Waifu thread more like waifu dead

Waifu thread more like waifu dead

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Me when manmade horrors beyond my comprehension.

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arent yuu going to say blacks should die

The real demons were the friends we made along the way.

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best anzu image

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Hello Akame, sorry I bailed earlier. Are you well?
It's definitely up there.

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its ok i kinda did the same.
tired now.. goodnight

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Sleep well

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top 10
cool drawing by Relm

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The one in the picture? Yah, it's pretty cool.

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that's yayoi lol


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image and drawing

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I drew it for Relm though

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you got real drawing skills

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You and your waifu.
What's she thinking about?
I do alright sometimes. How's your drawings coming along?

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wtf is that wihte stuff? shreded onions? radish? wtf why does it look liek that?

but that's so well done, Relm one is finished I just need them to see it
the rest are on the very rough part

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I'm glad you like it. I'm sure he'll be around eventually, I think he said he was busy with uni this week but should have some more time next week when it's done. Have you drawn any cute sneks I can see?

a whole week until they see it, that'll give me a chance to edit more
not yet I can't do hands and faces,or anything really,that's the part I'm really stuck on right now

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Yah it’s tricky, not much you can do but practice until it’s to your liking. How often are you working on it?

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Suzuka claimed!
How is everyone tonight?

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very tricky I didn't even draw hands on the Relm try
if I got nothing happening I try all night until I'm tired

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Pretty good, just lazing in bed after getting some housework done. How's you?
Why not? Surely bad hands would be better than no hands.

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tired need coffee what about you?
because its just a doodle the hands I tried to do were too odd looking and bad

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tired hours

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Same, lying here looking up some car stuff online after having a Red Baron frozen pizza for dinner.

Trips demands you make coffee.
I'm probably going to grab my last Arizona tea from my kitchen in a bit.

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Post doodle hands.
Go to sleep.
Nice, watching some vids on youtube and having some beer for dinner myself. How's da kitties?

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got your favorite
yesterday's cold coffee reheated to room temp
its already heating
I have tasted one are they like a monster drink?
I delete them since they aren't good, ended up deleting a lot of layers too
but I ended up drawing them like this gif's arms

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why sleep when can tea


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Are you drawing on your pc with a mouse or something?
Sleep is healthy for you.

I have a JDM inspired car sticker that says that:
>Tired Hours
>Chase The Night

They're all fat and content and napping. Whenever I make a frozen pizza, they get the box to shred in the middle of the floor.

Oh, no no, it's regular iced tea with lemon, in a big can with cool artwork on it. They're tasty and cheap. And they're not evil like energy drinks are...

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>she deleted her post

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How cute, mine is snoring cozily next to me. Meanwhile the neighbor's dog won't shut the fuck up.

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but tea is more productive

drifting late in the night chugging a bottle of coffee

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Being productive is overrated.

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I just woke up thinking it was AM but it keeps getting darker rip.

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sweet pain
yes a drawing tablet I had just getting dusty
I'm worse at drawing by hand I can barely write
you had me a lemon drink,cheap and not evil
are you sure they are safe?

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rest is overrated

fix your sleep

cringe pain

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Do you know what day it is at least?
I've never tried drawing like that, I've only ever done it by hand. I wonder how it compares. Anzu drawing when?

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sauce of that image

You ask the impossible.

A weekday? I think.

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For me it's the white trash family one street over who all own quads and have to ride them through the neighborhood immediatelybafter dark. Even though it's illegal. I hate it.

Bottled coffee?

This is very true.

You have ascended, user!

Very safe! Arizona is good stuff! I drink the green and lemon teas constantly.
Much safer than energy drinks (though pretty much everything is).

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By who?
If I told you I'd have to kill you.
Nice. Have you been productive?
That sucks, I hate when they leave him out and he'll bark until midnight. I just don't get people, man..

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im dead already

Indeed. The faster I can zoom through the days till august the better. I'm gonna move out and start my life again!

Not in the slightest. I'm taking a break while the algorithm or whatever's fucked up sorts it shit out.

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Post your waifu and I'll give it to you.
Breaks are good for the brain, I take them often.

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sour pain
I'm sure you'd do well seeing how you can already draw
not sure if you'd like your Anzu looking like the Relm drawing
I think I saw a pink can once, might be those I could try it if it really has a lemon taste

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could be a thermos

someone certainly

back pain

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I'd like it all the same.
Never heard of them, they must be no one.

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i dont have
just post the sauce

No, get fucked you waifuless loser.

>i don't have

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heavy lifting?
I don't know, I could make one while Relm is busy yeah maybe
don't expect cute hands

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Or whenever, I'm not expecting anything really, just want you to have fun.

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sometimes no one, sometimes everyone

4 hours in chem lab

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yes it can be fun but really hard at the same time
but I'll try to come up with something for Anzu
what are you doing in there?

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That doesn't work on me.
Was your lab partner cute?
Nothing good comes easy. I'll look forward to your creation.