Would you date a nurse?

Would you date a nurse?

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Only if she paid for everything


Fuck yes, date hard maybe leaning towards no, marry fuck no.

only if she looks like a 10/10 18 year old porn star

they are prone to cheat so no, fuck but not date

If she paid for everything? Absolutely!

I jerk off to this one often. Post hot nurses if you know any.

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This. They'll fuck a hot dude in the doctor's office if they're there for something minor.

Does she bang the doge??? Or is that extra?

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i would date the goddess every day

I mean, wouldn't most guy's date any girl as long as she's hot?

The nurses are definitely fucking doctors often

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Might be extra, but I think she'd happily do it.

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Oh I know you would

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i would eat her pussy for dessert

How much do nurses make?

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I'd slurp on it for hours

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Hell yes

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daily for breakfast, for lunch, for supper and for midnight snack

No, buy SHIB TOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! insted

not as much as elon musk jeff bumos satanbux

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Freckled nurses are god tier

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Nurses are super kinky so hell yes.

She might be the most famous nurse on Yea Forums

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she need to make an onlyfans to become a legend

She could make WAY more doing onlyfans too

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imagine her on live stream riding a dildo and massage her great tits

If she looked like that sure

How would you know that? Is there a book?

I'd date this one.

she should do it for all the pervs obsessed with her

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She is the reason why I have a nurse fetish

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thats would be insane hot


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I would too

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I would buy her a big black dildo to play with.

fuck shes hott

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i buy another one and she have to ride both together

I hope she likes knowing how much she gets guys off.

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i bet she love that so much cum got spilled for her

She is greedy and lustful for user cum. Its so hot

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yeah already did

we were fucking regularly for some time, after that she got bored of being a side chick and left

later I found out she got VPH and evaporated any of my urges to contact her again

I married one.

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imagine her lurking here and riding her dildo while we talk how hot she it

no. nurses are often fucked by their coworkers and people down on their luck elsewhere. Because they have a "savior" complex. They can't stand but help those who are in need (or pretend to be) and they will leave you for someone WORSE. Like a "recovering" heroin addict. Seriously, Nurses go for fucking drug addicts thinking they will be a nurse at work AND at home! They eventually try the drug and become drug addicts themselves. The entire industry has a problem with druggie-nurses. And it's mainly due to them bringing drug addicts into their lives.

Also, I want to clarigy: they are a nurse at home because they are trying to help the poor little drug-addict get back on his feet and get better. Instead, the drug addict gets them to take the drug.

if she's lurking...

Gabby your body is so sexy. I love how curvy and thick you are... Your freckles turn me on so much

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every single inch of her body is just perfect

You're a mentally ill faggot. She will never see these posts, and if she did, she would be horrified.

Lucky mf


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No, because even if they're married, they'll still fuck a cop any chance they get
t. former cop

About tree fiddy

you dont find her irresistibly sexy?

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and she knows, she loves showing off.

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and i love her showing off. her legs killing me

No wonder she is always so happy

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nurses and doctors are way too busy to lead actual relationships. Male doctors are fine because women don't care about the guy being around, but as a guy I would never want a GF who 95/100 times wouldn't be available

she enjoy all the hungry looks for her

Going out must be like going into a pack of wolves. I wonder how many guys hit on her.

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i'm sure a lot

Whats her insta

Hot. I have new pics of her if you want to see

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of course please show them


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ER doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses that work in a regular doctor's office are different.

Enjoy your ban retard

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Nurses are the biggest sluts on the planet so I definitely wouldn't *date* one.

Or marry one.

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Na. Nurses are low tier.

such kissable lips

If you were about to eat a steak and then you found out that this animal, whilst cleaned since, had spent its life in a soup of hymen piss, shit, vomit, semen, and blood, would you still eat the steak?

>I would buy her a big black dildo to play with
You're supposed to want to fuck her you idiot