Why do liberals fear free speech?

Why do liberals fear free speech?

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there's no free speech anywhere. even on Yea Forums, if you say anything that the chinese don't like, they delete the threads.

Because every online platform that doesn't actively suppress conservative voices will at some point turn conservative. Liberals will admit this themselves.

It's not fear so much as being sick of your stupid racist/sexist/misinformation shit.

liberalism dies without censorship

Liberals fear losing their echo chamber

Sounds like fear to me.

We know you just want a place where you can screech about Donald Trump years after the man stops being president

If conservatives were less retarded we would have a decent internet culture. Go ban more math books.

Misinformation is part and parcel of being on the internet.

everyone fears free speech, no ideology can hold up being argued freely, not even the stance of total freedom

Should the government dictate to a private business what they allow on their service?

>implying racists are the only ones who spread misinformation
Misinformation at this point is opinions you disagree with let's be honest. If misinformation is so easily labeled as just that, why would you ever be concerned? Can you not point at it and disprove it? Or is it simply you love full control over narratives because objection is equally disturbing to your mental in comparison to getting your fee fee's hurt? Grow the fuck up, faggot. People will always have differing opinions views than you and you do not deserve a safe space from them on every platform you use.

Ever user on this thread is a shitheaded fucktard including me.

Please you’re speaking to somehow who has to have obvious satire fact checked. Get in line with their worship of “knowledge” and “science” or perish, heathen!

>racist/sexist/misinformation shit.
Blacks and whites are different
Men and women are different
>oh no how can anyone handle such masses of misinformation?

it's because of a powerful, fear-based marketing campaign. Every dictator who successfully made the jump from "not dictator" to "dictator" made that jump by convincing his people that someone was coming for them and he was taking their freedom to protect them.

It's also because language is power. Liberals smear their opponents as ignorant, uneducated, anti-science and then the next time that opponent has something to say, no liberals listen because "I don't have to listen to anti-science racists!"

You can see this in real time if you look at how the definition of racism changed. 20 years ago, if you were "color blind", you weren't racist. Today, if you're "color blind", you ARE racist because you're "ignoring the context and history of slavery". Despite changing the definition, the label is no less damaging a smear. Or the way they changed the definition of "anti-vax".

The liberal public and the liberal powers are not the same. The powers are deceptive, lying cult leaders and the public are disinformed, demoralized puppets that think they're doing the right thing. I try not to hate the liberal public.

OP is kind of right. It's honestly just liberals. Anyone on the far right will be rubbed the wrong way. Normal people who are moderately in the middle, people on the right, and people on the far right will not give a shit. It's always w/ the far left, militant types that get concerned when opportunities of censorship get taken away from them. Let that sink in

Its amazing to see how being "liberal" over 20 years ago was pro freedom of speech, down with governing bodies like the FCC etc. No more religious rhetoric puritanical bullshit. Express yourself.

..now, it's pro-censorchip, words hurt too so don't you disagree with me or I'll cancel you. Unfucking believable.

If there ever were an example of what a slippery slope is....

Anyone on the far left will be rubbed the wrong way*

That's because the side that's in power benefits from censorship, while the side that's losing benefits from free speech. 20 years ago evangelical nutters were going around shutting down anything they deemed satanic and everyone was too afraid to stand up to them.

Left wing politics has always had an authoritarian streak if you go back to Rousseau in the 18th century whereby we are compelled to lay aside our "particular wills" (individual desires) if they come in conflict with the "general will" (collective needs).
The idea that the right is pro free speech is a misnomer. Conservatives aren't pro free speech as they view people as having a poor sense of reason. Fascists obviously aren't pro free speech.
Free speech in contemporary culture comes from 18th century, classical liberalism (nothing to do with current "liberalism" more akin to libertarianism).
It can be problematic as you have to believe that people are innately rational and have a strong sense of reason, which is a difficult positon to uphold. You also have to believe that there is potential for an unbiased market (town hall) where ideas can be shared and rationally weighed up on their own merit, not who said them. This is a utopian ideal.

Absolute licence to say what you want had never existed in post Westphalian nation-states as they all have laws against inciting crime or treason/sedition and they always will.

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Ideological conservatives are not pro free speech.

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Interesting take. And as a simplification of it all, checks out.

they want their echo chambers (on reddit etc) but then they come to Yea Forums because they want free speech.

>everyone was too afraid to stand up to them
No, the vast majority of people want satanic shit shut down. There's no silent majority that secretly yearns to defend Satanism. Only twisted liberals think like that.

Yes Reichs Führer Biden should

You're delusional. Normal people laugh at religious zealots and religious people in general.

Amd what's so wrong with Satanism?

What is totally fucked up is that governments are now feeling they are responsible for "protecting" dumb fuck pansy-ass soft snowflakes from getting "offended" or their feelings hurt on the internet.
I fucking DO NOT NEED government to protect my ass from getting my feelings hurt or getting offended. If I do not like what is being said, I will either leave the site or call the offender a fucking shit-for-brains and smile. Anyone so fucking soft and worthless that they get their pansy-ass feelings hurt over mere words from a stranger on a website needs to protest by dousing their sorry snowflake asses with gasoline and lighting a match. Problem solved for good! Good riddance!

Satanism only attract psychos and mentally ill people.

Because Yea Forums is better quality than Plebbit.

They rage against Yea Forums, but variety is the spice of life, and anonymity here makes people a lot more genuine. They love it here.

>20 years ago evangelical nutters were going around shutting down anything they deemed satanic
I remember them trying.

