Celeb Thread

Celeb Thread

Taco Tuesday Edition

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First for cumming in Gal Gadot's pussy.

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I'll fuckin suck you

I love Gal.

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noooo pls dont do that noo stop dont ;)

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Thats Mrs GaDAMN

haha rubs your massive bulge as a joke

Pinche Moreno

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thats be really weird right? haha

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Hips on display

she freaks me out, too many weird ass selfies
how many pics does she take of herself everyday?

Dove already makes me a little gay, and you're just sitting there nice and hard. I can't help myself, you know

big chungus lol!

Dove's a sexy lil thing, that and the fact I only jerk off once a week is a recipe for getting super hard lol
Look at that face

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pinche mojado


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Just once a week?! I do it more than I brush my teeth. But to be fair, nobody brushes their teeth 14 times a day.

all creepy selfies, she is mental

I bet she's such a brat too. I think she'd like if I helped take care of that juicy hard cock of yours

Her lips almost go past her nose at this point. She’s got Michael Jackson’s addiction to plastic surgery.

Lool I think that's little excessive. I try to go for quality over quantity

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she's got me starting a collection now


Yo Troy was this also made up too?

You contacted me on kik crying and telling me you were suicidal after you cut me off and expected me to be there for you? You made a post on FB about how people were accusing you of being a pedophile and they're idiots who don't understand the meaning of the word. That you don't like kids you just think it's okay for a man to be able to marry and have sex with a 12-year-old woman who understands what she's doing and has menstruated and how it's natural. Your mom told you to take the post down but it was too late and now your family won't talk to you and you just want to end things. I told you I didn't want to talk to you anymore because you're fucked in the head and you let the other pedophile celeb posters feed your delusions and then you made me swear not to tell the rest of the userfags what you did. Then I find out you're talking shit to lima behind my back? You're lucky I don't expose your sick ass you're fucking pathetic

Just wondering


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sex with men

moar webm for the love of gog


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Thank you for the offer user but it's hard for me to fap in my living situation. But I like the thought of you holding me cock at the base and pulling the foreskin down to reveal my throbbing cherry tip. Just light little kisses underneath. Hnnng.

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i am in shambles

Hnng, saying that after rejecting my offer is so cruel. You're going to make me beg, aren't you?

Hehe I don't want to get you worked up then might having to bail. You don't have to beg, I want it.

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So sexy.

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Fair enough user, my mouth will be here if you change your mind

Thank you user. :p

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why is everything so funny when you're really tired

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Gal is unbelievably sexy.

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god that is perfection


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time for a goon sesh


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She looks great in dark mode.
>Thought of that myself BTW.

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The dark eyes, tiny nose, full lips

her in heels gives me butterflies


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my fucking dick

Brush teeth, wash face then bed time. Womp womp.

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a goddess

Every night in these threads is the same as the last and the one before and the one before. The same one dude feeding everyone. Don't see the appeal.

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