Kik Thread

Kik Thread

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Kik: fleshlightworship

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41 M4F Canada
Bored and horny get me off limits scat piss gore kids and gay shit

cheating slut i met on omegle. getting wins was easy, even made her deepthroat a banana for me lol. her bf's name is chance apparently. if you get wins from her, post your kik.
her kik is aundryuh

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looking for tribs and caps/edits of my gf

Show me girls you think deserved to be raped

I am looking for Anons who are willing to record video tributes jerking to a Chubby/Thicc ex of mine who I caught cheating on me with a BBC that eventually turned into getting cucked.

I will feed you non nudes first for you to trib

And once you do I trib I will start sending nudes. And the content will get better with each trib you send.

Have nudes and vids of her getting blacked.

>do not message me if you aren't going to trib

>don't message me about trading or anything that isn't a tribute.

>don't message me begging for nudes without doing anything for them

And you can add Me to any active tribute groups

Kik Grizzly616

What a great life. Now give me your gf cuck so I can jerkoff since I have to fall asleep soon. Jakekilly97

Trading amateur or beast

Kik Makomako42
Peer pressure me to give up all my Asian girlfriend's nudes for permanent reposting

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JanaDephiPrincessa - jerking to hentai, furry, traps and amateurs

Let's talk about sharing my girl on a vacation with you and how it would go kik gabased

19yo straight bull here. Huuge dick. Kik ziguuum

Show me anithing that you want. No rules. No lim. Love feet and incest.
Kik: alantobare
Speak spanish tooá

Fap, trib to my sis
Kik: bsef2

Kik: depor776 ill show my wife

Kik: nivabella

Into cuck stuff. I like sharing pics of my fwb whos engaged. Really into degredation, humiliation, being insulted etc.


Trade teens and taboo

looking for a cutie to feed gfur to!

kik: merc7613

26 m USA

I enjoy hearing about gay group experiences from guys who experimented and got pretty dirty with a bunch of buds growing up, especially during sleepovers, campouts, scouts, school trips etc.

If this describes you, you’re 18+ and are down to chat about the fun you had then feel free to message me anytime. Even if you consider yourself straight I won’t judge. Include your ASL when you message.

If you only want to talk about a rape/molestation experience then don’t bother, I’m only interested in hearing about consensual experiences.


8inch bwc jerking to whatever you send and showing off. Hmu

Don't hide the goods give her to us

F, Lesbian, Horny
Send cute amature feet -> Get nudes

Kik idiot818

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Need some hentai to jerk it to, or maybe your hot girl if she's really that good. Would love to blow before bed.

I can get into any Snapchat account. I have worked for Snapchat pretty much since the beginning of its existence and in that time I gained a set of skills that has let me get into any Snapchat account. If this interests you message me on Snapchat or kik messenger and let’s talk business. My username for both is turned_toast

Available now

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Trading beast and tabboo, s2r
Kik ElenaBy98


Doing tribs of your family and friends, can also talk about your fantasy

Can't satisfy your slut and want a real man to do it? Or just want to share her nudes?
M27 thick german cock
Kik: davidavedav12

Kik: Jadentrues
Looking for a cute femboy trap lol

Hump day

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Coked up and can’t get hard. Want to watch someone expose my ex online whether I want it or not. Hithere5764

Send me r@pe real or otherwise for a surprise

I need a mean bull to force me to go all the way with exposing my gf. Make me give up all her pics and info and make me watch her become a fully exposed webslut. No limit exposure

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Vid or mega trade maddiiiiii2884

Exposing my cousins nudes for pizza

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19yo straight bull here from france. Huuge dick. Kik ziguuum

My kik @pokemarco

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Kik: Juice0343

jerkjerking54311 trading and stroke to sluts?

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25/m send me your sexiest women for me to do a late night jerk off to, I'm horny as fuck and need to cum. Also willing to show of my ex. 18+. Kik is throwawayjerker19

Kik is 4away232

I want to cum to your girls, especially the innocent ones.

Send me your daughter/sister/gf and we cna talk about her while I jerk off to her.

Tribs or caps of my wife are welcome if you want tits


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Horny bi m teen addicted to jerking for pervs wick and kik are veryhornymess..... if you have tik tok we can chat about my teen ex!

Tell me how you’d fuck some Asian girls I know

Kik throwaway1636617388

Still here

straight, hung cock
looking to blow my thick load, been edging for a while now but ready to be pushed over the edge
send anything you got that's good, no lims
kik: user_throw2

thrownaway134 - no lims trading

Playing exposure game with my gf, come check out out. Kik moriv18

toaster99x looking for PA bros and hoes


Send anything no limit kik: anonguy012345 also down to join groups

young latina gf, tribute or trade
kik dachri27

Might as well put I just want free pics

High and horny
kik: mortalkoil13

Real! I just won

Can you convince me to share have of my ex
Pic Related


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Win my nuse gf, trade for wins after game. Come play. Kim moriv18

No you didn't lol god this is a new low even on Yea Forums

Talking about 18yo gf, advice/wholesome talk

Kik ggezg
Let's trade hentai/porn

Brainwash me to be fully impotent
Brainwash me to need breast implants.

Specifically looking for constant msgs about my size and that Im going impotent. Keep it always on my mind so to turn my performance anxiety into permanent impotence.

Cant see myself ever getting implants as it is but thats qhy I'd need brainwashing till I need them.

Kik: sissy2train

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Stop being bitter you lost lol