To the stupid fuck who posted his ex gf...

To the stupid fuck who posted his ex gf, then spent 10 minutes acting like a whiny fucktard threatening to delete the thread in literally every one of his posts, and throwing a fit every time someone had an even slightly negative comment about her, and screaming about how nobody better save the pics:

Fuck you, Yea Forumsro. I didn't even think your ex was all that attractive, and her pussy looks absolutely rancid. But you were an obnoxious, whiney little bitch, so I saved every pic you posted, just so I could repost them - purely out of spite. This thread is my double middle finger to you. Fuck you my man. Here's your ex gf for Yea Forums to enjoy (or not enjoy).

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who wants a rancid hamburger?

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im sorry. delete this. do not repost any more. stop.

her body isn't bad, but too many tattoos

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You must be new. He does this at least 3 times a month.

looks like she's had at least a couple hundred cocks. and not small ones either.

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Post em up. Make this bitch famous

I would not eat

>Normal looking pussy on a 6.5/10 and OP says it looks rancid

Faggot detected.

Should I send her to my goon group? About 70 guys who can spread

Not new. But must have had the pleasure to miss out on his autism. but this is fun, so I'm gonna keep dumping them.

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everyone stop now. you had ur joke. lets delete and move on.

This bitch is disgusting

Lmao posts ex then cries about posting ex. Maybe don’t post your ex

i agree. im sorry. dont post any more.

she literally isnt. fuck off.

Normal? Only normal on a chick who regularly gets gangbanged.

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Obviously you need to do that

thats not funny btw.

okay. uve made ur point.. now delete

Kek. A whole drama started. Or just genius larp

You did it to yourself. Stop whining.

Her tits are ok, but nipples are doing the lazy eye thing

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Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to the poor girl who dated your sorry ass

Should I post on exposure sites?

Most bitches are hoes these days. I stand by my original assessment.

He WANTS you to do this lol.

I don't even see the issue, most women are players and you must be utterly retarded to fall for their crap (so hard).

Yeah, she really is. I would puke if this bitch came near me

He sent face too? Guess she’s a web slut now. Poor choices user, when she sees it I’m sure you’ll get a hefty lawsuit

her tits arent doing the "lazy eye" thing, shes in the bath. theyre floating. u fucking idiot.

just delete this all

not funny

That or he's OP and he's samefagging.

Man, if it's you then get a grip and grow the fuck up.

You did the best thing by sharing her slut and possibly cheating ass around. Get over her and eventually you'll get something better.

He’s a larp I bet


"aaaand I would take 500 cocks, then I would take 500 more.."

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please. i am original op, her ex bf. please email me. i will show u more pics and some videos. in return u delete this thread? please.

[email protected]

Good job user. They’ll be knocking his door down soon enough

Hey OP, is this you?

[email protected]

Also, I wonder what your ex would think about you posting her nudes online


are u an idiot

shes not gona know because this thread is gona be deleted in a minute.

Bump bump

Jesus fuck, fuck you for exposing me to this OOP. I cannot overstate how fucking horrid that gash looks.

Her asshole looks like a fucking mooncrater. Like it barely survived a meteorite impact, but the meteorite was made out of shit. And even ‘survived’ is being real fucking generous.

I can smell these fucking pictures. Not only does her pussy look like someone rubbed last weeks tuna melt under an obese, shitstained armpit, I’m pretty sure it smells the part too.

I wouldn’t even let my dog fuck that.

Oh shit, this is the dark side of Yea Forums.

OP here, no, these pics aren't mine, some stupid fuck posted them, was a bitch in his thread and deleted it because people made mean comments and he said people better not save the pics. So I did. Then he deleted the thread. So I'm reposting them because fuck that guy.

So no, that's not my email. But you should totally tell his ex if you know her. That would be fucking hilarious and awesome.

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Hope the girl finds a good guy who treats her well and that she’ll sue OP until he lives on the streets

trolls trolling trolls who are trolling

thats my email. the op from the first thread.

please email me. and we can talk about this.

Hahahaha, hell no, this thread isn't going anywhere.

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You should try getting her dox with the goon group and asking her yourself. But not before sending these pics to her friends and family LOL

Oh shit. I’ve seen her on Reddit before lmaooooo she’s in a lot of different porn communities. This pic specifically

Momma never taught her how to wipe properly

iis that a joke?