>everyone was too afraid to stand up to them.
I don't remember that at all. They even went after Magic the Gathering. That they were trying was memes, no one gave the evangelicals the time of day.

"I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
-Chevy Chase

I think you don't know what satanism is. I think you're confusing it with devil worship.

Interesting take.
So in your opinion which is it?
>everyone was too afraid to stand up to them
>Normal people laugh at religious zealots and religious people in general
Can't both be true. Could both be false but can't both be true.

Cause Christianity is so peaceful. Gotcha.
Lets look at how many "Satanic" killers there are there compared to Christian ones.

>With even the slightest bit of moderation our rampant lies and bad faith arguments are shut down

>but variety is the spice of life,
Yea Forums is pretty homogenous. This thread is a bit of a circle-jerk for example.

Freedom of religious expression, bitch. I can worship Satan if I want and if you have a problem with that then you hate the first amendment.

ok lets try it; China is shit and the chairman is Winnie Pooh

Wasn't that Ghandi?

Liberals are pussies

I think it would be more accurate to highlight
>"Absolute licence to say what you want had never existed in post Westphalian nation-states as they all have laws against inciting crime or treason/sedition and they always will.

>actively suppress conservative voices
>slightest bit of moderation
Ask me how I know you're a disingenuous fuck

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I think he replied to the wrong post.

Take your meds, Jim.

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really, is that what happened to this website?

nigger rape

It's not a difficult concept to grasp, but of course I'm talking to a religious person.

Nowadays everyone laughs at non-binary, ultra feminist, blm tryhards and all the other woke weirdos but people are afraid to stand up to them because they know it will lead to them getting ostracized, kicked out of school or fired from their jobs. It's essentially what happens when a small group of cocksuckers obtain institutional power.

>Screeches about Jews
>Gets banned
No one wants to debunk your holocaust denial for the hundredth time, cletus

No thats from Gandalf of Narnia

This, no upvotes or pandering to retards and for better or worse, can say whatever the hell ya want under anonymity

And that was happening with religious groups back in 2002?
In a freshly post 9/11 world what small groups of religious cocksuckers held institutional power?

There is no "standing up" to these nigger faggots with social media giving a microphone to a buncha of losers nobody wants to hear and corporations shilling their soul in hopes of making a couple extra bucks out of it


I see no debunking. All I see is jews criminalizing historical research. Anyone who digs for a while for truth and evidence will inevitably find out there was no gassing and the numbers are over-exaggerated

Because their world views are retarded and don't work. They're too childish to admit they're wrong, so they retreat to echo chambers and ban anyone who disagrees with them.

This is 4chans worst nightmare


ah, so you're just helpless because liberals are stronger than you are.

Perfect example of how a dumb opinion should be mocked and then ignored.
No one is mentioning jews except you, schizo.

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reeeeeee! Misinformation! Disinformation! HATE SPEECH! You are committing literal violence. You are literally killing jews in the streets with your antisemitic propaganda!

lmao the "free speech" is not the same thing as "i want to say anything i want with zero consequences no matter what"

you can't just go around acting like a miserable little troll and spewing hateful nonsense and expect everyone else to listen closely and respect what you say. They're gonna tell you to shut the fuck up.

You have the freedom of speech to make a joke about will smith's wife on live tv but you better expect the consequence of that action to be getting hit in the mouth on live tv.

Lmao seethe nigger

hey, how are all those "free speech" conservative platforms doing? asking for a friend.

>so you're just helpless because liberals are stronger than you are.
that is what happens when the group in power is oppressive. They render their critics and opponents helpless by throwing their political weight around.

Why are liberals defending the oppression of a group they think is an ideological minority? Don't liberals think oppression is bad?

Stronger on suppression and censorship of ideas they don't like.
Yes, they certainly are.
This is the crux of the issue.

>I'm a victim


is that the reason why journos are so worried about freedom of speech all of a sudden?

>hey, how are all those "free speech" conservative platforms doing? asking for a friend.
tell your friend if he can't find out for himself, he is a dumb fuck.

lol please. conservatives try the exact same thing. there are just fewer of you and in general you are dumber and less effective.

Hate, bigotry and racism will NEVER be seen as a bad thing to be suppressed.
>X takes the square

what exactly is the damage you're receiving? you can't post misinformation? poor you. poor yevgeny.

Thank you for agreeing with me that liberals are more effective and stronger on censorship and oppression.

how does it feel to get dunked on by people that only eat plants? does it feel emasculating?

If I'm a victim why are you so afraid of musk buying twitter?

i wish i could bottle your butthurt and drink it every morning.

>everything I don't want to hear is misinformation
Men will never be women

Who the fuck cares? The system is coming to a crashing halt that is getting closer every day. When that day comes, free speech and the truth will come from the barrels of the millions of conservative guns.

lol no shit, retard. any more wisdom for the ages?

You wanna drink butts, eh?

shocking that people with your level of intelligence see the left as nazis lol

>Hate, bigotry and racism
>you can't post misinformation?
The problem is that when one side gets all the power, the things they ban aren't all hate, bigotry, racism, and misinformation.

They hold the power to unilaterally decide what counts as "misinformation", and therefore what the public is allowed to talk about. Too much "mis/disinformation" has been found to be true. The people in power can't be trusted with the power they have to control the flow of information.

>Men will never be women
tell that to all the shitheaded fucktard gender pretenders and surgically multilated freaks.

>one side gets all the power

aren't we all americans?

what are "they" banning that isn't hate/bigotry/etc? are "they" in the room with you right now?