G/fur thred

g/fur thred

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Yeah, that seems fair. I won't pry about the history!

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too late im doing it!

damnit link didnt work

its early and full of fags

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Oh no the bullying commences!

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Poor Bunns ;~;

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Bully my booty. :3

The history of you and the person you don't get along with I mean. I don't wanna feel like I'm trying to get into your personal business!

Pictured, butt bullying

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Stick em up user.


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Hi color! How's you?

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I meant that as a reply to Bones replying to you, clicked the wrong post...

Not bad, and how are you today?

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What did you want to know homie?

Ehh, doesn't matter, was just wondering why I got caught up in that reply by proxy.

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maybe a misclick or something.


tjis is why i'm gay

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Yes. Any sensible man should understand.

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bottoms detected

Hey if you're gay for femmy bottom boys, I don't see how that makes you a bottom.

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liking femmy bottoms isnt gay you knoiw?


Oh, if you insist. Makes you that much less of a bottom in that case though.

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what it do fags what it do

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I'm good too!

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Two good, to be true"

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Woh, spooked you there? Sorry!

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just a little bit!

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Woah. Kissed where? By whom?

Sorry, won't happen again! Probably.

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Cute bulge :3

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Yes, almost suspiciously good!

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Good evening, possibly the morning to everyone :3

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>cumming on his ear
Wah, poor bun, that's not where cum goes.

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hey you don't know that bun! maybe he enjoys it!

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I don't believe that he is! Hmpf.

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I dunno, he seems pretty satisfied!

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Pfft, that's only thanks to the fat cock up his ass, he'll hate the cum in his ears the moment the last guy pulls out.

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We all have our post orgasm clarity, but cleaning his ears afterwards is easy enough!

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snugs for people

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Feh, very hard to believe -.-

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I'm sure the bun would tell them if he hated it!

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Assuming he could focus on anything but having his BP spread open by one cock after the next -.-

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Well no harm done in that case, right?

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