I think the original thread should get screenshotted and send to OPS friends and family instead

She might as well have tattooed herself with THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP I GREW UP IN A BROKEN HOME YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T DATE ME in boldface 84 point with serif

Do you have it archived?

Nah, if she sues anyone, it should be the stupid fuck who posted them in the original thread. This is all on him. 100% nobody to blame but him.

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Nah. It’s real. You got what you want. People are spreading her

Lmao thats funny because it's an actual crime with serious penalties tied to said crime. Revenge porn laws that took down would absolutely crush him KEK.

I’d legit rather fuck a botched, infected recently opped tranny than stick so much as a finger in that beast.

I think she has butt worms.

isn't this bitch's name Caitlyn?


I'd rather put my dick in GOATSY's recently hemmoraged blood gushing asshole with broken glass jar still intact.


Alright, just got 2 more. Too bad, cause this was fun. Hope the original OP is crying in a puddle of his own piss.

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Hey everyone, what if we ask him for redemption, and make him put something in his asshole. kek

Imagine how many men have seen this vagina besides OP. She was probably molested and started putting out at a less than the normal average age.


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actually i just came this was so hot. im away, enjoy the pics. bye

I dare you to zoom in on this pic and look at that disgusting brown ring on the inside. Do it faggot.

>Revenge porn laws
What a cucked concept probably made up by cucks for other cucks to cuck themselves.

Please burn any such kind of place that has such laws.

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The FBI doesn't care if you post pictures of some random whore with a rancid pussy. She's CLEARLY at least 21, probably around 25. So go ahead, report away. You're more likely to get arrested for wasting the FBI's time than I am for posting these.

Anyways, last one I got of this chick. Original OP from last thread: I hope you're still here and crying raging tears of cuckholdry. It's your own fault. Fuck off.

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They were enacted in 2015 nationwide (US)

That's called an anus faglord, and you're supposed to jam your dick in there and fill it with your seed every couple hours.

But you're a low-T faggot so it doesn't matter what it is.

This is why you don’t crunch up bait and don't it kids… Don’t be this guy.

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I second this notion
Also this girl’s pussy looks absolutely putrid
Why would you date something like that? She looks like she sleeps in a dumpster full of piss

You must be new.

>”person A” posts images of ex-girlfriend
>gets cold feet, threatens to delete
>thread is pruned
>”person B” reposts everything
>out of spite for “person A”

It’s the same person using a false conflict to boost the signal in spreading the nudes of some girl who rejected him

Its funnier that nobody was enticed by his nasty gf and he couldnt get his cuck rocks off on the idea that anybody finds this bitch attractive. If she's sending you pics do you really think you're that special?SHES A WHORE LMAO

It's not my ex you dumb fuck. I got these pics right here off of Yea Forums. They're fair game, for me. For revenge porn laws to apply, I would have to be her ex, who obtained them in a way that I only could have from a place of trust with her, as her ex.

I got them from a public website. So the only one who's fucked by their spread is the guy who is the actual ex. Dumbshit.

You're not smart for knowing this thread is 10% larpers and 50% suckers. It's Yea Forums.

She gave him almost everything he wanted lmao what kind of dumbass slut gives away a catalog of pics only to refuse him sex. You're being unrealistic, user.

In case y’all haven’t caught on this is just the performance art of a schizo

Im not talking about you dumbass (also good work if what you say is true lmao)

I know what an anus is, you spunkbucket. And if that’s what buttholes generally look like to you, I feel bad for you son. Apparently hygiene has never been a priority on your partners.

I bet you didn’t even zoom in to get a good look at the inside, crusty brown ring.

im the original op. youre all fucking idiots. i already came. i was getting off to all the insults. it was hot as fuck, the meaner the better. thats why i reacted angry. when someone reposted that was so fucking hot.


im away. enjoy the pics or dont, i dont care. bye


She looks so familiar.
Hey OP-of-the-other-thread, what state are you guys from?

Whatever man, keep taking hits off that copium bong you pathetic fucktard.

I'm going to save them and post them tomorrow lol

Show me your cock you faggot bitch

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