Celebrity thread

Celebrity thread
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I need to goon

Yo Troy was this also made up too?

You contacted me on kik crying and telling me you were suicidal after you cut me off and expected me to be there for you? You made a post on FB about how people were accusing you of being a pedophile and they're idiots who don't understand the meaning of the word. That you don't like kids you just think it's okay for a man to be able to marry and have sex with a 12-year-old woman who understands what she's doing and has menstruated and how it's natural. Your mom told you to take the post down but it was too late and now your family won't talk to you and you just want to end things. I told you I didn't want to talk to you anymore because you're fucked in the head and you let the other pedophile celeb posters feed your delusions and then you made me swear not to tell the rest of the userfags what you did. Then I find out you're talking shit to lima behind my back? You're lucky I don't expose your sick ass you're fucking pathetic

Just wondering

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sometimes my poop stinks. rub it in your fucking face, faggot


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uh oh, stinky.

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We cross paths now and then, i wouldnt call us friends. You shouldn't even be posting after that episode of the troy show the other day.

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Who is she?

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The mind virus known as liberalism

My wife Francesca Capaldi

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Getting kind of young are you taking shots?

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Eve Longoria is old.

Do not want.

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six years


Shay Loren

I think you know

tite dress

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if only I knew

my hard dick

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Is this a Mayan Calendjv4jjar?

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gonna throw up now

I want Kate to violently beat me up and fuck me with a strapon

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no way to live

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I'm just so sick of this look.
>Muttish, vaguely ethnic, just so long as it's not white
>Horrible, obivous lip injections
>"thicc" aka, fat or chubby with zero muscle tone to attract other mutts and niggers


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Is Munn user here?

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no but kim user is on disc


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Is this a Los Angeles sex house?

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I would hope so

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So sexy

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imagine blowing a load all over that pretty face, fuckkk.