Yeah. These people definitely deserve a raise for providing such a fine dining experience

Yeah. These people definitely deserve a raise for providing such a fine dining experience.

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Maybe if they were paid more you'll get the fine dining you expect from a fast food establishment.

Something I don’t understand about fast food restaurants is why they even have a “dining area” to begin with. Sonic and checkers are ahead of the game, who the fuck even sits down to eat at a fast food place anyway? Other than homeless people.

>Goes to McDonalds
>Expects everything to be Michelin Star Standards

There's your first mistake.....

I think this is more a commentary about the customers rather than the staff.

In AUS, our Maccas are kept pretty clear except for the super high traffic stores in the night club areas, and even then they dont come close to OP's pic.

I've never seen a McDonald's look like that. But I've also never lived in a blue state.

Troll post, but not even a good one. Its the customers leaving the place like a shit hole.

I don't know where this is taken, but where I live, the customers are suppoesd to empty the trays into the trash and leave the trays next to them on a neat stack. What I see is first and foremost a failure on the customer's part to abide with the expected behaviour. And if it's a busy night, the workers might be really fucking busy, and they always have to prioritize taking and fulfilling orders above cleaning after the customers, since it's expected that the customers maintain a degree of cleanliness independently.

That said, the workers in fast food restaurants are often overworked and underpaid. They deserve more than they get.

the thing is, i dont know if its different in us but other mac/kfc/etc places elsewhere have a janitor or cleaner position whos job that is, who gets none of the tips
if you do a good job as a cleaner in america youre basically the cuck in the "is having a daughter cuckoldry" meme

Simping for the man again?

>make my boss give me more money or ill ruin your day!
How about no, nigger? This is between you and your boss. Why would you even agree to work for an amount of money you're not satisfied with? Get a better job maybe.

clearly not all at once. its built up over a long period of time due to lazy employees.

Stop being a nigger and throw your shit in the garbage instead of the floor.

They might be understaffed, like so many other businesses, especially in the food sector.

Listen troglodyte, you get the experience you are prepared to pay for. If you want fast food, that's the experience. You want "fine dining" be prepared to pay, and pay well.

Not throwing other people's trash in the garbage and that's clearly from multiple people.

Not my problem.

A group of niggers and zoomers probably had just left leaving the place a disgrace because they’re pieces of shit.

But user, they got their G.E.D. when they were in jail.....they deserve a starting wage of $125,000 a year.

Expecting trash to remain in the can is hardly asking for fine dining.

ill say is again


What's wrong with people in the us?

Customers making a mess out of the restaurant.
> It's the workers fault.
WTF is wrong with you entitled idiot

Dude, is that Civic Maccas?

black people are raised to hate society and they're a bad influence on other children

>I want a 5 star Michelin dining experience even though I can barely afford dollar menu items
Found the nigger

Cope, commie. At least we have enough food to go around that there are restaurants to trash in the first place.

Or people can not live like fkn animals

That's somewhere in europe
American mcdonalds doesnt serve fanta.

It's the employees' job to clean up if the customer leaves a mess, nigger, not mine. Yeah, it'd be great if people weren't leaving messes but if that's what you wanted, you just wouldn't allow minorities in the building.

there are only 3 stars possible for any given restaurant.

This looks like a bus full of niggers showed up and left.

Try dealing with a surge of drunk people late at night.
Yes its the employees job to clean, but when all your costumers are drunk pigs throwing food on the ground, its impossible to keep up.

>could someone whos job it is please get this literal trash off the table ive paid to eat at

OP has never worked a hospo or food service job in his life.

Not my fault you're lazy, nigger. Just sweep it up and put it in the trash. WOW, it's gone in like a minute! Magic!

>It's the employees' job to clean up if the customer leaves a mess, nigger, not mine.

You’ve been brought up badly.

Probably because he stayed in school, niggy.

This is Wellington New Zealand..
A city with almost no blacks.

Says the nigger who can barely put in the work required at a fucking burger joint.

So a bunch of bogan as fuck whitey NZ trash on welfare then...same diff

>good culinary experience
>Mc Donalds


Being this clueless...what's it like still living at home with mommy and daddy wiping your ass and paying your bills?

Is it so hard for you to take your garbage to the dumpster? It seems that someone was not educated well

Duuude this is such a bullshit argument you are pulling right now OP. I've worked in 8 different fast food establishments (I'm 48 I've been a career fast food wage slave for 34 years) and this kind of dining room disaster has NEVER occurred in all that time for me. In fact most of us fast food employees are held to an extremely high standard of cleanliness and we have to uphold those standards 24/7 and it's exhausting. Most fast food dining room areas look spotless. And stop treating fast food like it's some shameful thing, it's fucking awesome and tastes amazing and you love it so suck a cock.

Fast food workers definitely deserve the raise, they take metaphorical big black cock every day from customers just to pay their rent. Not everybody is educated enough to get a good job OP, and I'm not just talking niggers.

hahahaha small brain!!

Most likely a bunch of drunk white young adults after a night of partying,


I've worked in fast food places and I can say that there it is swept at least, in the OP's place not because they are disgusting, but it is rare to see a dirty establishment

You misunderstand. I clean up after myself but it's not my job to do it for other people. It's the employees'.

This is clearly the work of street ape customers, and nigger staff.


