>this is a thread
>there are cats and lolis here
>pika pika~mew is awesome
>miku bot is best bot
>cats movie was ok
>taylor swift sempai please notice me
>NISSAN purchase is a must
>livers are going missing
>cats are jamming all night long
>conversation is encouraged

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I need twin cat loli wives

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Didn't you already have a pair?

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who would say no to even more cuteness?

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Billy. Most probably Billy.

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damn Billy always ruins everything

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The sole reason we can't have nice things.

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but at least we have cute things

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Rookie numbers. We need to go faster.
Also I saw you were passive aggressive about the video last night.

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was I?

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Presumptions. Assumptions. Full liquor bar.

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maybe letting cat lolis drink liquor isn't all that bad

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I'm sure

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I'm not. What do?

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we need to test it and see what the result is

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But we drank all the test equipment last sunday.

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we'll buy more test equipment, then

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We? ... no ... that's communism.

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it's not, user. after all I'm not the only one who wants to see if this theory is true

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I would be curious too, but too lazy to mop the floor afterwards.

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that's also something the cat lolis could do

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Not if they're intoxicated to different degrees to conclude the experiment.


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they'll stop being intoxicated after some time. that's when they clean the potential mess they made

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What if it's permanent. What have we done?

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that means we can permanently take advantage of them then. it's always a win to us

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You wouldn't. You'd probably die from sleep deprivation. That's how I felt the last time I owned a kitten and had a night job.

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>You'd probably die from sleep deprivation
...that I can't really deny, because I wouldn't sleep often if I had permadrunk cat lolis at home

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Dreams can turn to nightmares very very fast.

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but is it really a nightmare if you still enjoy it anyway?

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That's the reason there are prompts that appear in front of you with the text "Are you sure you want to continue?".

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I'll just press yes a thousand times

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Reality crashes with bsod.

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realolity can take over then

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wow what a bunch of pedo fags

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That's not a dam. Or a beaver.

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but there is a beaver between her legs

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... i hate you. with all my might. the power of 1000 suns, and 5000 ducks.

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that's a lot of ducks

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Every person complaining in a loli thread

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That's what eviltons deserve. Ducks.

Dicky boy.

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ducks, or was it dicks? seems to me like every cat loli deserves that too

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Never trust auto-correct. He's a perv.

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do we need to determine which one is correct too?

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Im going here user..

discord fullstop gg/GMDhCKZJhW

The Apollo mission computer. He made a lot of correct corrections.

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but did it offer ducks and dicks to lolis to see which one they prefer?

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That question was never asked by the alien cat girls.
>captcha: JKNYA
they know... oh, they know.

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But is it a joke?

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that we will never know

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I just want eternal summer, and monokinis.

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What is your favorite video?

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nothing beats sukumizu

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There was like this vid with one virgin loli fox, that baits a virgin shota boy. It was quite good.

Maybe a CAT bulldozer? Those can beat quite a lot.

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>a CAT bulldozer
I kek'd

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You wouldn't if you were to fight one 1v1.

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