Slutty stories thread. What's the sluttiest thing you, your wife, or your gf has done?

Slutty stories thread. What's the sluttiest thing you, your wife, or your gf has done?

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>its another i'm gay thread

Gay sluts are fun too

Girlfriend puts on my sister's school uniform sometimes when we fuck.

ive done lots of slutty shit. worse was prob sucking two guys off in the backseat of my car.

i pretty much was a hoe when i was teenager.

Thats a pretty hot kink

showing me how and where i get my weed from
>webm related

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She said the sluttiest thing she did was fuck a married man once

But she also told me she had two black boyfriends and did a bit of cocaine when she was 15 - 16. I can only imagine the shit she got up to.

Blowjob while gaming because I "get too stressed out". Not a consistent thing and mostly done as a joke, but still appreciated. Facefucking directly after losing a match helps a lot.

>sucking dick for weed

Now that's a trashy slut

ive fucked like 5 married men. in my defense i didnt know any of them were married until after. men lie.

That's a big fantasy of mine

Does it turn you on knowing that you were just a little piece of ass he fucks on the side, then he goes home to his family?

Recently she’s taken to being free use with the agreement that I no longer beat my dick. Not gonna lie, pretty cool, not gonna lie, we’ve been fucking daily.

Forgot, the sluttiest thing I've done is fuck 3 women within 8 hours of each other. None of them knew about each other

My sister isn't hot, but the fact its her uniform turns me on. I've purposely came on it before hoping to leave stains.

yup she is
wwyd if u had it?

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Idk what I'd do it's just I imagine my girl coming home with a ton of weed and being shady about how she got it, and then I notice cum stains in her underwear or something

Me and my GF send sex pics and vids to her best friend. Sometimes we make a videocall with her while we are at it.


Ex used to give me rim jobs and make me cum on her face in the toilets at uni. She's a teacher now

i wasnt thinkin about it that deep at the time. i was like 19 and just was trying to get dick or drugs lol and i didnt really kno they had a wife or family till way after like i said

She wanted to fuck while I was on a discord call with friends, both guys and girls. We didn't cause I thought it was disrespectful.

Offered my GF as payment for an Uber ride, 20 mins blowjob, and some milk to swallow

Did the dude finger her or strip her at all?

This local slut is known for being a dumb bimbo home wrecker. She was caught getting fucked in the ass by her step dad after a night out drinking

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u dont notice u just come to this daily
only ass out wet everywhere she is tired and there is bag of weed on the desk

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I'd be diamonds at that point

Played with her pussy and ass, she was topless doing it, using a strap long dress

whats the next move ?

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Yeah, the filename looks extremely legit. This is totally your girl and not some rando you got from the Internet.

Smoke some of the weed and then add another load to that mess

daily basis on that one

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During Oktoberfest she walked into a Kebab shop as a teenager, and ended up losing her virginity to 3 Turks.

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Imagine sliding your dick into your girl after he’d creampied her, imagine how warm and wet it’d be, i love the idea of his cum all around my cock inside her

I’ve been imitating my wife using her socials and fake socials to send nudes of her to people she knows.

Kinda messed up, but that’s mine

Before we met, my wife got a little too into coke, and had a one night stand with the guy that was feeding her coke... in a church. She ghosted him the next day. He then spray painted her name and "is a slut" on the wall of a very busy and well known bank in town.

not gf but there is a girl in my social circle who worked as a weekend sex slave for a rich guy when she was 19 to pay some bills. we tease her about it a little because she's embarrassed about it, but i'm jealous of the guy because she's hot. she's told me some details when she's drunk.

That would be hot
I've always wanted to use cum as lube but it's hard with your own

Freshman year of college, my now wife is a booty call for some tool on the football team. It’s parents weekend and she spends the whole day with her parents, runs home and changes to meet all her friends at a pregame, she leaves early with the football guy and he just rails her out all night in the dorm. Next morning she wakes up completely naked and they fuck in the shower before she just makes it back to her room in the dudes clothes before her parents are knocking on the door

Oh no... This one is too far

wife is a coalburner and im the first white guy shes been with
she did everything.

turns me on knowing that she did evtrything with them and now shes with me

Gf had a big lesbian phase in college. Loved seducing curious girls, doing kinky/risky stuff, just being a wlw slut

yeah its too wet it just slides in and out and she's still sleeping like not even feeling it

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forgot you sorry
yeah when she is wet and used like that its magical feeling of her insides pussy or ass

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Before we were a couple we were friends in college. She would fuck random guys, usually raq dog and beg them to cum in her. I got more than one saturday/sunday morning call to being her Plan B,

Was he bigger that you? He fuck her face?

