Waifu thread!

Waifu thread!

>Claim your Waifu/Husbando
>No Claiming Waifus/Husbandos that have already been claimed
>Only one claim per user
>No stealing (unless trips or more)
>No oversexualised content
>No RP/ERP of any kind
>Discussion is welcomed
>Insults must be original
>If you're posting images you're not lurking
>3D is almost always trash
>Joining means a reserved place in hell
>Rice is always nice
>The /waifu/ spirit is immortal throughout all eternity

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Everyone is asleep or at work, oh well.

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I don't enter these threads but I gave Outlaw Star another run through for nostalgia, so, Claiming

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I like Earth so much, I want to drink tea together and touch shoulders
Work for Earth

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Hi Rin!

Based! Glad whenever I hear of someone rewatching it.
Good taste, user. Ctarl Ctarl!

Tea is the word.
Actually I'm donating plasma today, so no tea for me until afterward.
How are you today, Earth poster?

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tea cute

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You give a lot of plasma user. May Earth vampire enjoy drinking it. I am well today, I ate a lot of chocolate and did a lot of maths.

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Tea wonderful.

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Yeah, I'm having to donate as often as I can right now until I get paid.
I want chocolate...


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Yuki is Haruhi best girl!
How are you? Thanks for bumping.

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I want to eat cow ice cream with Earth chan in an inflatable pool

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I want to sip sweet coconut & pineapple beverages with my waifu on the beach.

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2B is my waifu and I love her with all of my heart

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Swordwoman waifus
Hello anons.

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>Yeah, I'm having to donate as often as I can right now until I get paid.

Oof, I feel that. I've been putting my pcs to work trying to mine enough ETH to survive and the crypto market is dogwater rn. Yesterday I was making 22$ a day, today it's 10$ :/ Just enough to squeak by until I move out.

Hiya Erde, excited for Deep Rock update tomorrow? I am! Kinda bummed I didn't go through the event pass thingy. Hope there's away to unlock the colors later

Quality Waifu - hope you got ending E!

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I am! Yes, there is, they said that all the things you didn't unlock will just be put into the crates/corpses you find on missions. Recycling for Hoxxes chan

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-ly isn't a word that describes you

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Shut the fuck up.

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Time. Where did you go?

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I-I'm still here, there's still time, as well

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Hello Earth user. A little time, but then off to bed.

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I got my choccy milk, you useless bitch.

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love you!

You more ano

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pink cat good

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I love you more user

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no I love you more!
me on the right!

nooooooooo i had a crush on her!!!

one of the best girls
i always love the big girl personality. it's very based.

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How can we measure which of us likes the other more? me on the right too, love Erde
big girls are really nice
Maybe she can choose

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i always fall for the big girl personality

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that's a good question and I can't think of an answer

It's okay, I noticed I posted that more to cause a feeling than to explain one. I'm getting a little cheesy recently.
what's the big girl personality? I meant physically big girls

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it caused a lot of feelings,cheesy is good!

the older girl, always more in the background, more quiet, more serious, smarter than the rest, gives the vibes of a goddess, always delicate and elegant

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i make le post

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whats your favorite earth girl desing?

pocky game with your waifu
Oh wow, I know someone who's almost like that. Do you think you could warm her mature heart?
It was caused by a lot of feelings, as well. Cheesy for the mausi
(I like when the whole chan is Earth, and not just the hair), but almost all of them have a lot of strong points for them. I like the longer hair ones because the fluffy round mane is a good canvas for Earth's cute continents. What's yours?
Look, she has a gift as thanks for your dedicated posts

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so you prefer a physical representation of all parts of earth rather than space clothing?
i dont know

i guess the pocky is a nice little bonus

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This is my favorite Earth chan.

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how generous. though im only doing my job

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feelings from the cute I love!,anonymouse hungry

maybe in my dreams

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I like if Earth chan isn't just a girl with a wig, but really heart to toes a planet girl. Though, I might just be a bit funny in the head.
I like the space clothes. The dark with stars draws focus to Earth's smiling face
That's so kind of you. I like it a lot, too, it looks like Earth and the viewer are at that place where I use to go for burger dates. It makes me want to look at the stars together. And she's not smiling in this either, Worldchen's got their poker face on, the one it puts on when it encounters something new. I love this expression, and this picture portrays it so well.
Imagine if she talked that way about you
maybe in her dreams
You're a cute anonymouse. Feasting on cheese together with your mouse waifu

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maybe somewhere she is making a post as well, and discussing with earth chan over the internet

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>I like when the whole chan is Earth, and not just the hair
>I like the longer hair ones because the fluffy round mane is a good canvas for Earth's cute continents.
>I like if Earth chan isn't just a girl with a wig, but really heart to toes a planet girl.
so this is what a perfect earth girl would be to you
have you drawn something like that?

no you are!,so cheesy