Big dick thread. Post your favorites

Big dick thread. Post your favorites.

Bonus points for webm of big cocks shooting big ropes.

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Need those in my mouth

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Why are big dicks so hot? And why does seeing them pulse as they shoot out a pearly white load drive me crazy?

Because cocks deserve worship. No other reason. They demand we worship them.

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I guess big dick is what I'm jerking off to today, just hope there's a cocks cumming thread on /gif/

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Time for some real dicks?

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You were meant to post a vid of you cumming a few weeks ago and you never did!

Unfgh daddy....

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Suck it white boy

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Do I get a r8

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I thought I posted one?

Monster thread

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I would beg for his cum
Deliciosa vergota papi 10/10


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I stole these the other day

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>shooting big ropes.

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She needs some big cock tribute kik me - Fitcock9

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How do you steal something like this?

What are you an idiot? Shooting big delicious ropes of cum

Some user posted them in a thread

Hate to tell you this but those vids have been compressed not make that dick look longer than it is

no way.... oh crap

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? What?? There's a hand on the cock, unless there's been some Hollywood level CGI manipulation with that as a reference you know the cocks massive

>ITT: faggots who like to look at men’s cocks. I hope someone gouges your eyes out with pliers, OP. Filthy faggot

Imagine the smell

This is me. Not the biggest but does a good job.

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Can I suck it too?!?! Please

Morning wood bump

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May I participate

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imagine thinking everybody on the internet was male

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Some big juicy cocks in here.. definitely need them

Bro, do you bit understand aspect ratio at all? Let me put it simply, let's say the image was originally captured as a square but if you compressed the sides (pinched them in) it would make everything longer.

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>everything longer
That's exactly the point you colossal fucking retard. The hand changes exactly as much as the cock, everything in the video remains proportional, it doesn't just make the cock stretch stupid cunt. That makes his cock approximately 3 palm widths long. Unless he's some mutant with a 2" wide palm that puts his cock in the 9"+ range. Sorry you're such a moronic fuckwit that you don't understand how ratios, or I'm assuming anything works. Tbh it's a massive surprise you even know how to breath. Kill yourself cunt

Vids of your cock squirting baby juice please!

OC not sure if big enough, but can I get a rate

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Lol I managed this once, it's an odd feeling cumming in your own ass

Yeah it's unusual . The visual is more a turn on than the feeling

Mine count?

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Gf and I are in Chicago and would b very interested in meeting up with one or even a few hung dominant bulls our kik:cuckcouple233

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jew dicks are disgusting

In my experience women overwhelmingly prefer cut dick and find uncut dicks gross. Never once heard of a woman preferring uncut dick

nice cock