Wildest thing she told you?


Gf sucked off a donkey on vacation once

Aunt and uncle are swingers, cousin and I walked in on her getting railed by this big black dude by the pool one summer afternoon,

Girl I know was "Little Sister" to a college fraternity, which meant essentially that she was anybody's. Asked years later if she regretted it she said "I was a chubby unattractive girl and I got laid a lot, so I came out ahewad."

You gonna try to join in?

You sick cuck

Were you there to watch? How’d you find the donkey?

She got kicked out for it and then started whoring her ass hole out to people

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I definitely watched lol. It was part of the vacation package, you lived in a little village with no cars or shit so you could pay extra for a donkey

I flrt with her alot, seen her topless on several occasions, not sure II have the balls to ask to join in though

I would worship her ass

what do you mean ?

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Who’s idea was it? Is she good at deepthroating? You got Kik? I got a lot of questions

>Drinking with my best friend and my girl
>get up to go pee
>come back and gf is riding my friend's dick
>try to get them to stop but they dont
>he cums in her raw
>She gets up and goes to bed.
>hes all like its good bro
>they both pretend they dont remember in the morning

My ex moved in with 2 dudes during college. She's such a slut she had fun purposefully walking around naked and teasing them.
Eventually one of them had enough and went into her room and raped her one night. Turned into a huge court process. Dude went to jail and she dropped out of school and I haven't heard from her in 10 years.

Get drunk never fails. You’ll be groping eachother before you know it

My idea. She's good at deep throating but the donkey dick was pretty big. I've got a kik but forget some of my login stuff. If possible I'll talk here though

How long did he last? Bigger than you?

Was she able to make him cum? Did she swallow any of it?

When she was 15 she fucked two dudes in the back of one of the guys moms mini van

She also had a threesome with her best friend and her friends boyfriend when she was 18 or 19

we're about the same size
they lasted about 15 mins after I came back, so like 20 mins total

Yeah it came. She swallowed a good amount but it was so much most went on her face and body

her husband is always around. I want her by herself

Fiancee ate her gfs pussy at a Halloween party in front of like 10 strangers before we got together.

Been told guys had pulled her skirt up and were groping and rubbing her ass and pussy while she was doing it. One of two of them had even pulled thier dicks out, but my friend (party host) kicked everybody out.

Met her like 3 days later, had no idea she was the girl my friend was talking about until we were already dating for like 5 months

she ever talk about the experience? Want to repeat it?

why'd u let it just happen

Fuck wish I could get a girl to do beast stuff with me, but it's so taboo, think my chances are slim to none.

No, she won't talk about it. Says she's ashamed of her pussy, and she's a very different girl now. I guess she was a giant slut.

Everything I know about it comes from 2 mutual friends.

I tried to stop them, i'm not going to beat them up or anything

Thats a massive fantasy of mine. What does the friend say. Tell me more!

>Fiance was hanging out with new guy friend
>sitting in his truck talking
>starts to tell her sad story about his life and wanting to kill self
>fiance feels bad
>convinces her to suck his dick
>sucking dick
>tells her its amazing but needs more
>she says no
>he says yes
>gets rough with her (which she loves)
>keeps saying no but he gets her pants off
>starts fucking her
>no turns to yes and she lets him have his way
>swallows cum
>he ghosts her
>she tells me he killed himself (he didnt)
>years later she says that sex was amazing

Wife has this fantasy about having a black baby. Claims that it's not about the bbc. Only that she's "always wanted a baby darker than her." Found out she's talking to a black dude in FL yesterday...

Wouldn't want to repeat it no, but I wish I knew someone who had recorded it. Buddy says a few guys had their phones out

Definitely helped that we were both drunk and on vacation. She said she probably won't do stuff like that again but we both look back on it with fond memories

Wife flashing in a park at night. Let two passers by watch while she paused for me.
She touched herself while one was jacking off

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Post more

when she was 15 my wife sucked off a family friend on a camping trip. The guy was like 50 and his wife was sleeping in their tent. Many similar stories as she had daddy issues

how do u feel about it?

What else did she do?

honestly not mad at her for what happened other then I would like her to be more safe. actually mad she didnt just tell me he ghosted her instead of saying he killed himself at first.

So it was just a one night thing or ever get her to do it again during the trip?

Spit roast the slut

gf got knotted by the family mastiff

She poses a lot for me. But it's the first time she let someone watch

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