What is the best semi auto 9mm? Looking to get a nightstand gun for the home but right now I only have a .22 revolver

what is the best semi auto 9mm? Looking to get a nightstand gun for the home but right now I only have a .22 revolver.

Had picrel, but had to sell it when I was broke. I really like the new S&W M&P's, but I also had a shield that I hated and could hit a house with and a .380 body guard that I could drive nails with but also sold them when broke. So, I'm not sure about the consistency of the S&W.

What is your choice or should I go basic ass .38 revolver?

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hit a house with

Glock 19. If you don't concealed carry, I think it's the best for home defense.

/k/ is probably best to ask. Unless you are planning to cum in it and shoot it up your ass then Yea Forums is correct.

Sig P365 is my daily carry. It's never malfunctioned on me and has a good capacity for something so concealable. But honestly I'd go with a .40 if it's not gonna leave your home. M&P40 with hollow points is what i keep.

Taurus G3C. G2C is also accepable but the newer model had even more improvements. For the price and even $100 more, there is nothing better.

There is nothing more reliable than a Glock 19. I don’t know why people think it’s worth debating that

I've considered Glock but have no experience with them.

Only some of the time, most of the time for defense

Never had a Sig. I really like the M&P but like I said I hated the Shield, couldn't hit shit. But I loved the bodyguard, and I'm considering another one to take on my walks (for pitbulls, not really ever been threatened by people). I wonder if it's the size. I have average sized hands but I think I'm more comfortable with smaller guns.

But mostly I'm thinking about a full size 9mm, I could go with a .40 its just that I still have like 200 rounds of 9mm sitting around doing nothing.

What's your budget?
Do you plan on carrying it?
How strong are you?
If you plan to carry it, what is your body type?
Do you like wearing jackets?


thats not what the army thinks lol
thats why they went with M92's and P365's

Sig M17.

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glock 17 or a berretta 92

Had a Taurus. I think a PT940 or something. It was a good gun but too fat in my hand.

Sigs are wonderful guns, but can run kind of pricey if you don't find a good deal. For me I shoot better with a full size because my hands sway too much with smaller/lighter guns.

Glock of course

>couldn't hit shit
hinged triggers suck dick

I like beretta but I'll never rely on one. Had an old .25 bobcat that the tip up barrel switch just broke clean in half on one day.

Italian piece of shit.

Pretty guns though.

Beretta M92 is the best 9mm fullsize.
Sig P365 is best CC

meant to say "P226", not P365

>evaluating modern Beretta by decades old super budge gun
the army picked it for a reason lol

Oh that might have been it. I also like double action, striker fire is weird to me.

Except with the P99. I could hit targets that I'd set up for my .22 Henry with my P99 and couldn't get even near fucking close with any other handgun. The P99 was great. But I don't like the new ones.

P320 in a full and carry length slide, carry grip module. 17 and 21 round mags.

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>Had a Taurus. I think a PT940 or something. It was a good gun but too fat in my hand.
They have improved since then. The G2/G3 model are much more slimmer polymer design and much more relaxing grip than the Glock.

I have a sig sp2022 9mm and have loved it. I have probably put at least 2000 rounds through it over the last 4 years and only had one jam.
That being said, get a shotgun for home defense. You will be shooting through the walls all blurry eyed, in the middle of the night and hitting people in other rooms with a handgun.

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Why wouldnt you just use the .22? You can make an intruder a brain dead retard for life, thats worse than any death

I meant to say, it was a brand new Bobcat, its just that I had it years ago. It was a factory brand new gun.

And I only had it for fun, its not like I was relying on it. But how does a solid metal piece just shear clean in half from thumb pressure? It wasn't a moving part that failed, it was the middle of the thumb switch.

Hey guys I found the retard.

One that doesn't jam and fits most comfortably in your hand. You'll have to sample to figure out what suits you most.

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Beretta is primarily a shotgun maker and a fine full-size pistol maker.
Mouse guns are not their forte.
If you need a mouse gun, get a Kel-tec.

The .22 is fine for now, I don't actually fear any intrusion or anything (but it has happened in my neighborhood), but it's old and I want to replace it with a new gun. Its not about the stopping power of a .22 because I understand in any realistic situation the second it comes out or fires, even if I don't hit what I'm shooting at, the flash and noise is going to be enough to scare off anyone but the crackest of crackheads.

holy shit this Fudd post, I cant even

Springfield Hellcat

also a nice CC sized entry.

M92 is outdated. It is less reliable, 2-3x more expensive, and weighs 50% more than a glock 19, and harder to get parts and accessories for. Literally no practical reason to buy over a glock.

>Glock meemz
Much rather have a P229.

faggots and their small dick compensators. lmao.

verification not required

My friend offered to sell me his High Point for $500, is that a good deal? Because I could get a new gun for that price.

1. Army picked it because its reliable as fuck
2. weight is a good thing for a home defense gun because it reduces recoil and you're ostensibly not carrying it very far

>lol faggots and their small di-ACK!

fucking god no. only good thing about high points are the warranty

Cz is awesome. I'd get a po1.

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Walther PPQ

Yeah, if I ever get home invaded I will just whip out my massive hog. The intruder will be so impressed that they will just leave.

CZ'a re fucking nice but i'd never trust my life to a stock CZ.
Too many trigger spring and firing pin fails

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Fuck all them pansy ass faggot pea shooters.
Smith & Wesson's 500 .50 Caliber. A mans gun.

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>Hick boomer shooter

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Wheelman, preferably .357. Is best for home Defense. You leave any automatic in a drawer for a year you'll compress the magazine spring, and it'll jam when you need it. A revolver doesn't have that problem.

pure fuddlore, compression doesn't wear out springs, usage does

This is why you shouldn't ask for gun advice from retards on Yea Forums.

you had me at
>shoot yourself with .22LR
>This will build up natural immunity defense against larger rounds

H&K VP9 or USP

Metal fatigue, dishing, look it up. Besides, a revolver is more suitable for home defense. It requires less maintenance, doesn't jam, chambers a more powerful round,, and has no safety to fumble with when it's dark and the adrenaline dump is upon you.
And don't give me any, "not enuff boolets" Meal Team 6 bullshit. This ruger holds 8 rounds of .357 magnum. That's plenty for home defense.

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you plan on running a suppressor?
Do you want to carry it?

We're living in the golden age of affordable yet extremely reliable handguns. $300-$350 gets you a quality autoloader whether it be from Canik, S&W, Arex, CZ (poly frames, obv), Ruger, list probably goes on. Glocks hold their value based on brand alone. They're good but riding on reputation

Don't be afraid of used guns either, really expands your options

Gun n00b here. Can you explain why is that?

I could only find this as best fit to explain such phenomenon:


I dont carry my VP9 its just a good 9mm pistol. Have it in my nightstand until I get a .45. I carry a M&P Shield

7/10 b8


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Do not worry about compressed springs.

Reason being?



Yeh, The NRA thinks nine year olds should have machine guns and the constitution says you can own a nuke. This is what science says:
Read that, then enroll in your nearest junior college, Downy.

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Beretta 92x

Beretta 92x compact*

the point is its beyond marginal you retard. your fucking ammo with expire before your springs ever stop working

>has tranny-tier views of the NRA
>wants you to trust him about guns