When this is how costumers act, then management needs to hire more people to clean up.
Or they need to start paying current workers more to pick up even more duties.
Because clearly the system management set up isn't working.

I work as an extended scope physiotherapist. When you’ve been fucked up, the orthopaedic surgeon operates on you, you’ve got complex issues, it’s me that rehabilitates you. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for probably 15 years, but I wouldn’t leave McDonald’s like this. You’ve been brought up badly if you think it’s acceptable to treat people in shit jobs like shit. You’ve been brought up badly to have the audacity, to think it’s acceptable for you to leave a place like you’re a wild animal, and it’s their job to correct it. I’ve worked with professional sports teams that clean up after events. Make no mistake, you’re ignorant, selfish, entitled scum, you’re time deaf and have no self respect let alone consideration for others or empathy.

>I’ll lower myself and behave like scum because someone else will clean up
>I’ll leave the environment a shit hole, someone else will deal with it
>Not my problem


The extreme cleanliness thing is very true, they are extremely clean and it is even stressful to clean so much, so if the photo of the OP seems very strange to me, could it be that he works there and does not clean?

Get a real job, nigger.

not really niggers as such, i goto my local McD's late at night and all i see are Bogans that leave and this old Chinese dude comes in and cleans the place, its worse than this pic no joke, as i come in there are fries and spilt drink everywhere and what looks like people throwing pickles and burger patties at the window, sauce all over the fucking tables but this Chinese dude he puts his head down with the sweeper and will clean it for a good part of the night, i believe he is contracted to McD's as a cleaner but same thing he would get paid fuck all but i still see him at it most nights im there, i guess someone has to clean up after filthy grubs and Aussieland is full of them, i feel sorry for the cleaner more than anything.

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I'm not the one you're responding to, but it's true that no one would leave a place like this, neither customers nor employees, maybe there's something they haven't told us, there's a lack of context in that photo

I dont even work in fast food
But anyone with half a brain can see this location is understaffed and cant keep up with costumers.
Either hire more people or start paying workers more to do twice as much work.


Read my OG post again, retard. I'm not the one leaving the mess. I don't leave my messes to other people. I'm simply saying it's not my job as the customer to pick up after other customers. I highly doubt you have the job you say you have with your low level of reading comprehension.

Based, fuck entitled Americans like OP, they are disgusting people all around.

First do the job you were hired to do, then ask about getting more money, nigger.

Never in my fucking life have I seen a McDonald's like this, where the fuck do you live to know establishments like this?

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You get what you pay for.

It's just as disgusting not to clean your workplace because you're a princess bitch

Don't know who you are talking to.
Obviously this picture is from a franchise that can't keep up. Management needs to make changes.

>Raise minimum wage to $15
>Raise standards for employees
>If employees don't meet the standards they'll be let go
>Employees proceed to do their best to meet those standards cause fuck working in a place that pay $7.25 p/h

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So that's a "yes, I enjoy being taken care of because I lack the life skill and experience to do it myself"

not based at all. In Mexico you clean it the fuck up and I leave my shit for you to have a job.

>Remembering that receiving a professional degree in the United States only costs assistance and money, and that nobody cares if you will learn something

This picture could've been taken literally within minutes of the mess or during a late night/early morning drunk rush...what's your point?

I would guess this is probably a picture from an understaffed Mcdonalds in Hollywood/San Francisco.

Why bother management when the employees can just do their fucking jobs?

Wellington, New Zealand.

I'm not paying for your trash, nigger.

Says the nigger working fast fucking food!

Because managements sole propose is to maintain a workforce that can keep up with the demands of the job.

Don't be so fucking demanding, keep in mind that fast food workers are young guys and it may be their first job, don't expect professional treatment, but yes, they deserve better salary

If u live in Aussie, Qld theres a Mcd at Logan, on a Thurs,Fri and Sat it is fucked no joke, on a main Hwy and central to where all the unemployed are

Flipping burgers is not worth $15 an hour no matter how good you happen to be at it. I do it at home for free, dude. I'm not paying more just because you're greedy and lazy.

>doesn't deny being a total NEET living with mommy and daddy

In that case, this is probably a freak location with shitty staff. It's not an American joint so it cannot represent the whole of fast food, especially workers in America. Not a single American Mcdonalds looks like this it is just not allowed. I've seen managers get fired for leaving a mess 1/3 this size throughout the day.

They literally make you shave your face clean to the bone every day and will not allow you to work with stubble in 80% of locations. This is not normal or acceptable.

My point is that if the OP is saying that McDonald's are generally dirty places with that photo, that's wrong, since, well, personally, I've never seen a McDonald's with so much garbage, a little yes, but there it seems that the garbage can was hidden or something like that

Clearly you've never been out late at night into the early AM in any major or even minor city

I actually agree. Just don't be upset when they fire your lazy ass as they should instead of paying you more just so you don't chimp out.

Dude that's not comparable at ALL. When you do it, you are making food for yourself/family/friends and you do it once in a while and just one time in one batch for yourselves. At Mcdonalds you do it ALL day for hundreds of people. That's serious physical labor after an hour or two.

I think you're just ignorant.

>go to any fast food place near me
>it's pristine because everyone is too lazy to enter the store and just goes through the drive through

I actually am NEET. However, I'm not here demanding more NEETbucks. You are.