Jasmine thread. Post your Jasmines. I know someone has videos. Where they at??

Jasmine thread. Post your Jasmines. I know someone has videos. Where they at??

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Woodland, CA

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bump/more pussy?

Sure. Here’s her pussy bf.

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The Thing!

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nice beef, more?

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How do u know them?

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Friends with her ex who she cheated on.

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Sounds about right, based on how she looks.
Feel kinda bad for her tho. She's got deep insecurity in that face. But idk, gotta be more responsible with your own body and commitments. Can't give much pity to her

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>feel bad for her tho
You wouldn’t of you knew her.

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Jasmine Casas
Woodland CA

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Ya, I don't doubt it.
Some people are just condemned to negativity in both mind and body I guess ヽ(´ー`)ノ
Like she reasonably couldn't fix all that even if she wanted to. Idek how a vagina ends up like this

Like, all I see is madness in those eyes and it depresses me a bit

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Look at those little titties though

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Not into tiny titties. Makes girls look underdeveloped


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She’s clearly not underdeveloped tho.

what in the fuck am i looking at here?

The Thing, retard. Watch the movie.

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Jasmine Casas

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Nice butthole

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I know her older brother. I wanna send these to him. Should I?

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Cheating whore
Jasmine Casas
51 Utah Ave
Woodland CA

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Who gives a dick about some 4/10

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Let her know then, complaining faggot.

What the fuck is wrong with b?
Yeah, I know. /b used to take advanced of something like this. Modern b complains and white knights. Fuck all you zoomed faggots. Go back to Red. and stay their you useless moral fags.

thanks faggot.

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Like her pink bra? I do.

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Bump. Jasmine is a cunt.

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Her address. Someone hit her up. Anyone live nearby? I would hit her up if I could.

I live nearby but this who’re doesn’t seeM worth it. What do we get out of it??

Just do it. Quit being a fag like other b lurkers.

No mamen, pinche Mexicanos. No Sean useless for once.
Pinche Mexicanos aruinan todo.

Mexicans for real ruin everything. For some reason they think their shitty culture is better than everyone else’s.

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51 Utah Ave
Woodland Ca
Fuck you Asian, pussy faggots that’ll report this. Keep crying. Good for nothing pieces of snit. You’ll understand when you get some pussy. But I doubt that’ll ever happen.


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Stupid cheating whore workes for Nuggets Markets in northern CA.

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bumpity bump for more Jamine nudea