Loli thread?

Loli thread?

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Why was prev thread nuked?

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I need twin cat loli wives

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You still haven't caught on yet...?


That was honestly the best laugh I've had in years pedos. I do hope you savor these last fleeting moments.

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sir this is a loli thread, not a cringe thread

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Whats your favorite video?

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>someone saved my crop

I want to film porn with Kaban-chan.

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What would you like to do to her while filming?

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I saved that a long ass time ago, but it has its uses sometimes
I want to film porn with twin cat lolis

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>I saved that a long ass time ago, but it has its uses sometimes
I know it's ancient

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Meaty lolis

she's adorable

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unlike the one you posted

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If only they weren't niggers

the one with lots of love and affection

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I think it'd be a lot of fun filming her riding me. Watching her little cunny gyrate and her child hips hopping up and down onto my dick would feel so fucking good.

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hey she's adorable too

lil catgirl loli

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such as?

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The guy at the bottom looks like a young Michael Jackson, I don't consider him nigger.

cat lolis are also adorable

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Anyone else fantasize about being the loli?

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or was it nm?

I fantasize about filming me and Kaban-chan reenacting pic related, yeah.

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stretchy butthole

if only...

someone niggerless version pls

You would have so much power over the guy, just sticking your feet in his face or farting would turn him on even more. You could get anything you wanted.

well the few times I imagine myself being the loli I don't imagine myself as a lolidom, it's like the complete opposite

fags confirmed

>You would have so much power over the guy
This sort of thinking is how you get rape corrected, user.

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doesn't sound too bad either tbh

This is my favorite loli.

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i found this image years ago and could never find it again until recently. because i have a shitty hhd drive i have to constantly delete things for space can someone save this image and post it every so often pls and thank u

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Rape? You could blackmail and if he doesn't do everything you want, you can tell or use photo evidence. I'm sure he would gladly oblige.

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You could go around raping lonely pedos!

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Personally, I prefer snuffing lolis. I'm so glad Kaban-chan can respawn.

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...Does she respawn without any injuries whatsoever?

>Buying shitty drives
You only have yourself to blame.

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Of course. What do you expect, her to respawn into a more gruesome cut up Silent Hill looking monster each time?

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who said anything about that?

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When she died in the anime, she was being digested for a couple hours and respawned shortly after being released from the belly of a Cerulean without her gloves or socks or a new backpack, but she was still growing new pairs of gloves and socks after a month of rest so presumably, each regeneration isn't too costly, since clothing is basically fur for Friends (though she's the only one capable of respawning because of a loophole). Obviously being extremely rough with Kaban-chan is something that shouldn't be done every day.

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just upload it somewhere and keep the link?
also what kind of shitty drive to you have that you need to remove 412KB from it?

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This is a cool song but it could use heavier cow bell at 1:28

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>(C97) [Wild Cat House (Nekonyan)] Kaban-chan wa Sugoin da yo! Saimin nanka ni Makenain dakara! (Kemono Friends) [English] [aerd]
AKA what I want to do to Kaban-chan.

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Kaban-chan is real.

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>blurred dick
bruh I'm not gonna save it even though I have 450gb of free space left in my cunny folder...

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that's one more artist I know with a similar style as typehatena now, thanks friend

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hey kids quick question. I remember this 3d game where you can make a loli character and just post it around. anyone have an idea?