What's something good about this movie that's NOT related to the cinematography or sound?

What's something good about this movie that's NOT related to the cinematography or sound?

- The costumes are shit and look like a garbage BDSM event
- The investigative batman scenes drag like runtime extending exposition.
- The acting is hammy at best

What is actually good about this movie?

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wrong board retard

Dubs acknowledged but Random means just that, fucking retard.

This board is for race baiting and luscious logs only m9, you're clearly lost so I'll redirect you:

Those are all excuses for the fact that you’re racist and an incel retard. Everything you just described about the movie is untrue

who is actually going and watching this garbage anyway? They’re trying to appeal to “woke” zoomers who are mutilating their genitals. who the fuck wants to watch that?

Bet you think The CW pumps out good stuff too.

Literally looking at picture with two masks that were based on BDSM gimp masks.

I dont watch CW so i wouldnt know

Cope, goofy batman villain

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You've clearly not watched much at all if you think this film was good but I guess we should welcome you out from under your rock?

whats wrong with BDSM masks?

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you mean they, incel?

Literally ripped some shitty background ideas from Joker, took the visceral nature of Snyder's BvS fight scenes and threw in some weak "detective" scenes.

Nothing, at a BDSM event. On Batman and his villains it just makes them look like Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis about to walk in.

Clearly, youve never read a batman comic

I have, probably more than anyone that defends this film. But the hokeyness of the Golden Age needs to stay there. Or are we getting Joker and his boners in the next film?

Fuck, that sounds like a good idea actually. Reeves, take notes

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Exactly. So we can all agree the film had nothing going for it other than some decent cinematography and sound design.

Get rekt, incel

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You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.


Someone already fixed it....

You mean “The film had nothing going for it because im a racist incel who cant cope with the fact that the movie portrays me as the villain”? Thats on you bud

One of the few things Corridor Crew probably gets right lol

>Projection without arguing the actual points made

-1000 points

That smug son of a bitch Alfred got his shit pushed in hard.

Nothing. It was shit and boring af

>implying you made any coherent points

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- issues with costuming, pacing, acting and character development. If you need me to expand upon those then you've clearly not seen the film

There were no issues with costuming, pacing, acting, or character development you’re just a soyboy incel who cant cope with the movie having black people in it.

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And yet not once has casting been mentioned except by fans of the movie. Almost as if you have no leg to stand on...

>incel has resorted to incoherent sentenced in a feeble attempt to win an argument
>incel is crushed

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Not him, but stop coping, the Batman is as high rated like the dark knight.
Stop being a shady incel being on pol 24/7, you can do better, stop being bitter.

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Another waste of dubs. It's always been a random board and always will be.

incels are retarded.
niggers should die also.

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shut the fuck up faggot and get the fuck outta here

>What is actually good about this movie?

And popular opinion means what exactly? Kardashians are a media empire, Trump gained a presidency almost two...

You fans can do better and address the films issues rather than resorting to "hurr durr you hate blacks, incel" especially when race and sex has at no point been an issue of contention here.

>takes the Thomas Wayne ideas from Joker
>visceral fight scenes - BvS
> Orange filter - typical modern cinema needing a dominant colour
> Goofy as fuck costumes - gimp mask riddler, goofy as shit squared nose stitched leather batmask
> Inconsistent character motivations and actions masked as "internal conflict"

Resorting to personal attacks while ignoring valid points makes you, in turn, worth ignoring.

The only positive I could remember is that at least Batman didn't have a comically distracting voice this time.

>Being a regular of /pol/ makes you in turn, worth ignoring
—any sensible person seeing OP’s spergposting

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Literally nothing /pol/ itt except for one salty fanboy claiming as much

>says im worth ignoring
>doesnt ignore me

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>Goofy as fuck costumes - gimp mask riddler

I like them more realistic Batman costume, the Riddler costume is literally a hommage to incels bad taste to larp as school shooters or ww1/2 soldiers. Blame your friends on pol, bro.

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Confusing two different people there, mate.

More realistic? Even in Batman's early years, he was never so poor as to rely on some stitched pleather POS...he wasn't Spider-man.

>says im worth ignoring
>doesnt ignore when i respond to a different person
You failed again OP

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I'm both and so you're wrong again...

Fuck my retarded wording here...sigh...

OP I've been a fan of batman for years and I agree with you 100%.

Catwoman in blackface
Long boring movie
Riddler is leatherface from Chainsaw massacre
No real batman moments
movie was long AF wihtout any real heroic moments
Movie had no levity.

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Meant that; no, you're still not talking to that user who talked about ignoring you.

you still didnt ignore me faggot!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

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Literally NOT that user. You've been responding to someone else the entire time.

>tfw he still cant stop ignoring me after saying im worth ignoring

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It's similar to crime thriller, there're Batman heroic moments, incels get roasted(which is why you guys are so butthurt), Riddler homo costume is what incels shills for, long movies are huge plus

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OnlyFans 2020 Blake Blossom X DickDrainers Catwoman Returns XXX 2160p

The Nolan trilogy will forever be the best live action Batman movies

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I liked it because it's more true to the detective origin, beleive it or not batman wasn't originally saving the world from aliens every weekend or fighting gods, also the aesthetic reminded me alot of the classic batman films, it's certainly better than dark Knight rises anyway.

Whatever retard thought we needed to see this bitches face to make doubly sure we knew she was a character we had seen before.

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it is a kids movie. Fuck off from this adult board.

I love how Gotham is portrayed. In most films we just see it as a city that Batman beats up mentally ill people in, but in this we get a good feel of the different crime families and their hold on Gotham. There's plenty of great characters from other Batman comics and even Min and Max from the Animated series. I liked some of the artistic liberties used in this too. Alfred being much younger because Batman has only worn the cowl for 2 years, Selina Kyle is Falcone's daughter, and Riddler is a Reddit moderator. I loved seeing orange street lights again too, I kinda miss that warm glow.