Yea Forums is the villain

>Yea Forums is the villain

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Both Catwoman and Gordon being niggers was already a big enough red flag for me to decide I wasn't watching but the more I learn, the more strongly I believe I made the right decision.

Holy crap this thread was just bait. You’re racist as fuck user. Jump off the nearest skyscraper.

Thought you were pointing out how The Riddler acted. But nope, just the usual Yea Forums racism

Batman and Riddler look like gimps from a shitty BDSM event.

Welcome to Yea Forums, nigger. Let me be the first to tell you to hang yourself. Now shouldn't you be doing schoolwork or sleeping?

hows life being a goofy ass batman villain user?

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If only you knew the sacrifices I've made to save this place, user... you wouldn't call me a villain.

Get fucked, poltards & Incels. The Batman was my fav so far.

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Fuck this movie I won't even rent it on dvd

Yes i would

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You can eternally fuck off.

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Really? Tell me more!

Yeah, I can see it right this second on HBOMax, but I'm too lazy. I heard the riddler was an a pseudoincel.

fuck you niggerlover

Nooooo nooooo nooooo noooooo, this is not how it's supposed to go aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh

It was the cringiest scream I’ve heard in theaters kek

cinematography doesn't make up for shitty characters, shitty plots or shitty costume design.

This movie was garbage. 54 mins and I still nothing happened. One fight in the subway of batman actually being batman. another 2 hours and 10 mins of nothing. Even the batmobile didn't get a decent car chase.

And the Riddler wears a suit and ie. None of this chainsaw massacre costume bullshit.

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obvious b8 is obvious

Bruces pain at losing his parents doesn't matter because he was rich and white. So fuck him apparently. only the pain of the poor and the lower class has value.

Also there was no need to turn his father into a criminal, Why do jews do this?

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Nigger, haha.

You really wouldn't if you fully understood what it is I'm doing.

The Thomas Wayne shift was a cheap cash-in on what The Joker movie implied which in itself was still fucking stupid.

If you need to mess with established canon to make your new project work by changing factors that were considered concrete then you've failed as a storyteller.

Who told you that i'm white, white incel virgin nigger

That movie is amazing. I lmao about your salty tears, get rekt like the incel Riddler.

You are garbage, bro.

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I thought it was more of a Qanon type of baddies

Yes i would

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>Has no excuse for weak character development, plot or hokey costumes.

Poltards shilled heavily for Q in the Trump era.

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Wow there are some true idiots in this thread (not the people who liked “the Batman” because it was actually a great movie)

By all means, have a go at The characters were inconsistent across their motivations and actions (and not in some interpersonal conflict way), the costumes are mediocre are best, and the story was what exactly? A complete lameduck version of the synopsis. A few scenes of "visceralness" don't take back the hamfisted approach to the whole thing.

The movie focused on the comic origins of Batman, in which Batman actually investigated like in a crime thriller. A thriller usually develop slowly.
It was a great movie, i can smell your hatred because you maybe indentify yourself with the incel enemy side?

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Alrighty then. I see no way to change your mind without blowing my cover so I guess I'll just bid you good day, sir.

Literally not a single mention of casting, nor was or will it be relevant to my issues with the film

The comic origins you speak of were interspersed panels caused by the comics code and style of the time. It's 2022. Try again.

Now imagine the meltdown you'd have if they made Cyborg white or something.

>this is his him behind his cover

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Doesn't answer the inconsistent actions/motivations, poor costuming and plot pacing which was less about investigation and more about pointless runtime dragging exposition.

that would probably be kind of cool actually

Well, at least you're a consistent faggot.

>being this mad that the batman movie has black people in it

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i'm watching a 1080 rip of this on my HD projector right now and while it's visually spectacular, i think it does retarded things to exploit 3D and overall, the writing is extremely dumb. it's like exceptionally carefully retarded. marky mark has to over explain everything, and everyone has like a robotic 90 IQ. it's very specially retarded. it's got to be so that dumb asians can like it with subtitles. people don't realize that asians are NOT "smart", they're fucking idiots who need over explained simple shit. they only appear to be intelligent if they study six hours a day compared to lazier white people who only study for two.

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see but if this is the best fans of The Batman have then I'm not surprised. There is little to defend about the film so any petty excuse for why people may hate it is a fine scapegoat as fan.

How to say “I’m Racist and i hate black people” without saying “I’m Racist and i hate black people”

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t. incel batman villain

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No, it's fine! I'll say it: I'm racist and I hate black people! Still a shitty movie regardless.

>confirmed for shit film with no redeemable qualities by its own fans.

>everyone i dont agree with is a comic book villain!

Only an incel racist comic book villain would use greentext to say they’re not an incel racist comic book villain

>villain wants to stop the never-ending corruption and hold corrupt higher ups beyond the reach of law accountable
>somehow this is bad
Idk man. If you're going for a villain at least give him bad motives.

Haven't seen this yet, but I think I'll wait for the next one.
The one where they inevitably make Bruce black.
It will tell the harrowing tale of how young Bruce saw his parents murdered by a white supremacist.
How as an adult he spends his days spending his money supporting the underprivileged black youthes of Gotham and fighting institutional racicm, while by night he is batman, beating the rampant racist thugs on the streets and supervillains who all happen to be played by white actors.
It will truly be the pinnacle of modern storytelling.
I can't wait.

you're going in the wrong direction. batman has always supposed to have been homosexual. so is superman. the future "justice league" will involve batman and superman making out and it will be considered "cool". that's what i thought they were going for last time, because the whole idea of two men fighting to eventually fall in love with each other is a gay trope. many films involved men having total brawling fights as homoeroticism. they didn't exactly go that far but next time they'll go all the way. they won't blackwash them.

Motive =/= action. You can commit atrocities for any reason, they're still atrocities. Didn't see the movie but I assume from the trailers that Riddler blew up a few innocent civilians. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't know if you keep up but they made him a tranny in one of the recent comics so watch out for that.

Collateral damage caused by good guys is a thing in almost every conflict, movie or real life

Sure, but I'm assuming ol' RIddles made no attempt to avoid it. Again, correct me if I'm wrong because I'm literally just assuming since past incarnations of Riddler I've seen wouldn't have given a shit and I refuse to see the movie to find out if this one's different.

He blew up some dams at the end which caused the entire city to flood plus some shooting by his goons.
I mean yeah they had to do that to show who the comic book bad guy is and to make people stop cheering for him.
Up until that he was just killing corrupt politicians, cops, influential rich and powerful people and yes the people in the fictional city were mostly supportive of him. If you exclude the end part, his main objective was not bad and pretty much ideologically similar to good guys of history: eat the rich, ACAB and stuff.

>RIddles made no attempt to avoid it
He was petty much sticking to punishing the bad guys and he achieved what he wanted(got the main big bad guy dead). But at the end out of nowhere for some reason went berserk on the innocents

>eat the rich
Oh my... Have you tried getting a job and not breaking the law about it?

its just a lazy reddit nigger, someone who has never had to defend their "i like current thing" point of view because their usual boards are moderated to the gills.