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The sad thing is the person that made this has none of this.

Liberals aren't against that though. They just don't see it as the only option and think it's OK if you don't want that same stuff.

my president advocates liberal things and it's your fault fucking liberal gringos

I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos I hate gringos

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i do and you don't. too bad you'll never live an accomplished, fulfilling life of having kids, a wife and owning your own home. id argue with you, but i have to get ready for a productive day at work and provide for my loving family.

did you make the image? your post reads kinda like he touched a nerve...

And who are these liberals that melt down over this? I would really love to see you showing this picture to someone having a meltdown.
But the reason you don't have such a video is because such liberals only exists in your imagination

and when you die you lose all this anyhow, life is one big meaningless venture so i feel good knowing that people who try to live in this so called white mans utopia, are nothing more than sad, depressed beings that live pointless lives in an already fake reality tv show, thats all they know because they are pre programmed sheep that does what daddy Washington tells them to do, to keep the 1% in power and dominate your lives while you work your shitty 9-5 job. In a way it sucks being white because you are too easily controlled and manipulated where as niggas don't care about nothing because they understand the darkness to the white mans culture, that is to live in a false reality bestowed upon them.

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>Liberals aren't against that though.

They are openly triggered by white people minding our own business just trying to have a family.

pic very much related

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>And who are these liberals that melt down over this?

All of you (you)

>I would really love to see you showing this picture to someone having a meltdown.
see I have other examples too.

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>Liberals aren't against that
lots and lots of examples

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For you to deny that libs hate white people and white families is for you to shill at levels previously thought impossible.

Just admit it! If white people all moved Mars you would still whine that they're holding you down.

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Traditional Liberals yes.
Neo-Zoomer Liberals are so far left that they become an extreme opposite of what they don't like/agree with.
>Trans people believe that all Cis-gendered people are transphobic by nature even though they act Cisphobic.
>BLM and the black community getting away with white racism constantly and blaming whites for everything they do personally wrong.
>LGBT/Trans community want to teach kids as young as 7 things that would make the teachers legally predators and if you don't let them, you're the bad guy.
>The Left today gladly censored things in multiple media outlets that celebrated what was in the picture under "racist nationalism" and because that was taken away they are terrified of it happening to them even though their enemies aren't as corrupt as they are to do such at thing.
These Neo Liberals are the cancer. They are brainwashed into believing these things so that the political right's demographics shrink and get sabotaged even at the cost of people's intelligence, sanity and morals.

Literally talking about Peloton not white families.

That is some serious mouth breathing

You seem triggered Mr Sperg. Maybe have a seat and sip a little bit of your code red.

>ITT: the obsessed discuss What Liberals Think

Anyone who plays into 'Left' v 'Right' is being led down the route of political circus. The only issue that matters to everyone posting on 4chinnel is wealth inequality. Race, gender, sexuality, and every other wedge issue makes an infinitesimally small difference to your life compared to wealth inequality.

>Niggas don't care about nothing
You got that right and it's part of the reason nothing has changed. I'd rather be a man with a 9-5, paying my bills, keeping food in my fridge, keeping my family happy and appreciating life than be a nigga who bailed out on his family, has to rely on big daddy gov to get basic needs and will most likely die before he can realize how used he was.
The rich man controls all men below him. It doesn't matter what skin. All that matters to those in power is how to keep it and how to keep getting more.
They've done a good job at making you blame a skin color rather than using common sense.
You think the owner of BET gives a fuck about any of the black people that are smoking crack and popping each other?

holy fuck even in this tiny clip you can see she's horribly out of breath just from STANDING THERE

Liberals aren't leftist.
If you hate capitalism and want to replace it, then you're leftist.
Liberals are anti-white, nigger-loving, pro-faggotry who support open borders, free market, rich.

Is there SmackDown running on that TV ??

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Liberals are left of centre on most topics

i think you're thinking of libertarians buddy. Liberal is an adjective, left is a position that typically describes liberal values as opposed to conservative ones. It's interesting because it's not a binary; liberal values are not in opposition to conservative values. It would be perhaps more accurate to characterise the debate as progression vs stability or something, but either way, applying this to the entirety of a countries' political optioneering stifles choice, hinders progression and disengages normies from consumption of politics in any way but through populism.

I think more importantly based on the skin tone and facial features she is very likely around 90% white to 10% nigger. I know the whole "one drop is all it takes" white supremacy thing, but FFS, she isn't black and letting her and others think they are is why America is so fucked

We HAVE to stop thinking in this blue vs red mentality.
We HAVE to create some bridging of ideas among these parties in order to stop the manipulation from higher powers.
Otherwise what we're going through right now will be our reality for generations.

The fact that leftists live rent free non-stop in your head means they won.
Not an argument, terrorist.

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Education and dialogue is key, but the latter is obviously out of Joe Schmoes hands other than slightly at election time. Also we probably need to consciously fight against filter bubbles. Too many weaklings hide in their echo chambers; debate is best in public, face to face, in an open forum.

Of course, the idea of discussing things openly and working to understand and respect each others' differences is not the aim of online content such as these.

