Actually funny ylyl

Actually funny ylyl

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>Return of the Jewdi

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got it hahahaha

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It's freaking april

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Why is there steam coming from the trunk?

Haha, found it.

Epic B) xD

Yeah I got it

What is it please tell me

The Volkswagen is a rear engine vehicle. Whoever drew that is retarded

Oh on top of that they are air cooled

You wouldn't get it

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Zoom in on the front hubcap.

I can’t the quality is too bad

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Enhance 224 to 176. Enhance, stop. Move in, stop. Pull out, track right, stop. Center in, pull back. Stop. Track 45 right. Stop. Center and stop. Enhance 34 to 36. Pan right and pull back. Stop. Enhance 34 to 46. Pull back. Wait a minute, go right, stop. Enhance 57 to 19. Track 45 left. Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Give me a hard copy right there. Goddamnit user.

Nice doggo

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Um actually, there could be a body buring under the hood and you wouldn't know it. So take that dippoop.

aint nothing compared to that wood pile with a cat on it

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A man goes to the hospital and says "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
The doctor says, "Well then stop doing that"

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A doctor says to his patient, "We're gonna deliver the baby."
The patient says, "Actually, I'd rather the baby keeps their liver"

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A man walks into the opticians and says, "Doctor, I think I might need glasses."
The person responds, "I think so too. This is a Wendys."

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Banana pepperred your baquet pussy

Doctor says to the patient, "I've got good news and I've got bad news"

Patient says, "Let's get the bad news out of the way."

Doctor says, "You've got untreatable cancer and at most six months left to live."

Patient says, "Doc, that's terrible. What's the good news?"

Doctor says, "You see that nurse out front with the big tits? I'm fucking her."

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Hahahaha can't stop laughing !

because he doesnt eat that trash that he sells

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kek lost

kek lost

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damn lost

kek lost

I banana pepper cordicep breaded your sister last night

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Sup kikes

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all of her social media accounts were deleted like a week later too

Nerve gas

These are the best


Nice digits but pic related. . .

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is this ironic or is ylyl entirely pure shitty facebook memes now

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That's good.

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