G/fur cum

g/fur cum

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oooooooooo wow that is actually pretty cute
hoodie bois hit different

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damn its cold

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8c here

Haha you guys are gonna lose twitter. Go be retards on your own websites where we don't see you anymore.

i don't even have a twitter account

me neither, let him be

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Gay horses

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horses are stupid(and straight)

I'll fight you

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no smacc

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tongue but whole

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sergal whole

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the grey dude is too handsome


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If you kept someone on a diet of only your cum for a few years and going by the quote "you are what you eat" would that person be like 80% your cum?

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they would die lol

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Nonsense, cum has all the essential macro and micro nutrients

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i bought a bottle of something i thought sounded good
green iced tea with lime

it was the worst thing i ever put in my mouth, i hate the people who made it

I know its healthy, but I doubt It has enough nutrients to keep a boi alive, unless you have healthy loads? idk

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Just need to make sure you a good diet so your prostate keeps em well fed

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Gloryhole. How do I find one?

you make one at home and let your mom suck your dick

Just suck some guy off at a gay bar, you might get aids though. Hmm dont do that... or do it I dont care im not your father

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wish I had gay bars to visit u.u

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A lot can be kinda sleezy, dont recommend

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Im shyyy....
But I'm like... super into getting jizzed in my mouf. :c

i've never been to a gay bar before
am i a real gay?

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Yes. Now lemme suck yous guys dix.

i've never gotten a bj before, wonder what it feels like tbh

no but yes

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Like, kinda really nice. Warm, wet - cumming in a Lil slut's mouf is fun, but I like bein' the lil slut. Love the taste of cum. Anal ain't my favorite either soooo... yeah.

i wonder if it would be enough stimuli to make me cum

Mmmm feeding on men's essences

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good night losers

regular bars lead to nothing, where tf I meet gay bois┬┐┬┐

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would fuck right one

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Depends on how much ya jerk off and where the sensetive spots are.. and you gotta make sure the rythme is right. A lotta the time, just the head works, but I like to work the balls and eat ass too. I'm a real tongue slut...


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agreed hes probably got a plump ass

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Oh fuck yeah. I'd love to just, yknow, get tied up on my knees and have a bunch of hung dudes make me serve em. 3; I'd prolly jizz halfway across the floor by round two.

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Poor boi needs licked and sucked so bad..

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Fuck off jew

Dat doesnt work

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No jews here. Just dudes and dudes who like being lewd.

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