Haven't received a DM from any of my friends that wasn't a response to something I sent in nearly a week...

Haven't received a DM from any of my friends that wasn't a response to something I sent in nearly a week, also just left a server I was in for like three weeks and not one person cared enough to DM me. It's honestly so sad it's almost funny. So I ask this, can anyone give me a legitimate reason to not kill myself other than "it might get better" or "think of your family"? Genuine question. That's all anyone ever says and I'm pretty fucking tired of it

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Correction, server I was in for three YEARS. Nearly three fucking years with these assholes and not one cares that I left

Oh damn no I’m in the same boat.
I go out maybe twice a month if I’m lucky.

Same. There's fuck all to do around here, and my three irl friends are all hours away now. Pretty tired of it

You shouldn't care about your social appetites user. There is a reason that this happens you were predisposed to social awkwardness. We all are do not fret over it. You are stronger than you think use that strength

Last time Is spoke to a friend was about two months ago and even then it was meant with cold remarks clearly wishing to leave.

* "friends" only reach out when I do
* no one cares so imma take my basketball and go home

brah, you gonna wake up and do it all over again as someone else. we dont get out this shit till we learn what we came here to learn. rather than focus so much on the acceptance and love of others you need to _stop_... start looking in the mirror and delving inward...


my bestfriend of 12 years sometimes goes 6 months without talking to me

we are on different sides of the planet at the moment but still

why do you need others to live? Build a cabin in the woods bitch.

I imagine you also feel like they have more fun with anyone else than you

I think I've learned more than enough

Yes, and I curse what gods may be for allowing me to be born this way. Cruel fucking joke

so? who cares kys

Because being alone is miserable and boring

Yeah, because they do. Friend just recently went on a fucking tour of Europe with his college friends. Other friend is going to airsoft events and shit, and other friend is literally in a band and constantly going out on the city and going to shows and playing at shows


thats not up to you. if you had then this illusion would dissolve on its own accord. you need to experience enthiogens and digging inward. if you're going to take the easy way out no reason not to try it first. you'll see though, you realize this is just a "scene" and not the end. counciousness doesn't die, just changes forms. we are here to grow and learn. you posting this should be all the confirmation you need to know that you have not learned enough. your words cousin

Maybe not gods, but pure chance. Overcome chance and be better for yourself.

one of my ex's (whom I still care for a lot) had a cleft palate and serious hangup over it. spoke the same way all the gd time. its all ego and an illusion. learn what you can, take what you can from here, we're not here that long. also consider that you very well may have chosen this. its entirely possible that we chose harder lifes to learn more faster. let go of the bullshit and just try to take care of the decent people around you. forget about the rest

I suggest growing up and realising your "friends" have lives that don't revolve around you

Yeah I've already done plenty of drugs bro. Ive formed my opinions on the nature of this life and all that. I also don't believe in all that hippy dippy spiritual shit beyond a surface level. I've had my share of fun and am not interested in wasting any more time suffering here

Your acting like a baby I ruined RUINED my life and im gunna lay down and die.

My life was ruined from the start honestly, it just finally caught up with me

How retarded do you think I am? Obviously I know that.

There are billions of people alive. Some will like you, some won’t, & you won’t meet 99.999999% of humans anyways. Do what makes you happy. Don’t depend on people

What? That’s fucking retarded, your friends are supposed to be people you can just chill with at practically a moment’s notice. Friends revolve around each other.

Right now there isn't much that makes me happy, certainly not enough to outweigh what makes me miserable. So I don't see much reason to keep wasting time with this

How is high school going?

Unironically high school was great compared to this due to the forced regular social interaction. However, that user is right

i feel that, how are you thinking of killing yourself?

Probably. It's messy and I'll feel bad for whoever finds me and has to deal with it, but I'll be too dead to care. Any other method is too slow, unreliable, or painful

i was thinking some kind of overdose or jumping in front of a train/bus

OD would be good but I personally don't have anything to do it with. If I had like some opiates like morphine or heroin tho, I'd probably go for that since it's not particularly messy, although it's a bit slow. Train or bus is just too likely to fuck up and leave you maimed and even worse off than before

Well before killing yourself… why not use your money & fuck hookers all day or something?

i was personally planning to OD tomorrow, how about you? made any plans?

No they aren't buddy

you're going to suffer in this life and the next until you see the dual nature of it all. the joy comes at the cost of suffferring. its math, only way to get the white is if its balanced by black. but go on, splatter that shit against the wall and start the same drama over again. you'll be back in the same questioning spot in 30yr asking the same damn questions

suicide is for faggots, go support a filipino communist insurrection

kys pussy

Work on internal validation rather than seeking out external validation.

time is an illusion. only exists to the living. but keep on pretending it matters and that you're "wasting" it by being here. sufferring is the cost of learning and growing, no different than working out. learn to let it roll off you and laugh at it.

