Be me

>be me
>troll trooners on /x/ and /lgbt/
>tranny jannies ban me on almost all the boards
What good is this website if I can't even troll those freaks? This place is becoming plebbit lite
Also all the tranny freaks reading this, it's impossible to change genders so cope, seethe, dilate and then 41 percent yourself

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Imagine getting this involved in a conflict that exists entirely within your own deranged imagination

turn on airplane mode for 5 seconds and clear your browser cookies. Make sure to do this on mobile data.

your welcome :^)

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Imagine having to roleplay dumb shit in your retard brain about others just to respond because you're butthurt.

The shit in your imagination isn't real, dumb nigger.

>Imagine getting this involved in a conflict that exists entirely within your own deranged imaginat... ACKKKK

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It's in the public schools, in public streets, on the stuff we watch. It's not in out head, it's fucking everywhere you retarded mong. Pay attention

Is not passing good for you????

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Naw, the incel has been triggered.

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you can go to /k/ and fight on reddit or Z side over ukraine, no one cares about trannies of covid anymore.

I can't imagine how lonely a life must be for that tweeter. Is that you? Do you need a hug?

its too funny hear you and your friends angry and venting

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Those friends of mine are the voices in your own head telling you you're wrong about things, user. Can't you hear them? The faint whispers of your last firing braincells?

are you crying yet?

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Yes. With my friends. Crying with laughter at your obvious inadequacies as a man.

good it will get even worse
prepare your parents for the therapy bills

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I'm not paying for you therapy, user. You need to learn to deal with your own failures yourself. Whether that's your ED or incel nature...

It’s the conservative way

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What's it like knowing you're so repulsive you can't even get the fugly trannies you hate let alone a biological woman?

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Ooft. And you can barely even respond in words resorting purely to visual communication. That level of autism on top of your incel retarded nature must make life so difficult for you.

Do you have a good support circle, user?

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Nobody wants trans guys to fuck them - they aren't worse women they're guys - just guys. That's gay. You are fucking gay.

I don't care if the guy wears a wig - fucking gay.

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>resorting purely to visual communication
calm down shakespeare

He's posting images and you're a fag.

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samefag or hivemind...not that it matters. Retardation is retardation.


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Jannies love trannies I guess

just reset your IP you faggot

think most jannies ARE trannies. It would make sense as to how they can spend all hours of every day of every week monitoring taiwanese pottery hobbyist Internet chats.

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i've only ever seen like two trannies irl

You talk like a retard

YWNBAW or an anime girl.

Trannies need to die. They need to die!

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I’ve seen a few trannies, through friend groups or at work etc. at all time I’ve never felt like I hated them or like they deserved less or anything. I’ve only realistically felt sorry for them. People talk behind their backs and stuff, it’s kinda just depressing. If you’re a tranny it’s your choice imo. Just is depressing to know that you’re looked at with pity more than anything else outside the internet.

If half of them didn't kill themselves people wouldn't feel so bad for them.

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I got a three day ban for saying there's no cute black women

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Blue boards are tightly controlled by jannies.
We have won /qa/, made them delete it.
Now we have to do the same to Yea Forums.

>Imagine getting this involved in a conflict that exists entirely within your own deranged imagination
Imagine having a emotional meltdown because some used the wrong pronouns.

>voices in your own head
Are those like the voices in the head that tell people they need to take hormones and mutilate their bodies?

It's been proven time and time again that there are coordinated discord tranny communities that operate on Yea Forums. The fact that you think you have any room at all the talk about a deranged imagination is pure ironic hilarity.

Seriously? Shouldn't you be dilating or grooming somebody troon?

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touch some grass groomercel

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Hugboxxing kills trannies IRL whcih is why i get on /lgbt and encourage "every beautiful woman to be herself". LMAO

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Like it's all well and good but if you genuinely believe that transsexualism isn't necessarily a naturally occurring phenomenon and is something that can be minimised, I don't think that trolling them is really aiding that cause.

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i got 3 day ban on lgbt for telling somebody theyll never be a woman. it honestly makes me happy cause those faggots never will. just come here discuss how you want the loser jannies and mods to get raped and killed

Edgy teens sure are out in full force today.
Anyway... is ARK Survival Evolved worth playing nowadays?
Last time i played it, it was 2015.


>Edgy teens sure are out in full force today.
I know, god damn trannies.

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So what else is going on with you? Aside from trannies.
Had any delicious foods today? Fucked any women? Hung out with friends?

OP is the user that derails threads to bitch and moan about trannies in off topic discussions