literally mean go learn the different types of biases, logical fallacies etc. Learn them by name, understand as a human, by default, you are prone naturally to every single one of them, then ask yourself if anything you believe can actually be tagged as a logical fallacy or bias of some sort.
And 99 times out of 100, anything the counter culture people say is absolutely loaded with fallacy. All the time. "I don't know any one with COVID so it doesn't exist". There is 50 things wrong with that statement. Even you can see it. And that's all your entire side is. So much so by the time anyone says anything at all worth at least looking into, were already tired.

I challenge you. Say whatever you want to me here, but secretly, you don't even have to tell your friends, go learn the fallacies. Then apply them to conspiracy theorists.

lol, you may now go cry in the fucking corner

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