The director/coordinator/stringpuller told her to Stop/Don't Breath then Laugh Historically like the puppet you are

Politics are retarded. It doesn’t matter who the president is your life will be equally as great or shitty. People waste so much time arguing and getting upset about politics and it does nothing. You’re never going to convince the person on the opposite side to think differently

Modern liberals and leftists are SJW.

Have you read that article? Because it is a book review about a book that analysis the fundamental myths that underlies the idea of the american dream and how they relate to americas history of racism.

This has literally nothing to do with the image posted by OP.

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>we're just peaceful people who see different options, that's all! we're not against the stuff you say we are, don't be absurd!
>proof to the contrary gets spammed
>literally no argument against any of it
every single time
like pottery

Thats not the image posted by OP is it? Honestly, a family where every member wears the exact same cloths does look like a cult to me

You can if you know how.
which BTW, due to politics my rent, food, bills and everyday costs are higher and last election cycle it wasn't. Politics can make the difference in a person's quality of life.

shit, I was just about to post basically that exact same thing.

They lie and claim they aren't anti-white, I post multiple examples, then they pretend they won.

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Do you even understand what a cult is defined by?

And it actually is. The narrative of the nuclear family is literally used by white supremecists to alienate people from different cultures, where different family structures are more prevalent (as btw they where in all of europe and north america prior to the 20th century).

This does not mean that nuclear families themselves are white supremacists, just that the narrative is used by white supremacists

>Log on reddit cuz Yea Forums is banned in my uni wifi
>Make an account
>Join a tranny discussion
>People talking about how trannies are hot
>Ask someone in the thread if he wants to marry a tranny
>He says no he doesnt find them attractive
>3 day suspension the next day.
From now on im paying 3$ a month to use a vpn.

because the extremists aren't interested in hearing what makes them wrong.
They've cherry picked the whole way up to this point, why would they stop now?

>white people: (exist)
Didn't know white color makes liberal pussies like you seethe lol.

maybe that's why every tv show, movie, commercial has at least 3 ethnicities and/or genders included --normally not white males.

Oh here's an average American family:
Asian wife
Black husband
other mixed race friend
no white males

Yeah and that's why they advocate to destroy it, right?

would you, or anyone else focussed on left v right, care to comment on my point: ?

Serious question, how do you read that, I literally stated the opposite of this:
>This does not mean that nuclear families themselves are white supremacists

Seriously how do you read the exact opposite of what I wrote?

I'm against strawmen too... just over exaggerate anything, point to it, be against it, and you win!

Yes, control and taking over the individuals urgency.
I know such families where the parents (usually the mother) just has their kids as an extension of herself. Like one of my neighbours, the mother was a dancer until she got pregnant in high school and now seems to offload her dreams onto her daughter, who she drags from one dancing competition to another one, without her really wanting this.
This sort of stuff is really culty

i agree with you 100% that the wealth inequality and privilege of wealth is the bigger issue.
However, the wealthy are very good at manipulating society against itself so it can never unite against it.

OP you still don't get that liberal people don't care for skin color or how/who people love. The only people chimping out over skin color are you racist rebulicans.


Rent free lmao

ok, so why then are you focussed on left v right issues in this thread? it seems like you're aware that that the wealthy invest time and money into manipulating and dividing society; why play into their tactics?

I mean yeah but the trumpsters are also really easily manipulated to vote against their own interests.

That explains why libs see everything through the lense of race and demand anyone who isn't white be given special treatment

>Cooperations making decisions to maximise profit by casting to increase appeal to other demographics and increase viewership
>tHe LiBeRAls aRE aT FaULt!!11!!

yeah i agree that it's weird but to call it a cult is far-fetched.
Cults are also defined by indoctrination that forces the individual to feel as if anything outside of the cult's intended guidelines and indoctrination is wrong and harmful.
If some little kids (which kids are impressionable) wear the same stuff, who's to say they'll be doing the same thing once they develop into a different maturity?
I really think you're trying to make this worse than what it really is: Kids just following the leader.
And if you're using this example as a way of saying that whiteness has caused this, you're just being racist because black moms can be controlling of their kids too.

except when it comes to white people.

both right and left extremists are no different.
So am i really that different from you?

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>OP you still don't get that liberal people don't care for skin color or how/who people love.
Except for white people, of course. Because..... Wypipo is bad!! We liberals should kill them and rape their devilish children!

i'm not sure you've understood my point, don't worry about it, have a nice day

Yeah it's not really a cult, but it gives some culty vibes.
>And if you're using this example as a way of saying that whiteness has caused this, you're just being racist because black moms can be controlling of their kids too.
I'm not, I mean I am pretty sure a lot of people control their kids in all ethnicities, isn't this even a big stereotype for asians that their parents force them to do all kinds of maths stuff to become engineers or so? Thats basically the same thing

More like promoting terrorism against white people.


That's right. You better be afraid bitch

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What culture uses a different family structure? You are probably talking about Mexicans living with several generations in the same house. That does not get rid of the nuclear family, What you won't see in non western cultures is two fags adopting a baby and molesting it so it will be a fag too.

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>Seriously how do you read the exact opposite of what I wrote?
He's clearly a moron user why even bother

The people who ask that are mostly the people from minorities. That minorities are mainly democratic, is a direct result of republican policies.

I don't know a single liberal that's against white people, this position is only held up as a straw man by republicans.