This is Sabrina Javellana, a public official from Florida. She doesn’t like men making photoshopped nudes of her

This is Sabrina Javellana, a public official from Florida. She doesn’t like men making photoshopped nudes of her.

She even went on the news and wants to ban Yea Forums. Can anyone make more deepfakes?

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Make her look like Fidel Castro. That will really piss her off.

LOL thanks for the laugh user.

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not asking for one dummy

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God i want to make sweet love to her and cuddle after wards.

She would be fun to be inside of, that's for sure.

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She's ugly as fuck. Why would anyone want nudes of that?

she aint ugly dude

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You're about 11 years too late, kid, nobody likes to have fun around here anymore. It's all porn and psychological operations now.

Ew, nigger

Thats too bad. I was told that Yea Forums would take care of it

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Public official by day, blacked slut choking on nigger dick by night.

Oh boy

Totally would breed

The thought of choking her gets me rock hard

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Mmm mmm huge mommy milkers on this beautiful woman.

You just have low standards

She has to learn that her big tits are meant for that

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i takes me less than 2 seconds--it takes about 1.3 seconds to process anything--for me to dismiss her as brown trash. you can have her.

Can someone deepfake my cousin her tits are pretty much almost visible

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Keep going

they are huge in this video

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they look really heavy too.

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Wait... that hand!


she cute in an ugly kind of way. bet she's prime slampig material

becuase it pisses her off and makes her feel violated, from something that has literally no effect on her, and that she would need to spend hours searching for online to ever even be aware of.

She’s average at best. I wouldn’t waste my time photoshopping her face onto another slut unless she was deep dicking a nigger and I could send it to her mom and dad.

nice tits

Her body is made to be degraded

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Does she want to ban Yea Forums? Should we be for or against her?

Hell fuckin yeah, something about her really gets the blood flowing for me.

>unless she was deep dicking a nigger
look closer at that picture, user...

to summarize the OP video... She hates Yea Forums because she found deepfakes of her on it.

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And all the hate she gets makes me even harder

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Which means she's probably watching this thread at this very moment. God I fucking love her even more.
Hell yeah brother!

this much sexual tension with a public official is fucking hot

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I'd suck a fart out of her ass

There are real nudes out there too

It's like..she was a whore, sent or uploaded nudes and now she's crying that they're circulating and people are making fakes

Honey the day you release or share nudes you'll be forever known as a trashy pornstar, with all the memes and fakes that come with it

I hope she's reading these replies...

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oh yes she fucking is.
To quote a youtuber from a few years ago.
"I wouldn't even rape her".

Yeah she was definitely a slut at one time and her conscious is catching up with her

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God I hope. I want her to know all the degrading things that need happen to her.

So she's changed the sharing nudes for attention to politics and being a victim for attention.

The next anita sarkeesian?

me too. I wonder if her tits are this big when shes naked.

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Any more photos like this but nothing in the way of her chest?

Do you even understand what's going on here zoomie? She literally cried in court about deepfakes and how they are basically rape and she's been traumatized and we're gonna ban Yea Forums.
The fun part is how she freaks out when they're too realistic.
I'm so disappointed in the next generation they don't even understand what makes something funny they're too busy being pissy little bitches like this guy. We get it tough guy youre too cool to be having fun on the internet. Why don't you fuck off back to plebbit

Fuck she has to know too.

What a dumb fucking hoor. Imagine trying to tell people what they can do with their own fucking PCs.

if you have to ask, you need to go back to réddit

She didn't even find them one of her faggot simp friends showed her. The one who showed her is probably the one who made them and "found them" on Yea Forums.

Like this?

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With a bit more body as well. Need room for the boobs what they are added

Definitely she's wearing bra in most pictures but even then there big enough for me to smothering my face in them.

I'll try to find more cleavage shots for you user

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She is getting more and more pervs into her daily now.

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I would enjoy flicking my tongue against her nipples.

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Need more pics of her


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Cause she's hot

I mean she’s not ugly but I don’t really consider her hot. You know

I wonder how she feels reading these replies "she's hot" "she's ugly" "mommy milkers' lol

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Phuc she's hot in this pic.

yeah she makes me hard as fuck

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She's 1/2 flip which means she can make a mean lumpia and marinated chicken on a skewer.
After dinner she will blow you too. What's not to like?

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Dude that slight exposure of the belly is fucking delicious!

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I don't care what she thinks, i want her to know my degrading and sexual fantasies about her. I love this woman!

I would love to lick her tummy, then her thighs, then the pussy...

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