Thoughts on Elon Musk?

Thoughts on Elon Musk?

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addicted to fame like a junkie

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fighting against kike globohomo, being attacked by bots, hated by liberals. hes our guy

Thank God someone's finally taking on the twitter mind viruses

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I like him. I like how he handles himself in interviews. He's not perfect, some of his ideas are kinda fucky. But people who make angels out of celebrities or expect some kind of extraordinary ethics from them are retarded in the whole head anyway.

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sums up the actual state of society heros nowadays

I'm joking though I have never read up on him personally just know about him from things like the news or on here. I don't use twitter either so don't care that he bought it and what not

He's exposing himself as a shitbag. I guess after a certain wealth level, people just turn bad

based and techpilled

African American,all i have to say.

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How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I feel like it’s an age thing with these e-celeb type people and knowing them and to what extent

Would benefit from a neck stretching.

he's a pedo


He makes lefties pieces of shit cry and REEE easily then buys their shitty retarded website making it even funnier to see them seethe and poop in their pants.

Go to hell leftists censoring cunts, go ahead and cut your wrists you fucking losers.

Anyway Elon is kinda cringe at times but I like him

millionaire == pedophile

>He's exposing himself as a shitbag. I guess after a certain wealth level, people just turn bad

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Maybe if you press enter again, someone will agree with you.

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The most successful African American the world has ever seen. He should be the one the $20 bill

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The (((joos))) of Holland moved to South Africa.

South Africa is not in America you dolt

That's downright credible.

He is a nigger, liar and an attention seeking whore,_Inc.

no comment

Musk is a naturalized citizen of both the United Snakes and Canada. Both are in America, which kinda makes him an African-American-American.

yeah its funny cos its maybe true

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100% alien

Does this mean people can say nigger on twitter?

Hope he enjoys losing his ass on this investment just to try to prove a point. Maybe he isn't very smart after all.

If he really wants to fix traffic, why doesn't he just build a fucking train?

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This isn't an investment at all, you fucktard.

The guy has just so much money that he does what the fuck he wants.

And yet fags like you suck his dick for free.

I do already

I think Elon Musk is a pretty cool guy. Eh builds electric cars and space rockets and doesn't afraid of anything.

If he takes us to Mars, then he’s good with me.

seems sooo "legit"

but what about the crab monsters ?

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yeah i thought so to

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His projects are good for humanity. He’s also really cringey and not looking forward to him reinstating Donny on twitter

Source: I work for him and he personally approved my hiring

as what ? chief of child cobalt mining ?

lucky he was born into money. Otherwise he'd just be the cringe faggot trying to discuss crypto on here.

he's my friend

I believe the only way for humanity to survive is by making huge reliance of fossil fuels so electric cars, colonies in space, asteroid mining etc so i totally fell for the guy - it felt like he was trying to save humanity.
But the scales eventually fell from my eyes and i realised he's just another rich douchebag who'd sell out all of humanity for a little more fame and fortune. He's a thomas edison...a businessman selling other peoples ideas as his own while hoarding obscene wealth and showing total disregard for the rest of humanity (unless, of course, it gets him some attention).

Don't knock it that's a sweet position.

I think he's lurking this thread right now.

ok but don't let them start whining we don't want to hear it

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Sourcing for Starkinj

he is our friend he is like one of us

Smart african nigga

my dick gets hard for titties


he's a pretty cool guy. he buy Twitter and doesn't afraid of anything

As long as he doesn't become another Bezos, I'm fine with him. Gods I hate Bezos so much. He believes in nothing but the content of his own pockets.

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yes when I go on Yea Forums I bet he's here too so I browse the same website of this really successful guy who is like us he understands us. and he really cares not like other rich people

The coolest African American I know.

I'm a libtard but that pic really adds some perspective.
You got a point there, sir

he's a weirdo doing weird shit.
i don't trust or like him particularly.
i do like him shaking up twitter though.
i hope he either kills the entire thing or ends the wokist reign.
if he stirs enough trouble he's going to end up dead like that mcaffee guy.

just follow the money user Elon has most of it but George has the rest

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>if he stirs enough trouble he's going to end up dead like that mcaffee guy.
The Jews will be looking to get dirt on him now.

As evil as all the wealthy and privileged. This whole Twatter thing is a distraction or something to cover up all of the WEF misdeeds. I saw a video on Bitchute that he's actually fucked up everything, isn't that smart and a huge asshole. Family ties to Eugenics. Not a nice guy. Wants you and me dead and gone.

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>I'm a libtard
>adds some perspective
Kek. Shill alert.

rich autist who has no friends, his own wife just used him for his sperm.

>I feel like it’s an age
most of the people i know that give 2 shits about musk are wannabe rich guy boomers and gen-xers or crypto fags

>Ooogaaa boooggaaa George Soros

>I'm a libtard
larp a little harder fag

Who is the sexy mommy on the left?

yeah he fights for us and is going to kick the trannies out of twitter and fight the jews secret establishment. He's like a father figure to me, I bet I could randomly find him playing my same favourite MMORPG and struck a friendship talking about hentai etc, then he would even tuck you to bed and tell you stories about his stocks adventures

Mixed, more negative than positive personally

>is going to kick the trannies out of twitter
They'll leave of their own accord lol
Also go back to twitter you faggot.

Thoughts on women with this hairstyle?

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snope this gay boy

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no you, ywnbaw

A well known sex trafficker.
It's probably a fake picture.

The difference is that one of those people isn’t lying to you.

looks difficult to maintain

well its defiantly not a spice girl

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wtf based

Have you been living under a rock? that's Ghislaine Maxwell

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A /b autist with an absolute shit ton of money to make the ultimate memes come true.

The irony ihere is that you're the gullible fuck to actually believe this quote.


you go to twitter and you're calling ME the troon?
man they really are living rent free up there.

No, they won't ban anyone. That's what the right wants, correct? Trannies will be allowed to say whatever they want.

>rent free
trannie spotted go back to dilate


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An oligarch exploiting the system, profiting from the carbon credit scam, now likely to promote more of his bullshit through shitter.

Why do rightists have such daddy issues? It's fucking disgusting.

Soros is /ourguy/

taking things a little bit literally there user

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ok how many migrants do you want ?

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after you twitter cuck

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