I have like, 60$ to my name. This town also isn't nearly seedy enough to have hookers

You seriously think I don't know that? The issue is that there is no balance here for me. My life is heavily weighted towards suffering and I'm tired of it.

theres a good ted talk about long-term happiness, and it also correlated with living longer, but what it came down to was strong interpersonal connections. so i would say, if you dont have any, go try and make some. maybe even with these people that "dont DM you", its like a 70-100 year study, really interesting. but just make some connections with people, itll probably help.

Why are you broke?

Been trying my whole life. I ended up with three irl friends and a handful of online friends. Of said online friends I'm only slightly close with two of them. And even then, we aren't that close. That said, I was pretty close with my irl friends. At one time I'd have considered them brothers. Now we barely talk. I'm not interested in trying again nor do I even have the opportunity to do so. There is literally no way for me to meet new people irl in this shit hole town

Because I fucking hate working and there are no good jobs in this shitty town

Think about it like this op. Im a faggot whos ~30k in debt and is ugly asf. The day you let the internet rule your life is the same day you lose. I thought the internet was my life for the longest time until I realized it wasnt. Dont die a loser user. Get off the internet, hit the gym, get educated, get a better job, and most importantly pound femboys and tranny pus.

Get a shitty job & earn a few thousand. Leave the town. Explore. If you have the guts to kill yourself you have the guts to live

how old are you?

Internet or irl I have nothing lmao. My family is fucking insane and my friends all live multiple hours away


then walk away from it. srsly pick a cardinal direction and just fucking walk. you don't owe anyone shit, let them sort their own bs out. start over somewhere new and focus on the basics. get a dog, a bicycle, and a fishing pole. hangout at the library. rather than frame it that you're forced to be here... consider that you chose to... why would you do that? what were you hoping to learn by coming down here? mull on these things and fuck the day to day expectations of others. they mean nothing

I honestly just don't have it in me to go through that. I'm tired man. I also have no real reason to believe it would be better. My chief complaints with life aren't actually dependent on where I live

As an old fag - never pass up new pussy when you are young. You’ll regret it later in life… oh to be 21 again

You should kys but for thinking DMs are a valid form of validation, not because you have no friends, you *already* had no friends, nothing has changed.

Hey, it might get better. And think of your family.

ive literally never been hit on in my life, except some girl trying to give me her number in a math class for "school work" in college. you can literally go to a bar or some social type of event that interests you, and meet people, it sounds weird, but probably because you haven't done it yet. but i assure you, thats definitely a thing you can just go out and do. people will talk to each other, get phone numbers, facebooks, snaps, etc etc. thats what people do. we are a social species, im going to assume youre socially anxious here, but you need to go out to something you like or are interested in and TALK to someone. maybe youll fuck it up, maybe you wont, but u need to get that experience, and just keep doing it, youll find someone to talk to, maybe multiple people, and you can go from there. just remember if youre in a situation where theres a lot of people, youre not talking to everyone, thats not how big gatherings work. youre talking to/interacting with that person in front of you. its not the whole everything at once, its usually a 1 on 1 thing, maybe 3 people involved, but conversations happen between 2 people, no more.

lol braaah... there ya go. I grew up in a town of 300ppl and am now living in a town of 3mil. I _get_ _this_. You need to go experience the world and its not a question of money. Fucking take a job as a dish washer in the closest big city and live some nights on the town. live in a fucking closet with 4 other college bro's. you dont need much to survive, be okay having nothing. this is the adventure. theres no glamour in it. you're not the hero. but you're human. you're one of us. go be that and live it up. smoke cheap cigarettes at the local shitty concert. save up and have a halfway decent dinner on occasion. go to the museum. read about the lives of others that have come and gone. this is all in passing cousin, do not take it seriously... dream the dream

Meanwhile you wallow on onlyfans simping. No wonder no one wants to hang out you fucking turd.

I've never even been in a position to pass up on pussy, but I'm flattered you think so highly of me

Fuck everybody dog, you got a PlayStation? Let’s play some fucking games, hmu if you got one

Been there, done that. Never worked out. I was always the one initiating conversations and carrying them. Once I stopped trying, we stopped talking

you're seeking the acceptance of others when the issue lies within. you don't accept yourself. lay down on paper what it is you want to see in yourself and set out to make that happen. fuck them.

Jeez, projection much? Lmao

Move you faggot. Or join a board game club. Your situation is on you not anyone else. I recommend Terraforming Mars.

Kinda hard to accept yourself when you're a crippled retard. Not much worth accepting

I do but I don't really have any multiplayer games, nor do I have ps+ or money to buy it

Project. First person intransitive. Fucking retard.

well maybe you are carrying convo's in a weird way? idk, maybe you werent. you didn't give any context, as to what went wrong, what you wer talking about, etc etc. u cant just say "NAW" without any additional information, that just sounds like a cop out

Did you DM any of them during that 3 weeks?

I'm broke and have already tried starting over once actually. Didn't work