Why are all the rights heros in a powerful pedophile ring? Every. Single. One

Why are all the rights heros in a powerful pedophile ring? Every. Single. One.

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Literally who?

Rights ?


Lefts ?

No difference they're all there to manipulate what you think of them.

is it just me or is Jizz Lane's tiddies lookin good af in this pic

I'd like to see what proof you have.

Why is all the Left strewn bait rancid?
Why does the Left always accuse of the Right what they themselves are and do?
D. E. F. L. E. C. T. I. O. N.

Why are all saxophone players secretly purple zebras in disguise?

See how easy it is to make shit up with no proof?

>I'd like to see what proof you have
>looks at picture of someone with known elite pedophile

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He won
Get the fuck over it

that's super fucking retarded. right wing and left wing ideologies are mutually exclusive.
You have to be 18 or older kid

Hush, your scaring him with logic!

Nope, when you get older you'll understand there are differences even if you are wise to not trust any for much.

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Why are all the left's heroes in a powerful pedophile ring?
Every. Single. One.

American politics is a sham
America is owned by Israel

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If that works as proof then literally everyone in Hollywood are pedos

Yeah because a father kissing his daughter on the back of her head is totally proof of pedophilia. Grow up.

Are you asking for cp? That isn't allowed here.

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every really powerful rich person is fucking kids unless they're some loser with a bunch of moral baggage or something
News flash retard, hating pedos is loser shit. it's that simple lol. you can hate them until you die, you'll still die. being a pedo only exists at the lower levels because "pedo" is a negative term despite being such an objectively pleasurable experience.
it's the highest pleasure so only the highest people get it. That's why even serial killers are looked down upon less than pedos. you can be someone who has never physically harmed anyone but if you're a confirmed pedo cuz you're just attracted to them kiddies, even the most sadistic will hate you. pedos get what only the best of humanity should get so unless you're that, gtfo go to jail lmao

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No I'm asking for a news source that proves that there's literally any pedophilia on the right, stop projecting.

>Defending their pedo overlords

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Why are Americans obsessed with pedophilia? They constantly talk about it, they constantly accuse each other of being pedophiles and now calling each other groomers

You know good ol’ trump was slipping his daughter his hog.

Yeah because a man going on the Lolita Express isn't proof of pedophilia

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Actually I don't know that because there's literally no evidence or any criminal records or anything whatsoever proving or stating that. Stop making shit up.

Please, not to humiliate for English!

Americans are retarded

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Kek Jimmies rustled? Do you think he busted in her?

If you honestly believe that the Lolita Express existed then you're an idiot. There's no proof that it existed whatsoever. It's all left-wing propaganda.

Where shall we begin?

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>fake newspaper image

Which eliminated the middle man

>Heil Hitler dubs!

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Do you think he drugged her first or was he like, hey sweety, let’s play that dr game we always play?

>Anything that challenges my world-view is fake!

You're sick. Get help or off yourself, freak.

It gets worse.

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You can post all these random fake screenshots all you want but they literally prove nothing because they are not real.

closeted homosexual Republicans in my government? Well, I never. Next you'll be telling me my televangelist is doing lines of coke with strippers on a private jet.

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From Speaker of the House to inmate. MAGA!

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But alas, they are

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Go crazy!

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Only beloved GEOTUS is real.
Praise GEOTUS!

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So many in his circle

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Check the filename, Sparky. It's the filing number of the complaint. You can look it up yourself.

man, if only dopey joe was a pedo in instead of being not the absolute worst US president ever

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Everyone in this thread except for me is a groomer pedo schizophrenic

actually ep wasnt a convicted pedo just underage
left autism continues

ever notice how all the eastern european oligarchs funding both sides of this war, and connected to trump, are dual-israelis? why did 'russiagate' never mention it?
because both sides are beholden to the same mafia, see: maxwell i.e. israel.

Not true. See

isnt it the middle of 2022? lol full blown TDS

You're slurring your words. Take your meds or stop drinking? Both?

Literally who
Memes aren't reality schizo

itt pinkos seethe about their master trump who owns their lives and out-earns them in every capacity

>trying to link Elon Musk to a pedo ring you denied exist
So leftists now believe in Qanon?

You don't like having rights, OP?


PS You are one lazy fuck.

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I ain't clicking that shit nigga

Because you are a legitimate retard if you think it's simply a right thing as opposed to a 'powerful person' thing, can go back and forth all fucking day about left did this right did that. But notice how all of these people have money and influence?

Qanon was a planted distraction. It's clear the real pedophile ring is centered around Trump and Epstein. The connections are right there out in the open and undeniable.

Are you paid to shill this hard to defend your overlord Musk or do you do it for free?

Not him but you act like s reddit manchild

Gee wiz, Ron's spiritual advisor is a pedophile too? Wowzers!

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you know, just because you talk to someone and have taken a picture with them, doesn't mean you know everything about them.

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Not him but you are pathetic

Kikes are lower than rats. They aren't smart enough to do shit

It should be obvious. Right wing people want to be abused, oppressive people tend to be powerful, powerful people often abuse their power.

The left doesn't defend its deviants. He'll we push out even sexual harrasers. The right will defend their own and demand a tape of the incident in full HD before admiting it and even then will justify it.

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